Ashtavakra Gita.

Thousands of years ago there was a king named Janaka. He had attained the highest position in a peaceful and prosperous society, with a vast knowledge of life. But even then he was restless and wanted to know more. One day an enlightened Master named Ashtavakra arrived at Janaka’s court. What unfolded, says H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, was “the most unique conversation that has ever taken place on this planet.” The text of this interaction has been passed down for centuries as the Ashtavakra Gita.

The Ashtavakra Gita occurring in the Vana Parva of Mahabharata, is a profound enquiry into the nature of the Self and reality.  To avoid any wrong understanding  by the unprepared minds, it is traditionally recommended that  Ashtavakra Gita be pursued by only those who have practiced meditation and are already on the  spiritual path.


Chapter 1 (Instruction on Self Realization)

Chapter 2 (Joy of Self Realization)

Chapter 3 (Test of Self Realization)

Chapter 4 (Glorification of Self Realization)

Chapter 5 (Four ways to dissolve)

Chapter 6 (The higher knowledge)

Chapter 7 (Nature of Self Realisation)

Chapter 8 (Bondage and Liberation)

Chapter 9 (Detachment)

Chapter 10 (Quietutde)

Chapter 11 (Wisdom)

Chapter 12 (Abiding in the Self)

Chapter 13 (Happiness)

Chapter 14 (Tranquility)

Chapter 15 (Knowledge of the Self)

Chapter 16 (Special Instruction)

Chapter 17 (The True Knower)

Chapter 18 (Peace)

Chapter 19 (Repose in the Self)

Chapter 20 (Liberation in Life)


Shiv Sutras.

  1. Everyone of us has experienced happiness sometimes in past. The Nature of mind is to hold on to Negative things keeping Positive things aside. And the Art of moving ahead with positive things has been described in “Shiv Sutras”
  2. The first sutra is . That with which every particle of universe is made up of is called “Consciousness”. If we want to have “Self-Realization” then we will have to become aware about “the power of consciousness”.
  3.  A person who is awake also has consciousness and a person who is sleeping also has consciousness but difference between both of them is the consciousness is “awakened in the person who is awake”.
  4. Every particle of this Universe has “Consciousness” in it but it is awakened somewhere whereas somewhere it’s in idle state. Knowing this person can attain Self-realization.
  5. All these gymnastics of Sadhana – Kriya – Yagyas is to awake the consciousness in you.
  6. Next sutra is . We understand or grasp knowledge through “Words”. But sometimes the collective form of knowledge or words itself takes form of Ego and disturbs us so that time what shall we do?
  7. If there is anything that is bothering you then it cannot be a single “Word” it would be a “Sentence”.
  8. Then it is said that from “Sentence” you break up “Words” one by one and focus on them.
  9. That is where power of “Chanting” comes.”
  10. When we move from “Sentence” to “Words” and focus on our energy plexus in body then mind calms down.
  11. Next sutra is . Our mind and body has opposite perspectives. The body becomes sturdy when you do gymnastics or effort whereas mind becomes strong when you relax more and more.
  12. We usually say “Let it happen at God’s Will” but this is not true. We will have to make the EFFORT and then RELAX.
  13. When we give our 100% in to any work we are doing then the (rest) happens automatically which gives you a glimpse of “Samadhi”. Here the effort could be “Worldly” or “Spiritual” anything.
  14. When you are unhappy do some effort, do some Sadhana, Seva and Satsang.
  15. Next Sutra is .
    There are three kinds of state: “Awake state”, “Dreaming state”, “Sleeping state”. The state in which we are neither Awake nor Sleeping or Dreaming is called Turiyavastha or a state of “Highest Samadhi”. That is called “Shiva Consciousness”.
  16. Thus Shiva cannot be found in “Kailash” it is in-between state of all other three states.



Shiv Sutras.

