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Face2Face with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar- the online event on Facebook – brought an unprecedented surge of energy to Social media. The spiritual barometer of social media peaked with world’s largest online meditation conducted by Sri Sri on Facebook, on Sunday, June 23rd.

Meditation with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -face2face

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Face2face with Sri Sri, the live online event with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was watched in 148 countries by over a million people in 30,000 locations.  It is estimated that this is the highest concurrent connections ever on Facebook, with many viewers on each connection. Twitter also saw huge activity with #SriSriFace2Face trending in top-10 on Twitter (India)

If you missed watching the event live here is the video link

face2face - Sri  Sri answering questions


Here are a few quotes from Sri Sri’s replies to the questions asked in #SriSriFace2Face



I wish I never grew up

Everyone has the capability to be transformed.

Power and money come & go, but the social good we do remains forever

Any movement or agitation should be against issues never against people.

Violence against oneself is as bad as violence against somebody else.

There are no signs of true love. It has no proof – It can only be felt

Never demand or force love on your spouse. It dawns in a delicate way

Terrorists never appreciate diversity which is what the universe is.They want everything to be uniform

Life is bigger than one job or relationship! Rise above these and get a broader perspective of life


For more from this event with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar… watch the video



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  1. romil

    me too… i was in ashram on this historic day and attended a satsang with guruji just before this event… oh that was such a lucky day!! 🙂


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