Art of Living Recipes, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Navaratri is a period of nine days. It is a joyful period, strolling in the moonlight to one’s heart’s content and dancing in rings, to the accompaniment of songs and drums.

During these days, the old and the young alike, soak in the good things of life. Fasting and chanting hymns certainly give good health. The fasting and proper diet bring the body’s Pitta to its normal state. This bestows coolness and health in the body constituents. The body having been made healthy and strong thus, is ready for embarking on enterprises of any kind.



Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji has always been making us aware of the nature of food and its effect on our body and mind.

Food plays a major role in the way we think. We all have experienced it. Negative thoughts cloud the mind when we consume stale, Tamasik food. Lot of useless activity in the mind happens when we consume high calorie Rajasik food sometimes translating into action that we regret later. Whereas, consuming Satvik food elevates our consciousness to a higher plane giving rise to noble thoughts and actions.

We all know humble Lauki (Bottle Gourd) is a vegetable of high Prana. Yet, it is quite boring to consume on a regular basis.

I make this Lauki (Bottle Gourd) soup which is so perfect for a Navratri diet.

Recipe for Bottle Gourd soup


Tender lauki,

Medium potato cleaned ,skin peeled and cut into thin roundrels 1 no.each.

Butter 1 TBS

Indian Bay leaf or TEJ patta 1 no

Saindhava salt (rock salt) Milk 1/2 cup


In a thick bottom pot heat butter and add TEJ patta. Then add lauki and potato roundrels. Saute till tender but crunchy. Cool. Remove TEJ patta. Process in a grinder with very little water till smooth. Add hot milk and heat the soup. Add salt and slurp. Have this on 4 5 and 6th days of Navratri.


Jai Gurudev !

Leela Ramesh

About Art of Living, Art of Living Experiences.

The best half of the year 2016, is going to be in March when the world comes visiting India. People from around the world will be marching miles with loads of smiles and celebrations to look forward to, at the World Culture Festival (WCF) to be hosted by the Art of Living in New Delhi.

Inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, Founder of The Art of Living, the WCF is sure to be a rich confluence of world cultures. Each country, culture and its people will be raising a toast to the others` song, music, dance, cultural nuances and style. All in one venue. And for three days in India`s national capital. All this to strengthen and celebrate our shared human values. A refreshingly new creative peace-building initiative if I may add. To make life a celebration.

A riot of color, fashion at its best, great legends of song and music, waves of musical instruments and thousands of dance steps are all going to joyfully lash the mind`s shores on that beach called WCF. Soak it all up, is all I can say. Because the scintillating performances are only going to leave you thirsty and hungry for more of it. Now I don`t wish to spoil your surprise buffet by telling you what`s going to be there on the menu for those three days.

The music, song, dance and yoga menu card is going to be as varied, vast, rich, colorful and celebrative as the food menu.

Italy`s Tiramisu will smile over Kerala`s sweet Payasam, while Sushi and vegetable biryani do the rice dance in your belly. The French Meringue will make you plead for that Irish coffee thereafter. India`s Idly and Dosa will rub shoulders with Italy`s Pizza. Russian salad will be quietly nestled beside that Chinese Schezwan noodle overflowing into the south China seas. And don`t see red if someone jumps the long food billing queue like a bull in a China shop! Because several thousand people are expected to dine there just like you and me.

And you may get much of that beautiful Sri Lankan island food on a silver spoon. While Pakistan and India make friendly claims over that tasty Kashmiri pulao and Navratan korma! I will not spill more beans now on that mile-long menu that you are going to possibly have there.

But for now do just one thing. Go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere. That the World Culture Festival 2016 is happening from March 11th -13th. And you will be there. Because the world is coming home to visit India. Roll out the red carpet now.

Art of Living and the new New Delhi is simply waiting to host you.



Jai Gurudev !

Vidyut Udiaver

Art of Living Experiences.

When the time is ripe, your Guru walks into your life. He works miracles without your knowledge and your life is transformed. Long pending issues get resolved and desires get fulfilled. This has also been my personal experience. One such incident happened in my life which I attribute to the grace of my Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.


My tryst with destiny happened in the year 2009, when I read about an organisation called The Art of Living which had its headquarters in Bangalore, India. The group was active in 152 countries around the world. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, the founder of Art of Living organisation, I read, was striving for the last 35 years for the well-being of mankind. His vision was for a stress-free and violence- free society and world at large. He travelled to remote corners of the world, even to conflict-ridden zones to offer peace and succour to the traumatised. I was impressed by what I read and resolved to do a course offered by them. Finally, I got a chance to take up Happiness Program in April 2012. I learnt the Sudarshan Kriya, yoga and meditation. This helped me to get relieved of the stress in my life and make me calm and composed.



In March 2013, during Shivaratri (festival celebrated every year to revere Lord Shiva), I took up a Sankalpa (intention) and the biggest miracle then happened to my mother.


My mother is from Pontianak, a town on the island of Borneo, Indonesia. She met my father in the 70s and they moved to Malaysia. My mother last saw her family nearly 40 years ago. She couldn’t go back to her homeland due to financial constraints and also transportation was not as advanced in those days. Her eldest brother visited her three times during the period but after we shifted to a new place we lost contact with him as well. However, she had a deep desire to connect with her family although she never expressed her wishes.


My mother helps in volunteering at a local Buddhist association. She has a small set of friends there with whom she shares a warm relationship. One day her fellow volunteer friends decided to organize a leisure trip to Pontianak, Indonesia. I had a strong intuition that her friends wanted to take her back to her hometown to connect with her family.


My mother was also very excited to see her childhood home. She prayed hard during the trip that she should be able to visit her relatives at the old house which is located on the old road. My mother asked the tour guide whether the bus would go via the old road to Pontianak town. However, the tour guide replied they would be using the new road which is so much more convenient. After a few moments, the tour guide announced that they had to use the old road because the new road was under maintenance!


My mother was thrilled with the news. Now she would be able to catch up with her siblings. When the entourage halted for rest on the outskirts of the town, my mother rushed to the nearby stalls and asked the shop owners anxiously about her relatives. She had forgotten her mother tongue due to the fact that she had been away from home for so long. Even the younger generation in Pontianak couldn’t speak that language as well.


However, using the few words that she remembered and a few gestures, my mother inquired from one shop owner. He shook his head from side to side indicating that he didn’t know and pointed to the next door. The young boy there directed her to the next shop. My mother was getting frustrated and disappointed. She was beginning to wonder if she would be able to meet her siblings at all.


The next shop was a mobile phone shop, and when my mother mentioned her relatives’ names again, the youngster went behind the shop for a moment and asked an elderly man to come out. This elderly man turned out to be my mother’s uncle! The man shed tears of joy and asked my mother why she had gone off and not returned for so long. They exchanged contact numbers and he also gave my mother’s siblings’ phone numbers.


After they bid good bye, my mother and her group continued on their journey to Pontianak town. By then the news of her arrival had spread and on the way many of her relatives called her up. When they reached the hotel, her two sisters and family were already waiting for her there. They hugged each other and were ecstatic to meet after so many years. Even my mother’s friends, who went with her on the trip, were so touched that they cried.
During the short visit, my mother’s sisters told her all the news about the other family members and about the incidents that happened in the past 40 years. They even showed her the locality in which their old house had been and which was now demolished.


After her return my mother didn’t say much about her personal feelings but I know she is extremely happy and we too are very happy for her.


Since,Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji walked into my life, miracles have happened in so many ways. Our lives have become richer. I have no words to express my gratitude to him.


We are all blessed with Guruji’s grace.

Jai Gurudev!
Siew Woan.