People have this idea that being a Guru is a serious business. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
Presenting a hilarious sharing about Gurudev by Dvorah Adler:


It’s Saturday night and I’m getting ready to see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar tomorrow. I just took a hot bath and I’m ready for bed when the phone rings.
I assume it’s someone from Los Angeles wanting a ride up North to a course or my daughter calling to make sure I’m still alive.
I answer the phone and someone on the other line says:
“Dvorahji? Guruji wants to talk to you?”
“Me???” I chirp. “Why would he want to talk to me?”
Then I suddenly hear laughter: “Dvorah!! How are you?”
It’s Guruji. I’m speechless but my “brain” kicks in. “Hi Guruji. You’re calling Me????”

guruji calls

“Dvorah, come, come to see me?” When are you coming?”
“Guruji this is the first time you ever called me!” I stammer.
“How are you Dvorah, how are you doing?”
“I’m great Guruji. You called me, of course I’m great!”
“Well you better be” He chimes. “You don’t want to ruin my reputation!” He laughs and I also hear people in the background, roaring with laughter.

“I’m coming tomorrow Guruji. I have a hotel, and my son’s paying for it.”
Well, he says: “If it doesn’t work out, we’ll take care you…”
“OH Guruji, that’s so kind and sweet of you, but it’s ok, I have a hotel”
“Ok, but remember, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll take care of you”

“Ohh Guruji, you’re too much! This is too much!”
“If this is too much I better go now!”
“NO NO- I CANT TAKE IT. Don’t go!” I’m gleefully pleading, but to no avail.
“Jai guru dev” he sings – and he is gone!

I sit there in my nightgown BLOWN AWAY!!!…
“BOY!!!!! He must’ve been bored if he called me!” I chuckle
OR….maybe my time is up and he called to give me last rites! (my dark sense of humor kicks in).
Wouldn’t that be a kick, I chuckle!! Jai Guru Dev and off to lala LAND. What a great way to go!! hahaha

The morning seems perfect. I get in the car and I’m off to San Jose. It’s a long ride and of course I get lost. (I’m a dyslexic driver).



He knew. He knew all along it wouldn’t work out. I am blown away with wonder. How the heck did he know????

I get in my car to try and find the Hyatt where Sri Sri is staying. I finally find it after driving around in circles and pull into a parking space.
How will I find him, I wonder, It’s a huge hotel with 14 floors.

NO sooner do I get out of the car then I recognize someone walking by with his family. I wave him down:
“I remember you, we were on a course together”.
He nods: ‘Hi Dvorah. I remember you too, I saw you on a course having fun with Guruji.”
I look at him thankfully: “Oh thank God I found you. Do you know where Guruji is?”
He points a couple of yards away: “He’s right over there, giving Darshan.”

We walk in and there is Gurudev no more than two feet in front of me. I smile like a crazy lady, I’m so happy to see him.

He throws a bunch of petals at me and sings: “OH Dvorah, you’re here!”
I’m still beaming like a crazy lady as Guruji takes my hand and asks:
“Dvorah, you have a room?”
I shake my head: “No Guruji”.
He calls one of his helpers over and points at me: “Find Dvorah a room”.
I twirl right in front of him, It’s all I could do to show my joy.

Guruji kept his promise. I followed his helper to my new hotel room. Where do you think the room was???? It was on the 14th floor, right next to His room!!

Can you believe that??? RIGHT NEXT TO HIM.

It was so weird, I was beyond shocked. How is that possible? I mean really? How is that possible?? I’m in a room RIGHT NEXT to the Guru. It’s Crazy!!!

No sooner do I put my things away then I’m called into Sri Sri’s greeting room. I walk in and all of a sudden we start having the most ridiculous, hilarious, outlandish conversation in front of an entire crowd of devotees and I AM STOKED. HAPPY TO BE A STRAIGHT MAN for my HILARIOUS, WITTY, TINGE OF SARCASM with A TOUCH OF DARK HUMOR – GURU. IT’S A BLAST!! I feel like Lucy hanging with Rickie (who happens to be my GURU). WHAT a trip!

This happens several days in a row, and by this time I’m so grateful, I’m begging for Seva!!! (and if you know me – that’s a miracle!!) I start bringing ice water to devotees waiting to see Gurudev in the hot lobby. I want to do more, but everything seems under control. I’m a guest, and I relax into my good fortune. I’m blessed for no reason WHATSOEVER. I JUST AM. And GUESS WHAT??? So are U! Yea! UUUUUUUUU!!!!

U are always taken care of. I promise U. U ARE ALWAYS taken care of. The DIVINE takes care of you. PERIOD. Relax. Just relax and the most amazing things will happen when you least expect it. The DIVINE is your nature. The GURU is your nature……and when you need IT/HIM – “He’ll” put you up in a hotel room right next to HIM and make FUN with/of U!  And you won’t know what HIT U. You’ll just know that life is good especially for U at this moment and IT ALWAYS WILL BE! (whether it seems that way or not!!) hahahahhahahahahahaaha


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This is the first of the three part story which have been written by  Dvorahji Dvorah Adler



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