The Joy of Kite Flying and Lessons of Life


Flying Kites


Makar Shankranti or Uttarayan is marked with celebrations of different kind all across the country. Celebration happens when our life force is elevated or moves in the upward direction. In western parts of the country people wait for this day since months to enjoy kite flying. The whole humanity assembles on their roof tops and it’s a treat for eyes to see the sky filled up with kites of different shape, size and colour. Those flying the kite or the ones in support service or cheerleaders and those even watching the show are all charged up making the atmosphere feel vibrant and pulsating. Even if you are doing nothing you have an option of watching the show with mouth watering delicacy stacked all around.

Kite represents mind , like mind has different emotions , so are the colours of kite. All kites are needed to make the sky colourful just like all emotions sprinkled together makes life appear so charming and worth living. Kite alone cannot rise , it has to be held at two places so as give direction to its flight. Mind is also filled up with all possibilities but only when we dream and follow it up with our hard work it has a potential to take life higher and higher. Another very interesting feature of kite is that wind has to blow against it, so that it can fly. Stronger the wind easier it becomes for the kite to fly and rise quickly. We all have experienced that our best in life comes out mostly in the time of adversities, a sense of danger can quickly bring the whole being alive and in the moment. When we are swimming against deadlines is the period when our maximum output comes out in shortest periods. But only too much challenges can also drain our life so the kite alternatively flows with the wind and then rises against it. And in the end when the string is cut or nothing is left best option is to go along with the wind and enjoy it completely.

The string is what connects the kite to its centre, similarly for life to be playful our mind needs to connected with its source. We all need to find our individual tuning or rhythm into this world. The string shall not be either too slack or too tight. Corresponding to every wind flow and flying need there is an optimal tension just like every event in our life demands different reaction. In life we need to master the timings for when to hold and when to let go. A successful kite flier is the one who know when to pull or slacken the string in order to cut or beat another kite. All mess up has been created in life when we end up holding at the time of letting go and letting go at the time of holding .

In the game of kite flying a loss of kite is just a small event, the flier is always ready with the second kite and join the game afresh. Even when you cut a kite , the joy is for a moment, there is always the next kite waiting for you to attack. Life is a game worth enjoying only when we can be happy in all events, and that is truly the art of kite flying the real art of living.

Happy Makar Shankranti and Uttrayan.

By: Uday Krishna

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