Art of Living Experiences.

Any form of substance abuse is criminal. It makes you dead, even while you are alive.

One in four children in our country is exposed to alcoholism and drug addiction in the family. Thus one in four children in your vicinity might be hiding their embarrassment, confusion, hurt or shame about what’s going on at home.

An alcoholic or drug addict can cause big problems for his his/ her family.  Families of alcohol dependent persons risk facing violence, disruption of family rituals, separation, divorce, inappropriate role models and economic difficulties.

A child living with an alcoholic lose his/her childhood. With a higher rate of emotional troubles like anxiety and depression they face issues at schools such as difficulty in concentration and behavioral problems.

In the case of a teenage addict, the family faces insurmountable trauma. The parent child equation is completely strained in such a situation. Parents fear that they may lose their child completely and often get emotionally blackmailed.

 Addiction also comes in the way of a happily married couple. Your addiction to alcohol or drugs will make you see your spouse as a means to get that which you really love – drugs and alcohol! And when you don’t get it, you will get violent, stressed, depressed and dump all that frustration on your innocent spouse.

In this dark world of addiction, there is still HOPE!  Sudarshan Kriya is the journey from a harmful dependency to a healing experience. Yoga, Panayam and Meditation help in erasing the craving in you and take you to a happy world.

In fact hardcore addicts who have completely healed and transformed because of Sudarshan Kriya vouch for it. Sameer, from Bihar who consumed all kind of substance abuses including sleeping pills says, “Even if you meditate for five minutes in a day, you cannot do anything wrong”. Ashish Sachdeva, an alcoholic from Haryana, shares, “While Yoga helped me reduce weight tremendously, 35 kgs in the first year of practicing it; Sudarshan Kriya was positively influencing and working on my mind”. Narayan Agrawal, an addict from Orissa said, “Doing Sudarshan Kriya bought in stability in his life”.

It has been conclusively been proven that the Art of Living techniques developed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar wipe out the inner void, due to which an addict turns to substance abuses. In fact, with the regular practice of Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya and meditaion, these addicts no longer crave for instant gratification from the world of substances. Instead, by gradually going inwards and they truly fall in love with themselves!

~ Sunita Nair



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