Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. “If you need me, I am here for you; I will do all possible things for you”. If these words haven’t come out of your mouth then you are living in fear, in distress. But if you utter these words then those are the moments when you have really lived your life: says Ashtavakra.
  2. Can the thirst of your eyes be quenched? Impossible. Beauty is infinity; there is no end to it. How much you can see through your eyes, there is a limit. How much you can hear your praise, there is limit. The praise is infinite but your capacity to hear is limited. How much can you taste? How much can you smell? You can go and work in Perfume factory and you will see you will hate perfumes in no time. Same this with touch. All our senses have limitation.
  3. Life is so small. If it is not shared it diminishes.
  4. You say “I am here for you” to only your close ones, but if you can say this to everyone that is “Seva/Service”. Service is your inner state.
  5. What do you have in first place that someone can snatch away from you? Such fear really draws you down.
  6. सेिा is the essential that everyone has born to do. Inside your heart you have this attitude “I am here available”. सेिा is not an action. It’s your inner attitude.
  7. A beggar comes to you and you throw some 5/- and say you have done some charity, it’s not a charity, you have even lost your 5/- doing this.
  8. No action can be flawless but actor can be flawless.
  9. Seva is s not a favor that one does to somebody or action to somebody, but it’s an expression of inner love.
  10. Seva is the only work which is done without Vasana (or being selfish). Whereas meditation, sadhana has (selfishness) in it because you do that for yourself.
  11. Even behind your smile you want something from other person, thus you smile. Your look changes, your dress changes, your behavior changes, your attitude changes, because behind every change there is some want you crave for. There is “I” behind everywhere.
  12. ” ननिािसना सऩूतिभत्रो ना ककंचचड इनत ननस्चाई ” – When you do action without Vasana then you become embodiment of bubbling enthusiasm.
  13. Have you observed “Your enthusiasm is always connected with some gain for you”. Either in form of wealth, or recognition or fame, or some physical joy, then you are enthusiastic. It’s like nice ice-cream but lot of sand in it. Every words you speak to others, you show off a tone “Look at me, I am something here, I am somebody, give me importance”.
  14. Much of energy is wasted in trying to charm others, I tell you it’s opposite will happen.
  15. There is a concept in India that a yogi should not be enthusiastic about anything, not even about taste or what he is eating. He should mix everything in bowl and eat no matter whether it is sour or sweet. Such concepts are funny and meaningless. When there is no enthusiasm, where can be joy?
  16. Be enthusiastic about something that you never like before. That is play. That is how you lose seriousness in life.
  17. Life is a ball in a hand to play. You hold on ball then how you would be able to play. Throw the ball and it will come back to you with double enthusiasm.
  18. You are free and this knowledge makes you free. Just be Enthusiastic.

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Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. You have come alone and you will depart all alone. In the meanwhile 50-60 years you play your role on this earth.
  2. During departure (death) what goes with you is your mind including all anguish, desires and problems. It remains with you forever, it takes all garbage with you called िासना (or smell).
  3. Ashtavakra says: when you see you mind hollow and empty devoid of all cravings and aversion then where is Re-Birth for you!
  4. Then you take birth by your own will called INCARNATION. You are not bound by your Karma. Then you do not undergo all these sufferings or re-birth.
  5. If you know you are hollow and empty then you do not come back (reborn) to suffer but to lift other sufferers. Not to enjoy, but to give enjoyment to others.
  6. If you say “I am the only good, no others can be like me, I do this, I do that, I am supreme”. Or If you say “I am bad, I am hopeless, I am useless, I cannot do this, I cannot do that” both concepts hold you back and does not let you to go back to your nature.
  7. Drop all your concepts of mind. Everything is changing and everybody’s mind is flowing and changing every second. Then how can you label others? If you are still labeling everyone or even to yourself then you are stuck.
  8. All knowledge is already there at the depth of mind and what stops you to go at the core center of your base is your own predefined compartment of concepts in your mind.
  9. How can you be content and having desire at the same time? Wants and Desires arise when you are not happy.
  10. Want is always hanging on to “I”. But when “I” dissolves you come into joyful and blissful state.
  11. Everyone is happiness but everyone is not happy.
  12. Enlightment means “One is happiness and he is happy”, Unenlightment means “one is happiness and he is not happy”
  13. Beauty is not in rocks, scenery, mountains. Beauty is inside you.
  14. There is nothing like worldly people or unworldly people. By your ignorance you see the WORLD. By your knowledge you see the DIVINE.
  15. If you are on this world then you are worldly person.
  16. You are part of divinity, why are you going like beggars everywhere. “I want this, I want that, I want blessings, I want happiness”!
  17. Master wakes you up to that level where he says “I am you and you are Me, Where are you?” Wake up.
  18. No question of “I am bigger than you” neither “I am less than you”. It’s all about “I am you”.
  19. Don’t go to saints like beggars to give me this, that. If you want to ask something, ask for highest knowledge; ask for something which is highest, such wealth of knowledge that can go away with you even if you die.

