Krishan Verma, our favourite Yogi shares with us, a moment that changed his life forever!
Many years ago, I used to go to the temple to attend their weekly service. One day it so happened that the priest couldn’t come, and for some reason, the management of the temple asked me if I could lead the sermon. Perhaps it was because I was sitting right in the front. I felt very uncomfortable. First, I had never given any sermon in my life. Second, I had chicken for dinner the previous day. So I didn’t feel eligible to go up there and do it.
I was in a dilemma. A voice suddenly came up in me and said, if you promise to become vegetarian from now on, you can go up there and perform the service. Certain moments in your life are very powerful. After that, I just dropped the habit of eating non-vegetarian food. It was so natural. There was no effort. It was so natural. I never felt any craving for it ever again and it’s been 40 years now.



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