Let spiritual people take the bull by the horns


As I pen my thoughts inspiration engulfs me again and again on the clarion call given by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to Volunteer for a better India. Hundreds are lapping it up. India`s youth line-up to sign-up. For it’s the call of a spiritual man. Peaceful at its very foundation. Non-violent at its peak. Devoid of pressure tactics or short-lived fast-unto-death televised events.

History is possibly set to record this century yet another noble deed of a spiritual man. To take on the corrupt, to stem the rot, to establish righteousness and save the Gen Now (Generation Now). Exactly what Krishna did several centuries ago in a purely spiritual and celebrative way but sadly misrepresented down the centuries by notorious crusaders and plunderers.

You may wish to agree that it is a cyclical trend and special people do take birth from time to time to improve the lot of mankind. But this time round Sri Sri is once again set to roll out the juggernaut in all humility whatever time it may take. Because it`s not about winning.

It is about doing things that are deemed urgent before we are (god forbid) damned!! That’s what inspires me about the Volunteers for a better India initiative. For only a spiritual man and people can take it through. Because time, patience, skill and perseverance favor the spiritual. It is absolutely not in the scheme of things of religious men in black, white, saffron or the gold-laden one who shepherds his herd treading on the greens!!

So why a spiritual man is best placed to take the bull by the horns? The colossal bulls of corruption, the tainted and stressed-out, the lop-sided development and injustice.

The spiritual man is naturally free of desires and conclusive judgment, hatred and greed. While the religious may often face limitations with their concepts and decrees, favors and favorites, instead of working unconditionally for the good of all mankind.


The spiritual transcends all of these easily without any fear or favor. Because he simply wishes and works in the interest of humanity as a whole, irrespective of any culture, religion, language, traditions or customs. Therefore he is not even bound to take sides in any forum or diverse political spectrum.

Politicos of all hues and shades, lotus-eaters and sleight of hand tricksters are very well aware of these principles. For they all flock to listen to the spiritual when their inner voice speaks-up either at home or sometimes maybe in Parliament too!

deep sense of acceptance is another hallmark that separates the spiritual from the religious, the mature from the selfish, and the men from the boys. The spiritual man will accept all of life in its totality. He will not denigrate or pit one religion against the other. He will simply take the responsibility to support and celebrate the whole of life in all its diverse flavors. Maybe even take the bull (read: corruption and injustice) by the horns before it hits the China shop (no puns intended here)!!.


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Moreover the spiritual man has friends and well-wishers across the board from all religions and nations, statesmen and lay persons. While the religious could jealously guard entry to their portals with pre-conditions, symbols and rituals. Sometimes forcing religious conversion on the innocent. The spiritual man awakens people from ignorance to knowledge, tolerance to acceptance, hatred to love.

Lastly, winning or losing are of absolutely no consequence to the spiritual man. His responsibility for noble work become his very life`s raison-de-etre (reason to be) and vice versa. And such work continues spanning lifetimes. Because only noble intentions survive the test of time and existence. And winning or losing have no meaning on this time scale.

Growing up on English education, love for everything French and believing that `going west is the best` ate into much of my youthful life. But the deep curiosity for the spiritual and his ways of doing things differently led me to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar`s doors in 2003. It`s time now I move from that curiosity to amazement.

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The Volunteers for a better India movement is opening up things in amazing proportions. Within me and in India. Be on the side of the spiritual. Because you have nothing to lose. And above all should I now say that it`s for India to win!!

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The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely that of the writer. And i support www.vfabi.org

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  1. True, Only spiriutal leaders can be trusted with leading us, since they are selfless and have no hidden agenda. I want to volunteer for a better India, after reading this post. It is our debt to the motherland

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