The month of Maha is the latter half of Shishir. People have gained considerable energy and strength after celebrating the holy days of Posh. The observance of these festival days have protected people against the biting cold that sucks  and dries up the body constituents, and  helps strengthen the virulence of  both men and women. The holy days of Maha are for gathering and storing up energy, enough to last for the coming seasons of heat and moisture.

Maha is the month to take nutritious food, at the same taking care that the nutrition is assimilated. Sufficient physical labour or exercise is needed for this assimilation. Those who do not take care to provide heat to the body by doing sufficient exercise invite diseases.

Thus, the month of Maha is more for the assimilation of nutrients rather than for taking in nutrients. Therein, rests  the key to good health.

Makhana Delight


Makhana( Lotus seed Popcorn) 1/2 cup
Sesame seeds                                      1/2 cup
Jaggery                                                3/4 cup
Fennel seeds                                        1 tsp
Cardamom powder                                1/2 tsp
Cow Ghee                                             1 tsp

Art of Living Blog recipe - Makhana


Dry roast makhana till it become crispy and breaks into two pieces.
Dry roast Sesame seeds.
In a pan add jaggery, when it starts melting add fennel seeds and cardamom powder, cook it for 2-3 minutes.
Add Sesame seeds and makhana mix well and immediately turn off the gas.
Spread it on a plate and cut into pieces and serve.



Cow’s milk
Ragi Flour
Cocoa powder
Rock sugar(Misari)
Walnut Crunch
Misari powder

Art of Living Recipe Ragi Mousse


In a pan add  powdered sugar and melt it into a brown liquid. Add Walnut pieces and spread it on a plate.
Break into small pieces and walnut crunch is ready
Mix milk and rock sugar in a pan boil it
In a bowl mix Ragi flour and water to make a thick paste.
Mix this in milk and stir continuously, till it becomes thick paste.
Set it in a bowl and garnish  with walnut crunch. Cool and serve.

Ragi Dosa


Whole Ragi
Urad dal
Rock Salt

Art of Living recipe - ragi dosa


Wash ragi and urad dal separately.
Soak it in water separately for 5 – 6 hours.
Grind Ragi and urad dal separately into a fine paste. Add enough water to make a fine batter.
Keep it aside for 8 hours till it ferments.
Spread the batter on hot tawa. Flip after a two minutes. Dosas are readyto be served with Coconut Chutney or chutney pudi. From this batter,  idlis and dhoklas can also be made.

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  1. Vasudha Ashok

    For Mousse and Ragi Dosa, the quantity of ingredients and their proportion if given , would help in preparing the dishes.


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