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Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta


  1. This very consciousness/mind has passed through many bodies to be able to be in this body as it is now. This consciousness is very old and ancient. This life in you is not new. We say new life has come into home no its not, it’s the old life that has come into new body.
  2. The body has taken 9 months to form organ, around 19+ years to build physical and mental maturity and 84 lifetimes for the mind to become firm. Mind has taken much longer time than all.
  3. The older it becomes the more valuable it is.
  4. Just wake up and look into it, it has huge amount of past experience and wealth in it. It is sum total of the whole creation. Not just your experiences of one life times or one dealings or one happening. But all the happening in the world, all the events and all experiences are all present in this very mind.
  5. When there is no “shraddha/trust”, feverishness and entanglements come into you.
  6. Ashtavakra says: Again and again you will have to trust and believe the knowledge. Believe in the world, Yoga is the science of believing in the world.
  7. Yoga does not speak about GOD or DIVINITY, it only says about PURIFICATION, it has completely materialistic attitude. If you are non-believer in divinity, you would at least believe in refinement. Refinement to yourself to the core is called YOGA.
  8. Believe in Yoga, you will be complete. You have to believe in laws of nature else you cannot move one step ahead, or you have to believe in yourself, that is called awareness or self-inquiry.
  9. When consciousness is refined love blossoms up. With love, Yoga happens naturally. When your heart opens up you see divinity everywhere.
  10. ” संिामात्भा विनाश्मानत “. If someone is very doubtful then they have neither inner joy nor the outer joy. Doubt is like diseases.
  11. When you don’t have trust in you in the love that you have been given by the divine or by the society then you get cravings and attachments, you get entanglement. Your entanglement is a doubt to whom you are entangled. You doubt that either they don’t love you or you don’t have enough love towards them. That’s where entanglement begins, and then you want more and more and more. You are not reposing in yourself. This is where the love curdles itself.
  12. Again and again you have gone through all these things lifetimes. Atleast now Wake-up, Shake-up.
  13. If at all you are looking for something, look for divine.
  14. ” ऻान-स्िरूऩो बगिान “. You are divine in the form of knowledge.
  15. If one is not qualified, Ashtavakra knowledge means nothing to him. We have seen many ignorant to whom ashtavakra means nothing. False perception about god is already present in their mind. They wait for god saying “One day I will meet god”. You can’t win such people.
  16. Sufi saint Mansoor-Al-Hallaj was chopped into pieces because he said “He was God”. People couldn’t understand his love for divine and chopped him, same happened with Jesus. Ignorant people wait for messiah to come. They think god will come down one day from sky to grant them boon. Forget about it. Wake up and see, you are into ocean called god, you are resting in god. Such false perceptions people have made in their mind that they have already forgot that divine is present everywhere. They have forgotten that they themselves are God.
  17. There is no difference “I am you” and “You are me”.
  18. ” प्रकृनत ऩयाहा ” Master gives a blow from this side and from other side too, so there is no way to escape but to be what you be.
  19. You are beyond “Prakriti and Nature”. You are beyond these body, you are beyond all these vatta, pitta and kapha.
  20. Zen masters go on purifying themselves, doing yoga for their whole lifetime thinking “I am impure, I am impure”. How long can you go on doing that? People take 20 years of sadhana. All day refinement, and if one day something wrong happens all jealousy, anger comes out and all their sadhana goes useless.
  21. By reading Ashtavakra one cannot be scholar. Many scholars have read Ashtavakra and they could not make head or tail out of it and left away in between. There has to be “Shraddha” and qualification for such highest peak of knowledge. The words of Ashtavakra penetrates in Janaka in no time.
  22. If you are awake then observe, no event can destroy joy in you. When Master says you are invincible, it appears to be very confusing. But from the point where he is saying everything is invincible even consciousness is invincible too.
  23. All these come and go, Wake up and Shake up. You will see there is no god and no where you or everything is god and everything is you.
  24. Establish in mind, which is space. Establish in mind.

