Miracle of Enzymes – Yamuna


Delhi has 22 drains carrying 2500 million litres of waste and polluted water into Yamuna river daily. One of the drains popularly known as Bara Pullah drain emanates near Ashoka Hotel and flows through Lakshmi Bai Nagar, Defence Colony, Lajpat Nagar, Kale Khan, Bara Pullah and merges into Yamuna River. All these drains emit deadly gases and foul smell.

With the blessing of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, a project to clean Bara Pullah drain was undertaken in October’15 through Ecozyme; (an Enzyme). Awareness was created among the Art of Living volunteers, public and in schools/colleges and method of preparation was explained to them. It is totally organic and prepared with brown sugar, kitchen green waste and water over a period of three months. By Feb’16, The Art of Living volunteers and other enthusiasts prepared about 15,000 litres of Ecozyme. One litre can clean 1,000 litres of waste water, so it is expected that 15,000 litres of Ecozyme will clean 1.5 crores litres of waste water in Bara Pullah drain.

Pouring of Ecozyme commenced on Feb. 16, 2016 near Bara Pullah. Daily data is as under




Pouring Enzyme dated Feb. 16, 2016(60 ltrs)

Pouring Enzyme dated Feb. 16, 2016 (60 ltrs)

Pouring Enzyme dated Feb. 18, 2016(500 ltrs)

Pouring Enzyme dated Feb.18, 2016 (500 ltrs)


After 6 days of pouring Ecozyme into the drain, foul smell has started reducing in the drain. As soon as Ecozyme is poured, bubbles start coming out in the drain. It is the reaction with heavy metals and chemicals and decomposing process.

Secondly, the workers constructing floating bridge on Yamuna near World Culture Festival venue; which is about one km down the stream from the pouring point felt that there was lesser foul smell and they could sleep in better air.

Thirdly, amazing experience was that birds / ducks have started coming to that area. Cattles who dared not to enter any drain in Delhi have started entering Barapullah drain. The pictures shown here are taken on March 2. They show a bird enjoying sitting over a buffalo. It happened when these birds/ducks sought fish or insects in the water as their food. In fact fish/insects will appear only when polluted water is getting cleaner.

Full view of Barapullah Drain with bridge over it (Dated March 2, 2016)

Full view of Barapullah Drain with bridge over it (Dated March 2, 2016)


Bird enjoying sitting over buffalo in the drain (Dated March 2, 2016)

Jai Gurudev !

More Detailed Report here 


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  1. No one talks of the great Sewa being done by the Art of Living family- uniting people and their hearts and cleaning the atmosphere. It is easy to criticize. One should first know the facts and figures before criticizing. One has to take responsibility for doing self less Sewa.

  2. Amazing amalgamation of Science and Spirituality for the benefit of Humanity.
    Our salutations to the great Master H.H.S.S Ravishankarji and his dedicated Volunteers.

  3. I think the critics are fooling people and government. They haven’t done detailed study about art of livings work at yamuna. They have got vested interests in raising issues like this.

    1. I am happy to see some completely false print news about a.o.l. is polluting yamuna river. Fact is that a.o.l. is taking responsibility to clean the river by choosing such place for world biggest celebration of mankind. Thanks full to media who has taken bad karma of a.o.l volunteers who are in seva for this noble cause of cleaning yamuna. It is blessings for a.o.l volunteer’s. Move ahead with smile.

  4. Art of living has actually transformed the unusable ground to an international event venue,by inspiring people and without any government funding or any huge expense.There will always be people with vested interests to blindly ignore the good

  5. Great work done by aol volunteers under pujya guruji’s guidance ;laudable efforts by several households cleaning Yamuna by ecozymes! We salute these soldiers with pride who have faught against pollution

  6. Art of living family does everything with utmost care & concern by the grace of our wonderful Gurudev.Irresponsible people keep criticising. Nothing can stop us.Jaigurudev.

  7. Amazing idea of cleaning the waste through waste. The ecozymes are prepared from kitchen waste. Thanks to volunteers of Art of Living for taking up the noble cause.

  8. It’s an example for others to follow, aol’s are not just talking, they are doing something to reduce pollution.

  9. Those who feel responsible for cleaning Yamuna should join hands and take it to masses for excellent result in 90 days.

    Let us share it max.

  10. I have total faith in AOL and Sri Sri. Yamuna is cleaner than before. Anybody can visit the area and see the such a nice and big difdernece themselves.

  11. This is simply amazing. One should get deep into the things and verify facts before commenting. And yes it requires a lot of courage and confidenceto choose Yamuna banks as the place to invite the world.

  12. Delhi Volunteers have shown strong will and determination to clean drains and Yamuna River under the guidance and blessings of Sri Sri.

  13. Some ppl r there to criticize….but aol volunteers are more ahead….!!I salute guruji vision…!!jai gurudev

  14. The great result of 0f positive thought in positive action by positive people under guidance of our positive guruji

  15. This is excellent ! Cheers to the Art of Living volunteers who have taken this up. Now Delhi Govt should this up at a larger scale. Thanks to Indian media who will never report such positive news

  16. JGD , thanks for making this IMPOSSIBLE as I-M-POSSIBLE and uniting the whole world as ONE FAMILY bonded with Love thread..
    Love you Guruji.
    Ashok K Dhingra

  17. Its a wonder and this is this is what is needed at this moment. Everyone in this country should join hands to make it in all over India.
    Great and Godly action.

  18. Wow kudos to the volunteer team. Excellent work, if this is successful, can be immulated to many more cities in India. Keep up the good work.

  19. Nothing is impossible again proved by our Art of living team…congratulations to all who are doing seva for this project

  20. Jai Guru Dev. To the people who think WCF will pollute yamuna: we are glad that you’re concerned about the nature. As you can see, we are too. So why don’t we join hands to make this world a better place to live? Sanghachchadhwam

  21. Excellent work done by Aol volunteers. Others should take lesson rather than talking some thing else.I salute to all saving the yamuna and making it free from pollution.!!!

  22. What a phenomenal work done by Art Of Living !!! Great initiative by Sri Sri ji to unite all cultures of the world. Bringing entire world together is the need of the time !! All must join hands to act and make positive changes in the society. Hats off !!

  23. Yes , it takes a lot of courage to invite 35 lac people from 155 countries adjacent to a stinking Yamuna river and hope that suddenly without doing any thing , a miracle will happen and there will be no stink.
    The attention of the whole world will be on this miracle..
    Long live Sri Sri..
    It’s not the Gunnies book of world records where WCF 2016 of AOL will be included but God’s book of all the 4 YUGAS where WCF will be listed ..
    AOL should get the ecoenzyme process patented..

  24. In the time of violence, Sri Ravishankarji is bringing prople together thro a message…

    Its not easy to bring 155 counties on single platform thro such message whichbis need of this hour .

  25. Really its a great initiative by shri shri Ravi shankar ji, Art of living. And very nice quotation “One World One Nation”. I think We all should appreciate him.

  26. Photographs of buffaloes count as evidence now? I cannot believe it is legal to pour 15000 liters to “ecozyme” into the river (even if it is just the Yamuna). I cannot find one evaluation of this product or an analysis of dumping 15000L into the river,

  27. Hello,I check your new stuff named “Miracle of Enzymes – Yamuna – Art of Living Blog” on a regular basis.Your humoristic style is witty, keep it up! And you can look our website about love spell.

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