250 gms French beans finely chopped
100 gms channa dal
100 gms tur dal
One tspn chillie powder
One tspn turmeric powder
Half tspn hing powder
One tspn mustard seeds
3 tablespoon cooking oil
Salt to taste

• Boil French beans in salt water till soft.
• Wash the dals, pressure cook the dals without adding water in a flat dish smeared with a little oil, to one whistle. Cool completely.
• Make a coarse powder of the dry and semi cooked dals without adding water.
• Heat 2 tbsp oil in a kadai; add a few mustard seeds, chilli, turmeric, hing powder sand stir lightly.
• Then add the powdered dals, and stir fry again till the dals are
dry cooked.
• Add one more tablespoon of oil if required till a nice dry consistency is obtained. Finally add the cooked French beans, stir again on a low flame till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan.
• Serve with hot rice or as an accompanying dry vegetable to any main dish of your choice.

– Chitralekha M

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