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Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. In higher consciousness “knowledge” and “ignorance” has equal position.
  2. A beginner would crave for knowledge and reject the ignorance, for ex: when you are playing a game the knowledge of the result of the game reduces very charm in the game. If you know you are going to lose it you won’t play or if you know you are going to win then there would be no joy in it. So it is best not to know the result while playing the game.
  3. Ashtavakra says: Neither I accept nor I reject. I am abiding in myself.
  4. If you say I am accepting then it means previously it was “not acceptable” and you made an effort in accepting it. Now, which was not previously accepted; in future it could be rejected too.
  5. If you say I have renounced it or rejected it, then it means that you have accepted something in past and hence you are rejecting it.
  6. ACCEPTING an action is as ignorant as REJECTING an action.
  7. However the event is pleasant or unpleasant you cannot hold on to it, they move away like clouds in sky.
  8. Whom we think is very fortunate in this world? Do you think those who are rich are fortunate? I tell you they would be living more in fear thinking “does the opposite person loves to me or to my wallet”? People who are poor think “Wealthy people are fortunate”. Wealthy people think “people who are Healthy they are more fortunate”, People who are healthy think “people who have ability are more fortunate”. People who are not good looking think “people who are good looking are more fortunate”. This is an illusion, like an illusion of water in desert.
  9. In real people who are joyful from the very core of heart, people who live the state of NOBODY. NOBODY is running, NOBODY is talking, NOBODY is eating, and NOBODY is listening. They are fortunate. One does not have to acquire this but by nature it has come to them they are fortunate.
  10. People who are grateful are fortunate.
  11. Brahmanhood is nothing to be acquired or achieved; it’s your very nature.
  12. If someone is trying to rise to achieve Brahman consciousness is fool. But one who knows that enlightenment is his very nature is fortunate.
  13. People live in limited spheres of “likes and dislikes” – “love and hate”, but only a few brave one can know that they are beyond all these small things. They are much deeper like ocean.
  14. In ocean there are so many things like oil, fishes, salt, pearl, and sand. Similarly there are many things in life like happiness, unhappiness, likes dislikes. It’s up to you to choose either pearl or salt from ocean in life.
  15. Don’t hold anyone else responsible, this is very SNEAKY. It’s a very first step to take.
  16. Today think of all those things that you could be GRATEFUL for. You are born on this planet BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS. You could have born somewhere in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, you don’t know in the middle of the night you could be washed by river anytime or killed by someone BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN. Out of infinite number of species, we are born as a human being BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS. If you would have born as a chicken or crabs, somebody would have fried you in oil and eat you putting spices on you BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN. Suppose you would have born as a lobster residing in restaurant, someone comes to restaurant and says GOOD CRAB and that’s it FINISH. Crab vague its tails for few minutes and he dies BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN.
  17. We have got this human life, lots of freedom, ability to know, understand, communicate, and comprehend BE GRATEFUL FOR THIS. A wise intelligent man and women thinks this way. Be grateful for what we have been bestowed with.
  18. Grab every opportunity to be grateful in life, and then you will see you will stop grumbling and all misery and fear will stop in life.

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Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta

  1. Many would have experienced but only few can express it properly, and among those who can express only few can communicate or transfer those experience to others.
  2. Janaka speaks about something where everybody’s words have returned, his expressing were inexpressible breaking through dimension and revealing a mystery.
  3. When “sattvaguna” rises then knowledge dawns, joy dawns, you feel nice. When “rajoguna” rises desire, cravings and restlesness comes. When “tamoguna” rises lethargy, attachment comes, dejection comes. These gunas have their own time, they come and go. No gunas can remain forever.
  4. Mistakes happen in “tamoguna”.
  5. Janaka says I see all gunas rising and setting down, but I am hollow and empty. I am witnessing them like I witness movie.
  6. Money — friends — cravings can pull you down.
  7. Even thinking that “I” go to temple now and then again and again to do something religious act gives you false satisfaction. It is also one type of craving.
  8. Janaka says: Neither money, nor friends, nor cravings can trap my mind. Now I am at rest.
  9. Enough, be fulfill this moment. Settle down. Janaka says: Nothing can move me. What is money? Who are friends? What are cravings? Nothing can shake me. I am the REST.
  10. There are three states in enlightenment:
    i) Being childlike
    ii) Being intoxicated
    iii) Chaotic
  11. Wanting to get liberated from something is even bondage.
  12. Whatever even pleasure and pain if you want to get rid of then YOU ARE CAUGHT UP IN IT, while sleeping even though it is there but you are not with it. Many people are caught up trying to get LIBERATED. If you go and ask Buddhist monks “Why are you sitting whole day in meditation? They will say “I want liberation” and that’s it. They are caught up. If you ask anyone “Did you get Nirvana? He will say “No I WANT Nirvana”. Everybody would be waiting on and on.
  13. WANTING Brahman consciousness is HIGHEST DEGREE OF FOOLISHNESS. Drop it. Relax.
  14. Janaka is not asking questions he is releasing expression. That is the beauty of him.
  15. Finish your questions now there is no end to it. Put exclamation there.
  16. Get into the confidence that you are been taken care wherever you are, don’t even ask for blessings.

