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It was Aug 2011. I was in Art of Living Bangalore Ashram to do the Advanced Meditation Program with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji. The program was wonderful making me feel so serene & deep like never before. I was floating above the ground happy and fully in love with the Divine. The night before I had to leave the Ashram was filled with tears of sadness at having to go away so soon from this beautiful place.

Art of Living Ashram

During those few days, I met Sri Sri many times. At every glimpse of Sri Sri, time took a back seat, heart beat increased & mind was filled with immense joy. I never felt like asking any question to him. But there was a void inside. Amid such huge crowd He seemed so far away from me. I wondered does He even know me; am I of any significance to Him?

On the last day of my stay at Ashram, I was busy packing my bags. It was around 12 noon, Suddenly I got a call from one of my ashram friends that Gurudev would be coming in a few minutes to Vishalakshi Mantap to personally meet participants of another program. (Vishalakshi Mantap, the beautifully crafted mediation centre, is the focal point of the Art of Living Bangalore Ashram where all the spiritual enthusiasts come together to attend various yoga and meditation programs).

Sri Sri meeting people

My program was over & I had already met Sri Sri. So I hesitated to go, but my friend insisted that I should come and luckily I obliged!.

As I sat in one corner of Vishalakshi Mantap with bated breath, I started to wonder, ‘Do I really need to be here’? In no time, one of the participants came & gave a beautifully garlanded red rose to me to give it to Sri Sri. I could never give a flower to Gurudev in all these years. Many times I would take a flower to give HIM & then keep it in my bag. It is said that one should not meet his/her Guru empty handed, but I couldn’t find anything good enough to offer to HIM.

But that moment was different. I felt acknowledged and tears of gratitude came up. Finally, Gurudev made a grand entry, taking off his dark glasses in full style & making the whole crowd go crazy. He started giving darshan to every participant one by one. Finally my turn came. I offered the flower to HIM. He took it, smiled at me & then asked ‘Happy?’ I nodded without saying anything. Then came, “What is your name?” My voice almost choked, somehow I managed to reply. He kept smiling & blessed me a couple of more times with the flower.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar meets people

This was the first time I had spoken to my Master. Words cannot express how happy I was. Those few words from HIM meant the entire world to me. I was on top of the world. As He walked away every one of my problems washed away completely.

Shohini- Art of Living

After Darshan, Gurudev took a meditation for all of us. In the entire Advanced Meditation Program that I had just completed, I did not have such a blissful meditation as this one. There was nothing left inside me. I was totally hollow and empty. Since then, never have I felt myself away from Gurudev. He is inside Me as ME..

Jai Guru Dev!
Sohini Chakraborty, Kolkata



12 Responses to “Meeting the Master”

  1. Anjesh

    Meeting Him is always so special 🙂
    Sohini..beautifully expressed! Heart2Heart 🙂

  2. romil

    Some days back even i was in ashram for Delhi Advanced Meditation Course with Guruji. I tell you i have had a very similar…in fact same experience. Apart from some minor differences; (like you got a call from your friends whereas i was there only waiting to see him) my story has exactly been the same. No words in this world can explain the immense joy and pleasure that was bestowed on me in those few moments. And since the day i have met him small miracles here and there, small guru stories here and there have kept on happening. These miracles have now become a part of my daily life….
    Blessed are the people those exist at the same time when hes walking on the planet…. More blessed are people who are following his path!! May this love fill our hearts forever and ever…

    Jai Guru Dev!! 🙂 🙂

    • sohini

      so true…all our stories are so similar…remember Guruji saying…there is only one life, one consciousness on this planet :-)…Jai Guru Dev!

  3. Prakashpprakash athraPrayPrailp AthrayilP

    Heart Felt.. and Truly Expressed.. Good Schohini Write more…

  4. krishna

    Nicely narrated, straight from the heart….
    Well done, congrats and keep writing……….

  5. Sejal

    Very sincerely expressed, Sohini, wetting my eyes and heart!

    Keep sharing more…. 🙂
    Love you.


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