In Pursuit of Happiness – Part-III


What creates bondage?

Every living being naturally wants to move from bondage to freedom. On the physical or gross level ‘bondage’ is very easy to understand but on a subtle (mind) level it is a bit difficult to understand.

We can define ‘bondage’ simply as anything that restricts our freedom. On subtle level, freedom is lost when our mind gets torn between cravings and aversions, when it gets bogged down by past impressions and concepts, when it is troubled with fears and hatred, when it is burning with anger or withering in sorrow. All these things cloud our intention, attention, perception, observation as well as expression. We can’t function in a free & fair or natural way. This restriction of our mental freedom is ‘bondage’.


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji says, “Freedom is your very nature. Only with freedom do joy, generosity and other human values blossom. Without freedom, attitudes become stifling, concepts become a burden, information is of no value and imagination becomes stagnant.”

It is strange but true that sometimes we get so much attached with our bondage that we try to nourish or strengthen the bondage. We do not want to abandon our sorrows, our fears, our cravings and aversions. We are afraid to move away from bondage even after knowing that it is the cause of our suffering. We identify ourself with the bondage. Bondage itself starts giving us a strange sort of security. But this is only a temporary phenomenon. With time (may be a few days or few years or few lifetimes) everyone has to move away from bondage to freedom. Natural direction of evolution of life is from bondage to freedom. Growth comes only when life moves from bondage to freedom. True happiness can come only with freedom.

If freedom is so precious, why do we lose our freedom in the first place? What are the reasons for our bondage?


Rishi Vidyadharji categorically stated that there are only three reasons for bondage.  Actually these can be called as three great illusions which result in bondage (or ‘Karma bandhan’).

  1. Attributing our happiness (Sukh) to some ‘words or forms’ (‘Nama’ or ‘Rupa’)
  2. Attributing our unhappiness (Dukh) to some ‘words or forms’ (‘Nama’ or ‘Rupa’)
  3. Thinking that I am the ‘doer’ (Karta bhav)

Rishiji explained that, happiness is a result of moving towards the ‘Self’ and unhappiness is result of moving away from the ‘Self’. However we usually fail to see this truth and due to ignorance attribute our happiness or unhappiness to some ‘words’ or ‘forms’ and this leads to bondage.

We perceive the whole world in our mind as nothing but ‘words’ and ‘forms’ (Nama & Rupa). All the words we listen, all the books we read and all our thoughts are nothing but words in the mind. All the forms we see in outside world are in reality images in our own mind. All our memory and imagination is also nothing but ‘words’ and ‘forms’ in the mind.

Suppose I eat a ‘Gulab Jamun’ (form) and think (words) that ‘Gulab Jamun’ has given me happiness, the image of ‘Gulab Jamun’ along with the thought of its sweet taste and associated happiness gets stored in memory. Repetition of same experience a number of times results in deep impression of association of thought of eating a ‘Gulab Jamun’ (words and form) with happiness. Everyone wants nothing but happiness in life. Hence, repeated association of ‘happiness’ with ‘Gulab Jamun’ results in craving for ‘Gulab Jamun’. Craving restricts our mental freedom and hence it is bondage.

Similarly repeatedly seeing ‘unhappiness’ in some ‘word’ and ‘form’ results in aversion for that person/object/situation/place. Aversion also restricts our mental freedom and hence it is bondage.

Thus, repeated association of experiences of happiness or unhappiness with some ‘words’ or ‘forms’ results in bondage.

The third cause of bondage is, thinking that I am the ‘doer’ (Karta bhav).

What is ‘doer ship’ (Karta bhav)?

If I perform a charitable act because I am righteous then I am doing it through ‘doer- ship’ because that action is born out of my identity (as a righteous person) in my mind. This will result in bondage. However, if I am performing the same action just because, That action is the right action to do at that time’, then I am not doing it through ‘doer ship’ and it will not result in any bondage for me.

Suppose I am a doctor and I do not give medicine to a patient in need because he has insulted me in past then there is ‘doer ship’ in my not giving medicine to the patient (non-action) because my decision is result of my prejudice against the patient. Hence this non-action will lead to bondage.

So, any action (or non-action) which springs from the ‘ego sense’ or ‘prejudice’ has ‘doer ship’ attached with it.

The actions of a soldier shooting in war or a policeman using tear gas during riots does not create bondage for them. This is so, because here the soldier or the policeman are simply performing their duty without any ‘doer ship’.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji says, “You will realize that I am not the doer only when you put your 100% in self-effort, not before. If you have not done anything, you are only sitting there with your hands folded, you can never realize that I am not the doer.”

So when we have purity in the heart (no aversion or craving), clarity in the mind (mind free from doer-ship and prejudice) and sincerity in our action (being 100%) then there is no bondage.


………to be continued…………….

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Jai Gurudev

Sanjay Sabnis


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Sanjay Sabnis

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