Art of Living Poems.

I want life, not a lifestyle.
I long not to get lost in the ‘madding crowd’ running after empty pleasures.
I long to be amidst flowers and trees, butterflies and birds, music, dance and meditation.

I long to see children playing , in mud, with pebbles, on the sea shore building sand castles, tongue twisters, riddles, all with joy.
I hate to see children pushed to excel others that make their whole innocent countenance tense.
I long to see children going to bed after listening to bed time stories that instil values of compassion, honesty, friendliness,respect to elders, or stories that are just fun, not after watching cartoons on TV that promote violence .
I long to see children hugged and kissed, not just  pampered with material luxury.

I long to see women with  unmanicured nails, ungroomed hair, unpainted face,
their eyes shining with the light of life,
only love beautifying their entire being as the nurturer and sustainer of life ,
not waxen dolls that promote cosmetic business.

I am tired of ego-ridden autocrats, bureaucrats, machine-loving technocrats, evasive  escapists.
I long to see journalists making a beeline to uplift society,
not promote yellow journalism and sensationalism.
I long to see the entire world practice Sudarshan Kriya, live the simple principles of Life taught by SriSri and other spiritual leaders
I long to see the whole world celebrating life.
I long to see people living ‘life’ not  a ‘life style’.
I want life, not a lifestyle.
Leela Ramesh
Faculty-art of living



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