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Flying Kites


Makar Shankranti or Uttarayan is marked with celebrations of different kind all across the country. Celebration happens when our life force is elevated or moves in the upward direction. In western parts of the country people wait for this day since months to enjoy kite flying. The whole humanity assembles on their roof tops and it’s a treat for eyes to see the sky filled up with kites of different shape, size and colour. Those flying the kite or the ones in support service or cheerleaders and those even watching the show are all charged up making the atmosphere feel vibrant and pulsating. Even if you are doing nothing you have an option of watching the show with mouth watering delicacy stacked all around.

Kite represents mind , like mind has different emotions , so are the colours of kite. All kites are needed to make the sky colourful just like all emotions sprinkled together makes life appear so charming and worth living. Kite alone cannot rise , it has to be held at two places so as give direction to its flight. Mind is also filled up with all possibilities but only when we dream and follow it up with our hard work it has a potential to take life higher and higher. Another very interesting feature of kite is that wind has to blow against it, so that it can fly. Stronger the wind easier it becomes for the kite to fly and rise quickly. We all have experienced that our best in life comes out mostly in the time of adversities, a sense of danger can quickly bring the whole being alive and in the moment. When we are swimming against deadlines is the period when our maximum output comes out in shortest periods. But only too much challenges can also drain our life so the kite alternatively flows with the wind and then rises against it. And in the end when the string is cut or nothing is left best option is to go along with the wind and enjoy it completely.

The string is what connects the kite to its centre, similarly for life to be playful our mind needs to connected with its source. We all need to find our individual tuning or rhythm into this world. The string shall not be either too slack or too tight. Corresponding to every wind flow and flying need there is an optimal tension just like every event in our life demands different reaction. In life we need to master the timings for when to hold and when to let go. A successful kite flier is the one who know when to pull or slacken the string in order to cut or beat another kite. All mess up has been created in life when we end up holding at the time of letting go and letting go at the time of holding .

In the game of kite flying a loss of kite is just a small event, the flier is always ready with the second kite and join the game afresh. Even when you cut a kite , the joy is for a moment, there is always the next kite waiting for you to attack. Life is a game worth enjoying only when we can be happy in all events, and that is truly the art of kite flying the real art of living.

Happy Makar Shankranti and Uttrayan.

By: Uday Krishna

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Sri Sri’s New Year message for 2014

The Grand New Year Celebrations with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at Art of Living German Ashram in Bad Antogast welcomed 2014 with bliss and wisdom. People from all parts of the world had gathered to be with master to herald the new year and bid adieu to 2013

Sri Sri's New Year message for 2014

Here are a few words from Sri Sri’s New Year message for 2014:

Celebrating New Year means
Celebrating Time
which means
Celebrating Mind
which means
Celebrating Oneself

Sri Sri's New Year message for 2014

You can celebrate yourself
only when you go beyond
culprit consciousness
and victim consciousness

Sri Sris new year message for 2014

Wisdom is the decoration

for celebrating life

new year 2014 with sri sri


This New Year we resolve to be
happy and spread happiness


new year with sri sri

Existing is inevitable,
Living is an Art

new year message from Sri Sri


Sri Sri’s new year message on Twitter:



Watch the full video of Sri Sri’s New Year message for 2014:

Click here to watch Sri Sri’ on 14 ways to welcome New Year 2014.

Art of Living Stories.

Throughout human history, many saints, prophets and visionaries have demonstrated an ability to foresee the future. While their lives attest to the fact that the power to sense and know amplifies substantially with evolution of consciousness, strangely, premonitions mostly make sense only in hindsight.

Most premonitions do not make sense when they are first revealed. This was the case when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar met Indira Gandhi in 1984, an eventful year for India in many ways. The government of India had organized the first Buddhist Conference inviting the prominent political, religious and spiritual luminaries of the day.

sri sri meets indira gandhi

Indira Gandhi, India’s only woman Prime Minister, was a strong willed leader with extraordinary political acumen. Instead of toeing the lines of established power blocks led by Western and Middle Eastern nations, she sought to create a new power bloc in the East – the Buddhist bloc. The World Buddhist Conference was a part of this bold vision.

sri sri ravi of living blog

Though invited, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, still in his twenties, was reluctant to go. Indu Jain, the Chairperson of India’s leading media house, persuaded Sri Sri to attend the conference along with her.

As they entered the Conference Hall, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi approached and greeted the young saint. It was the month of September and General Elections were due. The Prime Minister’s face was shadowed with worries. As they were talking, Sri Sri had a very disturbing flash – he would not meet Mrs. Gandhi again. He told her to be careful with people around her.

Indira Gandhi had a deep interest in spirituality. Often, she would take part in Rudrabhishek performed at the house of Kamalapati Tripathi, her trusted lieutenant and a senior Congress leader.

The brief meeting with Mrs Gandhi loomed large on Sri Sri’s mind as a precursor to ominous forebodings. In India, people often approach saints for predictions about the future. With elections round the corner, a few people asked Sri Sri, “Will Indira Gandhi win?” They were surprised at his reply, “I don’t see her anywhere in the elections.”

This was not the first time that the young monk had said things that made them shake their heads in disbelief. In those days, the groups around him were smaller, but young Sri Sri would often say that millions of people were waiting for him around the world and he would meet them soon. It didn’t make any sense and his words were not taken seriously.

Sri Sri foresaw terrible things happening in the country. It was disturbing and he wanted to do something to stop the tragedy about to engulf the PM and thousands of people. But who would believe a young sanyasi without a concrete proof for an intuitive vision? He kept his thoughts to himself.

Upon his return to Bangalore, Sri Sri met an elderly saint and astrologer who confirmed his premonition. Hoping to avoid the calamity by the force of his sadhana, he went into 10 days of silence and meditation. The last time he had done this, the Sudarshan Kriya had been unveiled. However, before he came out of silence this time, Indira Gandhi was assassinated, the anti-Sikh riots had started and thousands of innocent people were being massacred.

sri sri meets indira gandhi

Sri Sri has often said that the lines between premonition, vision and hallucination are blurred. One can easily be mistaken. When the dynamics of consciousness has not been comprehended, one can get trapped into the delusion of having acquired super natural powers.

Recently, a baba promised people that if they buy a black purse and keep it open during his program they would become wealthy with his blessings. Another baba made the archaeological department run helter-skelter after buried gold.

While believing blindly in such claims is certainly foolish, it is regressive to entirely deny the supernatural phenomena. The unknown facets of Consciousness can fascinate, surprise and reveal through the window of the supernatural.