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Four years back, these days (4-9Nov 2008) I was attending my 1st YES!+ course. It was my first official encounter with Sri Sri. Here is something straight from my heart about YES!+ and its MAGIC on me.
For me YES!+ is different … 🙂
Eyes are the same,but vision is different .. 🙂
words are the same,but its voltage is different ..:)
smile is the same but the way it can breach through hearts is different..:)
knowledge is the same,but realization is different..:)
Love is the same,but its expression is different..:)
Intellect is the same,but its perception is different ..:)
mind is the same,but the state is different ..:)
Ego is the same,but no. of people it can include is different..:)
Every time I attend the YES!+ its same, but still every time its different… 😀 :):)
Light is the same,but reach is different..:)
Friends/parents/relatives are the same,but connection with them is different .. ♥
I never used to write poem n m writing it..smthng is different 😀 haha
Enthusiasm/Joy is the same,sharing is different .. 🙂
Life is the same,but now its meaning is different..:)
Criticism n problems are same,but way I take it is different..:)
Challenges are the same,the way I face it is different…:)
Faith is the same,results are different..:)
Heart is same but the way n for it beats is different .. 🙂

This poem is dedicated to my parents, my teachers,well wishers, My YES!+ Kids n volunteers who organized courses with me & all those idiot tough nuts who keep testing me in the name of Yes!+ to bring out hail of skills within me n last but not the least one man who single handedly handles all above including me :p … Guruji ♥♥ 🙂

Sameer Sathe




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