An auspicious day, the Guru Purnima to pen down something from and about someone, around whom  life now revolves 🙂

My Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Guruji (HH Pujya Guruji Sri Sri Ravishankar ji, Founder of Art of Living) ….

Gratitude is too small a word for the transformation the presence of a Master brings to life.. Just sharing a few words from Him….

He says:

Guru Purnima is called the day of the Master but it is actually the day of the Devotee. Guru Purnima is New Year for spiritual seeker. There are three types of people who come to the Master, the student, the disciple and the devotee.

– A student goes to a teacher and learns something, gets some information and then he walks out of the School.

– The disciple follows the example of the Master. But a disciple is with the Master for the sake of learning wisdom, for the sake of improving his life, for the sake of attaining enlightenment. He is trying to bring a transformation in his life.

– And then there is devotee. He is simply rejoicing in love. A devotee is not there even for wisdom. He has fallen in deep love with the Master, with the Infinity, with the God. He doesn’t care as to whether he gets enlightened or not. He doesn’t care as to whether he acquires wisdom or not. Every moment, he is immersed in Divine Love; that is enough for him or her. A devotee is very rare to find.

Students are in abundance, disciples are a few, but the devotees are rare.

Devotion is very beautiful. A student comes to a Master, Teacher, and Guru with tears in his eyes. There are so many problems, and when he leaves, he is carrying the same tears, but the quality of the tears is different, it is of gratitude. It is so beautiful to cry in love.

One, who has cried even once in love, knows the taste of it, of surrender and  devotion. The entire Creation rejoices it. The entire creation is longing for only one thing, the transformed tears, from salty tears to sweet tears.”

Tears of Gratitude…. Bliss and Blessings to all on this beautiful day… 🙂

PS: Today 3rd July is Guru Purnima.

Watch live webcast of Guru Purnima Celebrations with HH Sri Sri Ravishankar ji from North Carolina (Boone Ashram) here :http://www.artofliving.org/satsang

4 July 2012: 1:00 am – 5:00 am IST



6 Responses to “Guru Purnima: The Day of the Devotee…”

  1. Ensures

    Kalyani, Wonderful read on this auspicious day. My personal belief is that we never choose a Master. Master chooses us or more appropriately pre-ordained and it happens into our life. In Kannada they say “Guruvillade Guru Muttuvudu asaadhya” meaning you cannot achieve your goals without a spritual guide (Guru). Reading it indeed brought out all emotions in me too. Wonderful post. Happy Guru Purnima and a Sadhak-New Year. Prayers for greater strides in this journey. Jai Gurudev

  2. mkailkhura

    Great Post Kalyani. Sant Kabir says,

    Sab Dharti Kagaz Karu,
    Lekhan Ban Raye.
    Sath Samundra Ki Mas Karu,
    Guru Gun Likha Na Jaye

    “Even if the entire Earth becomes paper, all the forests trees the pens, and all the seven oceans be the ink, even then the glories of the Guru cannot be written.

    Happy Guru Purnima 🙂

  3. Ganesh Gaikwad



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