Meditation is listening to God


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji has said “ Prayer is talking to God and. Meditation is listening to God“. When we listen with total faith and alertness, meditation can truly offer solace to our inner turmoil. Such revelations can both make our hair stand stiff on our arms as well as melt our heart in gratitude, at once!


This morning as I was getting ready to teach the last day of a course in the Bangalore ashram, I checked my bag to see whether my iPod that contained the course materials was in place. I could not locate it in the usual place. I checked again emptying the bag. No sign of iPod. Panic! Recollected the last time I used it. It was before lunch break the previous day. My God! How could I have been so irresponsible? I chanted ‘ Karthiveerarjuna’ , a mantra that has the ability to retrieve misplaced things. To no avail. Even though it was a bit early, I left the room in the hope that someone would have found it and I would be given my Ipod once I reached there. All the volunteers had already gathered at the course venue and a brisk enquiry followed about anyone finding the iPod the previous day. To my desolation, the answer was ‘No’. My mind went into a whirlpool of mixed emotions.

The strongest feeling was one of faith. I knew I would find my iPod.


But the monkey mind went into all sorts of ‘ What ifs’. ‘  How will I conduct the sessions today’, I wondered, agitated. I felt worthless, not worthy of my Master’ s love. ‘ What kind of an instrument are you if you cannot take responsibility?’ My conscience poked me mercilessly. By now, I was feeling totally dejected and low. Volunteers around me were cheerful and recounted stories of ‘ Lost and Found’. My mind was torn apart, yet I was aware of holding on to my faith strongly. I prayed to the higher power, ‘ if I have integrity in my SEVA, Let me get my iPod before the session begins’.

I detached myself from the group and sat down to meditate with a single thought reverberating in my mind. IPod.

I prayed deeply. Fifteen minutes past , I heard a voice telling me ‘ Just  look inside your bag. It has not gone anywhere else’. With a smile I quickly completed three rounds of nadishodhan pranayama and eagerly put my hand inside the front pocket of my bag. Lo! There It was. There was no need to even search for a single second! My hands touched the gadget that contained infinity as naturally as one touches ones own skin, the moment my hand went in the pocket. How could I have missed checking the front pocket in the morning?

Or did I search for it and not find it? I frankly don’t know! It is a mystery and I am content to let it be a mystery.

Such miracles happen  when we connect with the source in meditation.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar‘s words ”  Faith is a great wealth that gives you immense strength. Hold on to it” is ambrosia in our life.

What will the divine not do for a devotee with a rock solid faith?! Tears of gratitude brimmed in my eyes.

Happily I walked into the course venue to start my session, on time, with my iPod!

Jai Gurudev.

Leela Ramesh

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Leela Ramesh


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