Art of Living Review.

Bang On the Door by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

BANG on the Door”, as the name suggests is actually a bang on the door to your trapped inner soul! A Bang so loud, yet so soft and loving that you can’t help opening up to welcome all that the book has to offer.

Bang on the door - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, known for his compassion and wisdom, delivers the most complex and deep knowledge with an amazing simplicity and wit. The book is a collection of short talks by Sri Sri during his tour to the United States in 1989-1990.

As I started on this journey with a gentle knock by Sri Sri, I realized how the profound knowledge in the book strikes a chord not only in a spiritual seeker like myself, but also resonates with everyone looking for freedom from self created bondages. The truth in its purest form reflected in each word and no attempt is needed to read between the lines.



“BANG on the Door” decodes the fine intricacies of the interplay of religion and spirituality we face in daily life. It takes you through the emotional roller coaster, prompts you to question and then answer your own mind. Gently flowing from Love, to intelligence, to takes you through the dilemmas you could have faced through various stages of your life. It rids you of the complexities of the outer world that have kept you away from yourself- from your home.

Fear, Dispassion, Rejection, Acceptance; Bang on the door proved to be an encyclopedia to silent the turmoil my mind was going through. It brought me back to my tiny humble abode; my soul! For its size, the book is an ocean of wisdom locked in your palms. I simply had to peep in, and it has possessed me face on to stay with me thereafter. Each time I lose the moment, I know where to go back to seize it again.

For all those who are thinking of knocking on the door to your soul, may the force be with you friends! The loud noises outside need to be shut with a Bang! And this book can be your Game changer!

Quoting what Sri Sri says in the book, “You are locked out of your own house. Bang on your inner Door. Right now you are on the doorsteps. Do not delay a moment. All wealth is within you. When your inner door opens, there is Love, just Love…..don’t move an inch’.”

~ Anamika Khosla

Art of Living Wisdom.

 KNOW YOUR CHILD - The Art of Raising Children

Know your child is one of the many Sri Sri Ravi Shankar books that brings to light profound wisdom in simple words. The book is divided into 15 lessons with one lesson leading to the next in a lucid way. Reading this book is like reliving our journey from childhood to present times. All along we are gently pushed to look within as parents, teachers and mentors and evolve rapidly in our role of raising children into fine human beings

Know Your Child - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Know your Child by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar begins with “the concept of Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning who holds a musical instrument, a book and a rosary. The book symbolizes nourishing of the left brain which deals with science and the musical instrument denotes the development of the right brain which deals with art and the rosary symbolizes the meditative aspect…the three make education complete.”

The role of teachers as extensions of parents in school is very crucial to the development of little angels and the book serves as an authoritarian guide on the subject. Teacher and parents are the most intimate and powerful role models for a child and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar provides most practical answers to often asked questions.

Know your chld - sri sri ravi shankar

The present system of education tires the child. A good education instills self esteem and creativity in a child. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar calls for a broad-minded education that can culture the mind to be free from the angst of the past and worries of the future. Such a mind can develop to its full capacity to digest and understand knowledge.  The author suggests revolutionary yet simple steps to make a more intelligent and loving classroom where the strong children support the weakest, where laughter serves as a tool to overcome challenges.

The book gives a peep into the wisdom of progressive cultures where friendliness as a virtue is awarded. The Canadian example brings home the truth that being gregarious is important and children should be groomed to be friendly. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar writes that a child should make a new friend everyday. This helps them to have a sense of belongingness with all.

As a reader I was reminded of a select few in school who could sing, dance and talk with every body. And how we yearned to be like them!  This book offers deep insights into these qualities and how effortlessly they can be inculcated to create a beautiful world with more smiles, laughter and nurturing.

The role of a teacher is applauded in this book and they are encouraged to be ‘Karma Yogis’ who love the job they do. As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says, “a king is honored in his own country whereas an educationist is honored everywhere.”

In Know Your Child, Sri Sri poses tough questions like, “Why is the drop out rate so high,” that compel the reader to look within and take responsibility in his/her capacity as a parent, teacher or mentor. The compelling narrative reminds us that it’s not just the corporates, NGOs, or the government, but each one of us can be a game changer in creating a better tomorrow for the next generation.

~~Geeta Yadav


And my vote goes to ….

Definitely a leader and not a party, because we have seen that the party becomes more important than the people or the country. Even though organizations are impersonal, the do tend to acquire the characteristics of the leader at the top, whether it is Apple Inc. or the Indian cricket team. So, if I want a good government for my country, then my vote will be for the right leader at the top. Or for that matter my vote goes to anyone who will help my kind of leader win.

vote for better india
And the leader that I want to see leading India is:

• Someone who will put the country and people even before his party, even at personal peril.

• A leader who definitely has proven experience in governance. Can’t take chances with a rookie given the precarious condition of our country right now.

• Definitely a leader who has a plausible road map for growth and progress of the country.

• One who is able to deal with the myriad problems that we face today as a nation.

• A leader who will give us prosperity, good governance, education, self reliance in industry and science & research, communal peace in addition to bringing this crunching inflation down and make life a lot easier for all of us.

• A leader who will ensure that our women and children are safe, who can keep a check on crime & corruption

• A leader who will make my beloved Bharat a quality finished product nation from the raw material supplying nation that we largely are today.

• I would definitely like this leader to be an able statesman and not just a politician.

• One who will make me feel proud about my country and my heritage, wherever I go in the world.

• One who is astute in business and diplomacy as well as in picking his team and bringing out the best from them.

• One who would stand firm when dealing internationally and not let others manipulate us, unlike some of our past weak leaders.

• One who is incorruptible himself and won’t allow colleagues to be corrupt either.

• Who stands firm despite the games played by detractors both within and outside the country.

• And above all a good human being who can be a role model for youngsters.

Considering all this, if we look at the choices that we have to pick leaders from this election who can lead India, we will find there really is no choice. Of course, not all choices are easy to make because in the real world, choices are not in black and white.

i love my india

But whatever our personal views and preferences, let us not lose sight of what is good for the country. I urge everybody to take their friends and family along to vote this time. Because usually, elections are a dirty game – money, power and manipulation, but for the first time in a long time, there is genuine hope as well. Let us play our part in turning that hope into reality.