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It is  the magic of delivering ancient wisdom in a modern template that makes Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar the most inspiring role-model for youth of today

We live in a fast-paced world where faith and doubt collide quite frequently. Where stress and anxiety is increasing at an alarmingly rapid rate… Where violence, drugs and corruption are elevated high on the altar and religious teachings are falling short somewhere… Where every religious order claims that only theirs will give salvation or freedom… Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?

Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Just as the mobile phone opened up communication like never before, a single individual from India has been connecting people and instilling great hope amongst varied cultures, traditions, religious beliefs and races. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar popularly and lovingly called as Sri Sri or `Gurudev` (meaning spiritual guide and Master) is creating waves of happiness across the globe.

Millions of youth vouch for his knowledge like new music to the ears. The thirst for solutions to our daily life’s problems geta quenched with his simple yet effective breathing techniques and wisdom. The Sudarshan Kriya, the breathing technique cognized by him is rated as the best and most favoured to help relieve stress, anxiety and negative emotions. It is estimated that over 300 million practice it everyday the world over. And many have turned over a new leaf in their lives.

Besides his techniques and knowledge, here are a few trade secrets that make Sri Sri the leading icon and role-model for youth and students of today.

Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Helping you log in: At a time when the youth are beginning to lose faith in their confidence; in the governments (they vote for and the systems in place or the people with whom they co-exist), in the values that support human life, Sri Sri comes in as a game-changer. This spiritual Guru’s words and actions have very often helped people especially the youth and students to restore faith in themselves first. And he strengthens that capacity in every single individual. This for me is the sign of a true spiritual Master and guide. And this is where his YES+ program for youth delivers. One hundred per cent!

Guru Sri Sri on twitter

Twitter-length wisdom bytes: Sri Sri’s knowledge for health and happiness is no more than 140 characters! The length of a message or a tweet that can be made on Twitter or perhaps a mobile phone. Telegraphic yet life-transforming knowledge. Relevant and life-supporting. Brevity was invented 30 years ago, much before anyone thought of inventing Twitter or the sms messaging style or even the mobile phone! One must attend his Art of Living Program to experience the rich and simple knowledge of life.  I have even found many people say that Sri Sri’s knowledge received even as an sms message has saved their mood or life from taking  poor decisions. Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has set a brilliant example on how the delivery of spiritual knowledge should keep pace with time, tides and technology

A Facebook approach that makes people Like him: Sri Sri’s approach to people since his school days has been very much Facebook – like (no pun intended). This has been revealed by his family members and school mates alike in various interviews. Connecting with people instantly with his care and friendliness through his knowledge and meditations that he teaches and practices himself. And through his frequent worldwide travels. Every year several thousand people and over a hundred-odd organizations from around the world specially invite him to visit their country or deliver a lecture and in many cases even invite him to stay at their place out of their love and respect for him. His now famous world tours have helped people especially the youth to connect beyond race, language, nationalities and traditions.

Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar connects for Art of Living on facebook

Another Facebook attribute of Share: Sri Sri is known to have the rare quality of sharing with people no matter how, where and when they come to him. He never lets anyone go empty handed or a loser. He has shared and still continues to share with the public all the meditation and breathing techniques that he cognized and practices himself. Only a true Spiritual Master will share all that he has. And Sri Sri is a rare example in this regard. Especially these days where fewer people are giving back to society in charity without expecting anything in return. There are many who vouch for the fact that they have seen and experienced directly that whenever Sri Sri receives anything he immediately shares it with others. And I myself have seen this many a time.

guru of youth - sri sri reading - art of living blog

Inbox that is always open: Who on earth will tell you today to give all your worries and problems to him. And ask you to relax thereafter! Sri’s Sri’s style is like the perennially open Inbox that we have on the email. Listening to people’s problems, sufferings, miseries and offering them the most simple and practical solutions. He feels for them which an email cannot. He meets several thousand people every day working for over 18 hours a day. Whichever part of the world he travels people seek him out to seek solutions, solace and success.

guru sri sri ravi shankar with youth

A LIVE phenomenon: Young people rarely like anything second-hand. They have to see, try, and feel it for themselves. Particularly anyone below 40 years of age will not want to hear a movie story from others. He or she will want to see it himself. And Sri Sri`s Art of Living programs deliver a direct, one-to-one experience of enrichment of one`s life. His YES+ course for youth is one such program that has built confidence, broken barriers and strengthened the young in various parts of the world. And I will surely tell you not to miss any opportunities to meet with Sri Sri either at his public programs or one-to-one meets that he has been having everyday for the last 30 years. This is one energy that today`s youth should definitely get in touch with and experience directly.

guru of youth - sri sri on aol blog

So let us not be surprised if anyone who is either on Facebook, Twitter or on email has Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as his role-model and mentor too. Because these are all leading youth icons today – Connecting people. While they are all technology driven, Guru Sri Sri brings in that humane touch and recipe for success. Which today`s youth need the world over.

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  1. When i felt alone,you came to me..
    When i was sad you made me smile..
    I could feel you in each moment of my life..
    You are like a cool breeze in a dry noon
    The golden five points leads me on..
    Great guruji karodi pranaam <3

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