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Yoga is back in fashion and how. On World Yoga Day 2017, under the banner of “Sun Never Sets on Yoga” ; hosted by the Art of Living Foundation, Jeyakumar of Chennai attempted to set a new world record of doing 108 Surya Namaskars in less than 15 minutes. One Surya Namaskar consists of 12 different asanas done in sequence. Those who do yoga will agree that one round of Surya Namaskar itself takes the breath away. It is a complete set of body workout that has multiple benefits.



Jeykumar is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer  working with KLM Airlines. Passionate about his work he says,” My erratic work schedule, constant travelling and irregular sleeping habits gave me all life-style related problems at a young age. I suffered from severe back and neck ache, knee pain and obesity by the time I hit my 30’s. I became very irritable and depressed.” The turning point came when he came in contact with Art of Living’s Sri Sri Yoga in Chennai. With a job that had was very dynamic he could not keep up with his practices. His body ache continued and increased. Finally on the advice of his yoga teacher Mr. Venkatesh; he set a goal of 48 days regular practice for himself. Jeyakumar managed to squeeze in an hour of yoga in his busy and erratic schedule. His resolve strengthened once he crossed 25 days of regular practice.



He experienced a wonderful calmness descend on him, all his aches and pains reduced. His body listened to him, his mind was serene and he seemed to have more energy than ever before. During one session he could finish 108 Surya Namskars and 30 push-ups in 30 minutes, his yoga mentors Chayya Anna and Venkatesh encouraged him to think of attempting a world record.  Jeyakumar decided to extend his practice to 108 days. On the 105th day of his practice he is confident of making a world record as he has bettered his timing. It was a happy coincidence for him that his 108 days of sankalp completed on 18th of June on the same day when he attempted the world record. He says,” With the blessing of my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the support of my teachers and colleagues I can surely reach my goal and make our country proud.” He is also an Art of Living teacher and finished a certificate course in Yoga.

More than 200 people joined him to do yoga on the Sun Never Sets on Yoga Day, 2017 on Elliots beach, in Chennai.  Jeyakumar attempted his world record in the presence of two certified yoga teachers and two gazetted officers on behalf of the Limca Book of Records after the IYD protocol




  • He entered the Limca book of records for doing fastest 108 suryanamaskar





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