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Satsang – soul touching, grace – filled musicals with beautiful moments of deep silence have always been my most precious times with myself. I would never miss a chance to attend Art of Living Satsangs and almost every week, I would get an opportunity to attend one for sure. After one such Art of Living Satsang, I heard this announcement about the grand Maha Shivratri celebrations with none other than Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, himself.  The celebrations included Mahasatsang, Maha Sudarshan Kriya and Maha Rudrabhishekam at Delhi with Gurudev. I closed my eyes, prayed to Sri Sri, “Dear Gurudev, I really want my parents to be there for Maha Shivratri with You! Thank you Gurudev!” and this was just a week before Maha Shivratri.

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Next day I went to office, checked for tickets from Mumbai to Delhi.  Disappointingly, there were no tickets available in any train. I made a few calls and asked friends to connect with some railway agents, but by end of day nothing worked. Flying was the only option and practically impossible, as it would cost around Rs 10,000 INR, at that time. I had just started working and could not afford to & fro flight tickets for Delhi for my parents. After a hectic day at work, I went back home, did my meditation, keeping the same prayer in my heart.

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Next day, at work, my boss walked up to me smiled and gave me an envelope looking into my eyes. He wished, “Congratulations Hetal, this is your performance incentive for the last quarter.” As he walked away I opened the envelope to find Rs.11,000 INR inside. Tears rolled down my cheeks, as I picked up the phone to call an airline agent to book return flight tickets for my parents. By evening the tickets were booked at exactly Rs.11,000 INR. Flight tickets were a surprise to my parents and they were so happy. Everything was ready two days before they had to fly to Delhi. We decided to have a small satsang at home for a few friends that evening.

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The story does not end here. That night, I got a call from a friend and this is what she said, ”Do you want to come to Delhi for Maha Shivratri? My sister is not coming due to work at office and I have an extra return flight ticket that can be transferred.” This was too much for me. I just wanted my parents to go for Mahashivratri. Grace was working miraculously and I was receiving more than what I ever expected or even deserved. I accepted the offer in excitement.

Next morning I realised, there is no way I can pay for the tickets! Where will the money come from? Besides, who will give me a leave for two days? I decided to turn the offer down and just be happy with my parents getting to attend Maha Shivratri. Early in the morning after my daily Sudarshan Kriya practice, I called my friend and this is what she said, “Jai Gurudev! The flight tickets are a gift from me to you Hetal!” in answer to which I had no words and just burst out crying on the phone. She hung up asking me to pack up as soon as I can and not worry about anything.

Then I went to office and spoke to my boss about Maha Shivratri, expecting that he will surely refuse. To my surprise, he granted me a 2-day leave and also asked me if he could donate some money for Art of Living.

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My parents, my friend and I flew to Delhi, attended he grand Maha Shivratri celebrations with Gurudev and flew back to Mumbai. I could not believe I actually got to be a part of the Maha Shivratri with Sri Sri, flew to Delhi and back and that too totally free of cost! I realised that “Life is an un-interrupted journey of unlimited Grace!” Grace is always there and it has its own ways of charming you, surprising you and protecting you!

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6 Responses to “Grace is always there”

  1. Neeru

    Really a WOW experience of Grace!! Smiling – with eyes moist – at the surprise ending – boss sanctioning your leave AND donating money to AoL. :))

  2. Meenal

    Great reminder that we are cared for, loved and protected. We only have to be aware of this benevolent protection. Thanks to Art of Living this awareness has come up in my life

    • Dnyanesh

      Wow.. Grace is indeed always there…Just that we need eyes to see it..:)

  3. Balamurugan Krishnan

    Wow !
    Soo nice & wonderfully put through Words.
    Miracle is just being Natural,
    while being along with Guruji.
    And the Grace !


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