  1. The amount of inertia in Child is very less than the one who is Scholar. A Scholar is more inert than Child and the reason is we are slowly-slowly moving from an experience to information.
  2. A child smiles approx 400 times a day, whereas an adult smiles only 70 times a day and a aged person doesn’t smile at all.
  3. Celebration – Love – Happiness and Creativity are the signs of Consciousness.
  4. And the one who is stubborn (or inert) lacks Consciousness.
  5. Thus it is said It is the knowledge that makes you free and it is the same knowledge that binds you.
  6. If you say “I know everything” then you have not known anything. You are not free then. You are bound by knowledge.
  7. The Inertia dawns when you say “I know everything” and you become like Stone (not ready to accept anything) and Consciousness dawns when you are “ready to gain knowledge” because you remain more aware at that time.
  8. That’s why we should just smile when someone ask “Have u seen God?”. Because you cannot see god. The Shakti with which you are trying to see God is itself God.
  9. Next Sutra is . When you are not proud of the knowledge that you know; Consciousness awakens. That knowledge makes you free.
  10. Next Sutra is . Wake up and see. All the bodies that took birth from different cunt are all made up of one Consciousness. Its all ONE.
  11. If you want to understand that “Our Consciousness is different from this Inert body” then first of all you will have to understand what body is. Thus in Yoga Nidra we take our attention to each and every part of body and thus we come to know that mind and body are not the same.
  12. The making of our body is nothing but the Art born out of five senses. With just one drop of sperm and egg the whole body is formed and it is nothing but an art of five senses.
  13. A Stone cannot give respect to anyone similarly an Inert person cannot show respect to anyone. Only a person in whom consciousness is awaken can be humble. And when we become humble to everyone for which all belongs to us we become free.
  14. Knowing this we become free from the bondage of knowledge.

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Shiv Sutras.

  1. – We often hear or say “If it is God’s will, it will happen”. But have you noticed? We usually say this when we are not enthusiastic in any work we want to do.
  2. Many say “We will do Sadhana, when Guruji will want us to do but We don’t say “If it is God’s will that I should eat food, it will happen” nor we say “If it is God’s will that I should see movie, it will happen”, but we often say in work that we are not enthusiastic to do.
  3. Somewhere if we win we say “I have won” and when we fail we say “it could be God’s will” such people are called one who only love to stay in their comfort zone.
  4. We misuse this beautiful sentence and apply it to our own comfort zone.
  5. There is a saying ; Saint Mulka has said this to some other relation and we took this up and messed up everything.
  6. Whatever effort you do 100% physically and by being mentally with it is itself called Shiva.
  7. If you are considering Lord as Dourer then you are not Sufferer as well. If you say “It was Lord who made thief to steal” then it will be the “Lord who will suffer in Jail”; then where does the thief come in between.
  8.  – Whatever task you want to carry just complete it out. Thinking on it again and again will end up nowhere.
  9. The work which you want to complete, complete it and the work which you want to leave, leave it and relax. That’s it.
  10. The will to do in you is itself  Shiva.
  11. Krishna says to Arjuna means “Having an equal mind in happiness-sorrow; gain-loss; victory-defeat; engage in battle and thereby you will not incur sin”.
  12. Knowing that everything is happening by itself you become observer. The digestion process in you is happening or you are doing it? It’s happening, right. So knowing this that everything happens at God’s will; You become ” (witness)” of it.
  13. But at the same time Never remain inactive. First Work and then Relax.
  14. . You become God’s messenger by carrying out some noble work.
  15. You don’t make luck if you don’t work; similarly by just doing work you also don’t make luck. You need skill at the same time. A smart work is always appreciable than hard work.
  16. Many people ask me “Guruji, why do good people suffer and bad people enjoy”. I tell them “Good people never suffer, if they suffer then its because lack of skill in them”.
  17. You don’t need skill to become unhappy? Do you? No. But you need skill to become happy. Thus it is said means Become aware and skilful for the unhappiness that may come up in future.

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Shiv Sutras.

