Kelewali village is spreading message of brotherhood in Maharashtra


Kelewali village, a village in Maharashtra transformed completely after the intervention by The Art of Living. From addiction to solving water crisis, from education to solving caste disputes, the village is setting example for the neighboring villages and for all of us.

Nitin Giri, villager, also an Art of Living volunteer shares, “ The village has seen a complete U – turn transformation after the intervention by The Art of Living. Volunteers from the organisation are working since last 10 years which has solved many problems, people have started participating after seeing the continuous effort by The Art of Living”

Kishore bule, an Art of Living volunteer, Sarpanch, Kelewali village shares, “ The caste, political problems have solved after The Art of Living has started work in our village. We have no criminal cases filed in our village since last 10 years. People of different caste and religions stay with love abnd brotherhood today in my village”. Kishore did the Art of Living Youth Leadership training program way back in 2007, a program which instill leadership skills in the youths, Kishore found a complete transformation in himself through this program. He was full of negatviity, greed and selfish he shares. Now completely devoted to service along with The Art of Living yuvacharyas he has been elected as a Sarpanch of his village with more than half population of villagers voting for him.

Kishore elected as a Sarpanch is a story within itself. He was elected as a Sarpanch in a open election where people from all the caste, religion came together and voted him on the basis of work he has done in the village. Such Rural villages face caste problems during election times, generally in the rural village people win elections on the caste they hold. Kishore feels that this election were historical as people from all the caste came together and voted for him in a open election. This was all possible because of The Art of Living programs which brought all the villagers together creating a sense of brotherhood amongst the villagers. Kishore has been organising blood donation camps, promoting natural farming techniques, getting people to solve water crisis and many other things for the prosperity of the people of his village.

The Art of Living yuvacharyas have been tirelessly working for the old aged people, visiting and meeting government officials and starting the pension for such people. Women in the village have been working, doing cleanliness drives, De-addiction camps after the leadership skills through The youth leadership training program.

Also, looking to preserve and improve environment conditions, thousands of trees have been planted in the village, river cleaning work is also in the progress. District in-charge minister has also felicitated the volunteers after seeing the work done by them.

More than 80% villagers have done The Art of Living programs which include people of all the caste and religion. Shaikh Rajique shares “ That he was a failure and a looser all his life, but after The Art of Living program a sense of selfless service felt inside him and now I am tutor giving free education to the needy”

The village is setting a example, where Muslims celebrate Holi, Hindus celebrate Eid, actually there is no sense of caste difference there. People are spreading a message of peace and love which also resulted in a open election where villagers peacefully participated without any chaos. Such is the power of community building, power of love and peace when it comes together.


Kishore Bule educating villagers about the pension scheme



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