Want to meet Sri Sri? It is very easy…

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A Master is never out of reach for the one who seeks Him out sincerely! I was blessed to experience it first hand. It was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar2006. Art of Living Silver jubilee celebrations were around the corner. Bangalore Ashram had set up sort of Call Centre to attend to the enquiries that were… Read more »

Sri Adi Shankaracharya

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It is said that when chaos and confusion reign supreme, the Divine manifests itself in the world to reestablish righteousness or Dharma. Adi Sankara was born at a time when India was under the sway of superstition and religious fights. Sankara was born in a poor Malayali Brahmin family in 788 AD, in a village… Read more »

Story of Maharishi Patanjali

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Maharishi Patanjali is a saint who is believed to have lived some time during the 2nd century BCE. Known for his treatise on Yoga, entitled “Patanjali Yoga Sutra”, he was not only an authority on the Science of Yoga, but was also a scientist and a doctor whose clarity and wisdom was remarkable. Tradition says… Read more »