When the India Against Corruption movement started with blessings from Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, and we all took an oath not to give bribe, little did I realize that very soon my noble resolve would be put to test.

Art of Living blog- I will not pay bribe
The place was the property registration office, Mylapore, Chennai. The occasion was to formalize a gift deed of my flat to offer it to an NGO for their work. The registrar did not accept any of the certification we provided, though they were clear and valid. She would ask for some papers and the moment we arrived with them, she would change her mind and ask for something else.

Art of Living blog - legal-notice

After months of our documents pending with the registration office, I received a legal notice of our documents impounded for further action.

This is when our Anti Corruption team turned out to be a great help. Jahir Hussain, the in charge of Art of Living anti-corruption movement in Chennai, immediately swung into action. He along with another volunteer met with the IT Commissioner who happened to have done the Art of Living program.

Art of Living Blog- sri sri - anna - anti corruption

The three of them together met with the Inspector General of the registrar office, who was the only one who could revert the legal notice. The meeting with the IT commissioner had a tremendous impact. The IG admitted the mistake on their part and reverted the legal notice, requesting his office to verify from the IT office themselves!

Art of Living blog - anti-corruption

Such a ‘quick’ decision is unheard of in normal circumstances, when Government officials stick to their guns come what may.. But the sincerity and commitment of Art of Living volunteers prevailed.

The five Cs that Gurudev mentions – as antidotes to corruption were ably evident: the IT Commissioner had more sense of belongingness (read Connectedness) to Jahir Hussain than with the Inspector General!!!

The other C was Commitment: belongingness brought forth commitment to a higher cause – here against false implication and legal notice served unwarrantedly
Care and Courage were an integral part once commitment was made, and the common link in relating to the cosmos was Sudharshan Kriya.

Art of Living blog - We made it
No doubt, the time taken was lengthy. But finally we made it! Our power of attorney Subhas, was continuously on cell phone with the very registrar, pushing him to verify from the concerned office. After nearly two years of dilly dallying, the Gift Deed was procured without giving in to a corrupt system where the smallest of work cannot be done without paying a bribe.

Art of Living blog - Gift Deed

My resolve not to give bribe has become stronger, thanks to the inspiration from the Art of Living. Just having anti-corruption laws will not root out corruption. Let us all resolve that we will not pay a bribe in any situation for any reason.

Lakshmi Sai

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  1. Thank you Lakshmi for sharing this incident and inspiring us all to stay committed to not paying or taking bribe.

  2. Ordinary citizens can wield great power in changing the corrupt system by simply refusing to pay bribe and taking collective action against the corrupt. This story is a great example. Thanks Lakshmi

  3. Wow !
    That should be the Spirit, where we don’t relent until the Job is Complete.
    Come whatever May. Guru & God Is there Always with All- who are Within Truth.
    Jai Guru Dev !

  4. This one must bring out the resolve in many more to fight the corrupt system. We are living in a complex having 280 apartments. Though documentation was perfect, Few got registration paying to the builder certain amount to be used as facilitation amount at Registrar’s Office. Many people did it directly with a very small amount of Rs500 towards sweet box

  5. We have given bribe before for getting our job done. It was not even under the table affair. The officials at the registration office even spelt out how the amount will get distributed among themselves! Now I know we will not do it anymore.we stand for vbi.

  6. Wow! An amazing display of courage and commitment. Loved it! You just gave me moral courage get my passport made without paying any bribe! Hope it goes well!

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