    1. We usually think that ‘When all my desires will get fulfill, I will be Happy’. But this is not true. Those whose desires get fulfilled go more into depression. Thus we see rich are more depressed than poor.
    2. People whose desire doesn’t get fulfilled don’t go more into depression because they keep themselves engaging into some work.
    3. Thus in developed countries like Europe out of 10 children, 3 children consult Psychologist.
    4. – When you become aware of the fact that ‘Even if all your desire will get fulfilled you won’t attain that endless happiness’ then you bloom up into endless joy. Because desire keeps arising continuously. If you fulfill one desire another will pop-up immediately.
    5. Next Sutra is . This has two meanings:
      i) When you see mountain, then mountain becomes scenery for you and you become the one who is observing. But again we feel that our body who is watching ‘Drishya’ is ‘Drishta, is it true ? No. It is the mind who is watching mountain and not even body. Suppose your mind is somewhere else do you hear what other person is saying ? No.  Thus Mind becomes ‘Drishta’ and not body. That’s why in Yoga Nidra we take our attention to each and every part of body seeing our body as ‘Drishya’ and our mind as ‘Drishta’. This is first step to dive within. To become .
      **Sorrow comes when you become one with ‘Drishya’. That’s why many a times fans who are watching movie become one with scenes so much that they throw eggs and tomatoes if hero doesn’t win in fight with villain.
      **The life should be a perfect combination of  emotions and intelligence. The person who are more emotional will never think and person who is more intelligent will not have a drop of emotionality in them. Both are incomplete.**If you want to become happy . See your body as Drishya.
      **Have you noticed if you look into past and observe all those thoughts that occurred in you before 10 years you will feel that most of them are garbage and useless to you now. And you will thank god for it didn’t happen. The thoughts in you keep floating. It has no meaning at all.
      ii) Another reason is you consider even ‘Drishya’ as your own body. Suppose if air in environment gets polluted, will you be able to breathe? So we should consider Nature as part of our own body. You should respect to Nature as much as you respect your body. Universe has beautiful meaning ‘Shwa’ means ‘That moment which passed’ and ‘Vi’ means ‘Not’. So the moment which has not passed away which is still lively and which is THE PRESENT is called Universe.


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Shiv Sutras.

  1. You are part of Nature as well as Nature is part of you. The whole Nature is our body. The vegetables which we see today will become our body tomorrow and thus mind. So Nature is also our body. Do not differentiate between Nature and Body. They are one. Next Sutra is  means we should embrace our mind into our heart. Then you will see the world as yours. You can witness the world in two ways 1) from mind 2) from heart. When you witness world from mind you see things as object but when you see it from heart; respect for that object comes from within and world becomes lively to you.
  2. Often in Army, Soldiers are instructed to see enemy as object, so that they can attack easily. If they will see them as human then they will become emotional.
  3. Now what is benefit of seeing world through your heart? Then it is said  . The purest Consciousness in you dawns. Violence only happens where there is no sense of belongingness. But when you see everything from heart then you see God residing in them too.
  4. Especially in India we call Nature as ‘Mother Nature”. Even we see Himalayan Mountains and Ocean as ‘Himalaya Raja & Samudra Raja’
  5. Next Sutra is . When we see everything as part of us then we become free from beastly nature. Those animal elements don’t override us. A consciousness which is purest of all dawns in us. The consciousness which is purest of all also dominates. Thus you would have noticed small kids at home do dominate because they are purest of all.

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Shiv Sutras.

  1. Next sutra is – Intellect is divided into three parts:
    *Tark (logical): is responsible for Science hence when logic changes scientific estimation changes too. For example :- Science has said that usage of pesticides in farms can help destroy pests but then again another logic came up that usage of pesticides can also destroy crop. Thus when logic changes scientific estimation changes too.
    *Kutark (ill-argumentation): will only give rise to ignorance. Here you may win through words but you may not win the actual situation. Kutark is filled of useless arguments.
    *Bitark (illogical): is something which is inexpressible. When you go on asking a question ‘Who am I?’ and when you receive answer but not in words then it is called Bitark. When somebody is snoring that itself describes that person is sleeping. If a person can answer ‘yes he is sleeping’ then he is not sleeping in real. So that which can be understood in silence is bitark.
  2. The logic that doesn’t catch up in words is called bitark.
  3. Bitark is to experience and not to express. Hence it is said you change tark into bitark and not into kutark.

