I found my shelter


I was repeating my Waves of Happiness (also known as Art of Living Part 1 course) in Chicago during the winter of 2007. The teacher gave each course participant Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s picture with a message. I got a nice picture which said – “The only thing you must remember is how fortunate you are. When you forget this you become sad”. I was very happy to get that message with his beautiful picture.

art of living - refrigerated food

After my surgery for brain haemorrhage in Chicago, I started staying as a paying guest with a couple. The lady of the house used to cook food for me but very often she gave me stale food refrigerated for weeks. I was never used to having overnight food. This made me weak and frustrated. One fine day, when I could not stand it any longer, I just decided to move out of her house right that moment. It was after 8 in the night and I had to look for a room mate. I searched in the internet and got 2-3 contact numbers from the craigslist.

Art of Living -sri sri - luggage

I packed my luggage and dumped into the car. It was snowing like madman, high speed winds making it very difficult to drive. I drove for a while and decided to go and stay in Hotel for the next few days until I found a good roommate. Before reaching the Hotel, I decided to call the numbers. The first two numbers didn’t go through and the third number this guy answered my call and said he has a room available, he is a vegetarian and I could come and take a look.

Art of living - drive in snow

So, with an adventurous drive through the snow, my car finally reached his apartment. He led me to the room inside which was pitch dark and he apologetically switched on the lights. On the wall opposite to where I stood, I saw a familiar picture – It was Sri Sri’s picture which said “The only thing you must remember is how fortunate you are, when you forget this you become sad” – which was exactly the same picture I had got in the course a week ago.

Art of Living Sri Sri message

It so turned out that my room mate was an art of living devotee from my hometown Bangalore and the most amazing cook as a roomie. I thoroughly enjoyed the food he made for the rest of the time I stayed in Chicago.

Gurudev not only provided me with a shelter in that dark,windy, snowy night but also an excellent friend.I never imagined I would find a room so soon. What I got was beyond explanation. I was in tears when I saw the same picture of Guruev that night.

Gurudev is my shelter.

In Gratitude….
P S 

A birthday gift like never before 

The winter in Chicago got really harsh. Dark windy nights with snow storm made it very difficult to commute. It was my new Job so I decided to buy a car. For more than a month, I did research on the internet, went to automotive shops, consulted friends, but couldn’t find the car I was looking for.

art of living blog new car

One afternoon out of frustration I walked down to a car dealer and immediately purchased a car. After I came home, I looked at the price of the car on the internet blue book. Not surprisingly, the dealer had sold the car for 2000$ more than its actual price.

I was very disappointed at the thought of having been cheated and having paid way too much than its actual worth. This haunted me for days. About a week after, I got a mail from my previous employer that employees who had worked overtime in California will be paid the due. I received the payment and surprisingly the amount turned out to be exactly what I had spent for the car.

I got the car for no cost. This was during the month of Diwali festival – around my day of birth. I had never before received anything like this on my birthday:)

God is pouring on you every moment- The divine loves you so dearly.

In Gratitude…


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