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Every year on Guru Purnima, O Seeker, I marvel at the person that is evolving with constant and diligent work by the Master. Recently Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar shared the story of Siddharta who became Buddha and said there is a little Buddha inside each one of us. Buddha did not have a Guru or a guide. So he had to run from pillar to post doing this and that, knowing this and that , going here and there, all in vain. It was a futile exercise to find solution to his woes in the outside world. That’s when he got tired and dropped his efforts. Viola! The moment he let go, it happened.


This Guru Purnima just realize you are more fortunate than Siddharta. You have a Guru who has told you through Ashtavakra Gita discourses that the nature of the world is to cause you irritation.


Also He has recently stated that if the world did not cause you irritation, you would be stuck with the world for ever! This, I am sure, has changed your perception towards looking at irritants. But for them, you wouldn’t be finding refuge in the cave of your heart. Be grateful for the irritation in the world. That is your raw material for spiritual growth. Opposite values are complementary.


Two decades ago, when you came under the umbrella of the Master, the only mode of communication was a Landline telephone, Fax or an email. But now, with the plethora of modes of communication, the senses get bombarded and overloaded with information. The soul longs for the ancient. But the nature of life is to evolve. You need to find balance without losing out on the nectar of fresh knowledge the Master is oozing out so lovingly.


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Slow down….cool down…you are not in any race. Dont live under Prabhav (influence) and dont live in Abhav (lack) but live in your swabhav (nature).

You are light and be light.
You are Love.
You are a fountain of joy.
You are that Scintillating energy.
Be grateful.
Be like a bee.
Just be.
Be natural.

See you next Guru Purnima, shining brighter and feeling lighter.

Jai Guru Dev.

Your well wisher on the path,

Leela Ramesh



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  1. Indrani B Chakrabarty

    Truly inspiring and excellent explanation…Happy Guru Purnima JGD


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