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Shiv Sutras.

  1. Through bitark you can know yourself. Leave all other questions aside and stick to ‘Who am I?’ until you attain self realization.
  2. What happens if you get self realization? Then it is said  you attain that infinite bliss/happiness which no one can snatch away from you.
  3. The bliss you attain from ‘Samadhi’ does not just raise you but also raise living beings near you.
  4. Like the characteristic of Light is to spread up, similarly the characteristic of bliss is to spread up.
  5. If flu or infection can catch you, why can’t bliss which is thousand times more powerful than those negative energies!
  6. It is said that ‘Mahavir Swami’ when would sit for Samadhi; living beings around him in radius of 20 miles would leave violence.
  7. All the people in this world directly or indirectly work for happiness. And the happiness that they are looking for can only be achieved in Samadhi.
  8. And when you receive highest degree of happiness then small happiness around you cannot shake you. Like when Sun rise you don’t care even if candle is lit over there.
  9. It is not necessary that each and every person on this earth should experience ‘Samadhi’, it’s not necessary, even if some people attain; rest will be benefited from it.
  10. ‘What is this?’ is Science and Who am I? is Spirituality.
  11. Next Sutra is  means The body comes into existence when union of two energies (male & female) happens. Here you can’t say Male energy is dominant than Female energy. Both the energies are considered equal, only then it can form body.
  12. And then consciousness enters into body making it lively.
  13. It’s all deep science you can only know when you go deep into ‘Samadhi’.

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About Art of Living, Wisdom, Yoga and Meditation.

A few years back, a young guy of about 30 years came to meet me at my office. He was an Art of Living teacher and I had absolutely no interest in spirituality back then. But the moment I met him, I knew instinctively that I wanted to be a part of Art of Living. He was irresistible. He didn’t have to say a word. I could feel the peace in his presence. I could see the glow on his face and I was overwhelmed by his aura.

Do you want to be irresistible? It has nothing to do with age or being beautiful. It is quite simple. All you have to do is follow some simple tips:

1.Smile Have you noticed how little kids befriend everyone? And yet,all they do is flash their cute smile and even a stranger can’t help falling in love with them. A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.People seldom notice your clothes if you wear a big smile.People look perfect when they smile.Wear a smile and win friends!

2.Be kind It’s important to be kind.Treat everyone with politeness.Kindness is a language which everyone understands.Sometimes we are so caught up in our busy lives that we forget this basic human trait.Be kind and gracious to everyone.In a world full of people who don’t care,stand apart by being the one who cares.

3.Be natural You are beautiful as you are.Don’t try to be someone who you aren’t.Have you noticed little children? How they are at ease everywhere!They don’t try to impress anyone.

4.Be attentive If you genuinely want to be irresistible, then be attentive to others. Be an attentive listener.The best gift you can give someone is that of your undivided attention.

5.Silence We live in a world of noise and distractions, which continually tug our attention out of ourselves to the material world. To reconnect to our true self. Take time now and then to be still. Meditate or simply sit away from distractions and relax. A few moments everyday in silence not only helps you connect with your inner wisdom but also helps in increasing productivity and creativity.

6.Simplicity Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.Simplicity in dressing up,simplicity in behaviour, simplicity in living,simplicity in your thoughts is what catches the eye.

7.Be non-judgemental Stop labelling people just because they’re not like you.When you are judging people,you are creating a distance.

8.Be honest Honesty is the rarest wealth anyone can possess.When you are sincere and honest,people are drawn towards you because they know that they can trust you. Few delights can equal the mere presence of the one whom we trust.

9.Be rock solid Ups and downs are a part of living but smiling through the ups and downs is the art of living.Don’t let the life’s unpredictable moments shake you.Events may come and go but you be rock solid.

10.Celebrate life Honour the big moments of life but also appreciate the little moments of life and enjoy them as well.Celebrate the spontaneity of life.Live each day as it comes to the fullest.Remember life is beautiful and so are you!

Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. ~Lao Tzu