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Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta
  1. There are three types of impurities in body:
    i) म्रा (Impurity at body level)
    ii) विऺेऩा (Impurity at mind level)
    iii) आियना (Impurity at intellect level)
  2. Suppose you have over eaten something and you are feeling uncommon that is called “Malaa”.
  3. Because of conflicts of thoughts in mind, friction arise is called “Vikshepa”
  4. The curtain between your blissful nature and mind is called “Aavarana”
  5. These three impurities calm down you in two conditions, either you are in blissful mood or when you are 100% into some work. Those are the moments when there are no “sankalpa” neither “vikalpa”. Those moments you are so alive. Those are the only moments you are living on this planet, rest of the time you just exist.
  6. See to the context of Universe, where is your small planet earth! And on it where is your small head? And fumes of thoughts coming out of it.
  7. You are made up of stuff called Bliss. Don’t search for bliss here and there. You only have to relax and let go.
  8. In the world two types of knowledge is necessary:
    i) Knowledge that removes the obstacles
    ii) Knowledge through which you know the blissful nature.
  9. You can always gain the knowledge of the only world or relative. You can know the world but you can feel the God. You can know all that is changing but you cannot know God. You can merge in to God but you can never know God. Truth can never be known but it can be felt and experienced. Permanence can never be known but it can only be felt and experienced.
  10. Self is not an object of knowledge, it can only be known when you drop conflicts of mind and relax into depth.
  11. Dispassion is maturity of life. When you have done something over and over again and you get bored of it, dispassion comes automatically.
  12. What is that you expect from all chit-chat that you do with people? You want them to say “you are beautiful, you want approval from them” so what? The one who is praising will also pass away and one who is cursing will also pass away. YOU BE IN YOURSELF.
  13. Have you noticed when child cries for toy, even if he gets toy he continues crying because that momentum of emotion continues. You are still the same, you haven’t grown yet. Only your craving for toy has been converted into somebody else or something.
  14. When you have come to the central core of your existence then joy in life remains, it doesn’t go away.
  15. Having joy or to be happy is not a big thing, but having established in joy and in happiness is life.
  16. This can only happen when you RELAX from everything.
  17. That’s why all moral teachings failed because it does not touch the personality in you.
  18. Your attention is everywhere but never on you, and even if is it on you that it is related to either someone or something, not on yourself.

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Ashtavakra Gita.

|| Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti ||


Ashtavakra Geeta
  1. Many incarnations have happened on this planet, many saints have born, many nice people have come on this planet, many saviors have come. Have the world changed? No. It is still the same. over and over years and years, again and again it is the same thing happening in the world. SO IF YOU HAVE ILLUSION OR IDEA IN YOUR MIND TO CHANGE THE WORLD THEN YOU BETTER DROP IT.
  2. It has never happened before, nor it will happen now, neither will it happen in future.
  3. People say “satyug” was much better than “kalyug”. If you see the atrocities that have happened in “satyuga” you will find “kalyuga” is much more better.
  4. In the world there will be a combination of both good and bad people. Some people engage in good things, some engage in crime, sometimes balance discontinues this way – that way, some more, some less, but EVERYTHING WILL CONTINUE IN THIS WORLD.
  5. OPPOSITE VALUES co-exist in this world and that itself makes the WORLD.
  6. There is no separate things like HEAVEN and HELL it is one. It’s all in your MIND.
  7. If the mind is closed it is HELL and when the mind is reposing in self it is HEAVEN.
  8. You don’t go to change the world, you yourself be a change.
  9. Your freedom is related to bondage. When you say I am free then it means that you were bound before, if you say you are bound that means you were free sometime ago. This is just the temporary sort thing in alternative state.
  10. You are wanting for freedom and feeling towards bondage is all illusion. It is all inside your mind. Because you want to change the world, you want to change the situation, you want to change people but you don’t want to change your MIND!
  11. It is stupid to think you want enlightenment and it’s also stupid to think you are bound.
  12. When I say you cannot change the world that don’t mean YOU DON’T DO ANYTHING. It doesn’t not mean that you do not make people aware and teach them about knowledge. If this would be then Ashtavakra would have not shared this knowledge to King Janaka.
  13. Truth is never something that is straight forward. It’s always circular.
  14. Golden Line: YOU ACT AND BE FULFILL IN EVERY ACTION. WHEN ACTION IS COMPLETE YOU DO NOT DRAG ON IT TO NEXT MOMENT. YOU SELL A PAPAYA TODAY AND THAT’S IT YOU EARNED MONEY TODAY. FINISH. MOVE ON TO NEXT DAY. You will be happy in doing this way. Don’t drag your work towards future, do it right now and complete it now.
  15. Let every action become from the deep core of your heart and be grateful to what you are doing.
  16. What pulls you out of your peace and being is “WANTING TO DO” and “NOT WANTING TO DO”.
  17. A thought of changing the attitude of people in the kingdom would have made Janaka to bother forever which was not possible.
  18. A small piece of sand is enough to shut your vision of your eye. That piece of sand obstructs you to see the view of infinity.
  19. Thus a Master like Ashtavakra knows where to pull the garbage from your mind and make you to see the infinite universe and beyond that.

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Projects, Wisdom, Yoga and Meditation.

There was this person, who was so fed up with life, trying to be a perfect parent, perfect friend, perfect everything. Making it a first person account – The problem was in trying to live my life on someone else’s terms and making a mess of what I was, masking my strengths and gradually forgetting my true self.

Yoga Rabbit

Dancing Rabbit

Why live life on terms as defined by others. Other’s perception of perfection should not and does not indicate true perfection. Perfection is a very personal characteristic based on our own abilities and thoughts – so why lose sleep over our inability to match to standards prescribed and set by others. It is better to dance to our own tunes and not to other’s. Concept beautifully demonstrated with the following story and read on…

The little rabbit stood alone, watching the other rabbits around hop and skip in the forest. They were playing her favourite rabbit game. Try as she might, each time she attempted to join in, she tripped about awkwardly. When this happened, the other rabbits laughed at her and called her “Riya” (Graceful in Sanskrit).

Soon even she forgot her real name. In moments when Riya was alone, she danced around the trees with ease. She was as smooth and graceful as any ballerina. An old owl sat high above one night, watching her intently. The moonlight streamed through the treetops like a soft spotlight and he sat and watched as little Riya moved in and out of the moonbeans.

Finally he said, “Riya, you are more graceful than any creature I’ve ever seen.” Riya was startled that someone had been watching her; but listened carefully to the wise owl’s words as he continued. “You have carried this beauty within you all this time, but locked it inside when you tried too hard.”

Often we are too intent on proving ourselves and pleasing others. The harder we try the more impossible the task becomes. We begin to lose our identity and all sense of who we really are and what we can do.

Then comes the power of robbers who through negative talk, remarks and jibes would rather have us believe that we cannot. Some of us may be fortunate to run into those like the old owl, the power enablers and facilitators, who bring back to us a sense of who we really are and what we are really meant to be. They help us see the beauty that is locked away inside, the potential that we all have. Others finally realize that they have two who can always be counted on. The first themselves and the second-nature, which never call us names or whispers behind our backs. We come to a point when we begin to be honest with ourselves.

We see the truth that we are all creatures of our times, that imperfections and faults are part of every being’s life tapestry and that all elements are woven into our lives, some frozen in time and others still open to inside work and shaping out. Then in a moment of great discovery we embrace all that is part of ourselves.

Like Riya we learn to dance and celebrate our wholeness. We become less obessed with the scorn that can be heaped on us by others. The negative is drowned by positive images. We realize like Riya that nature is our friend. Nature waits patiently. There is no pressure to be anyone else than who we already are. We relearn the dance of life. All the while we have just tried too hard.

Grace is not some sophisticated word used only for artists or models on a catwalk. It is the ability to live life on one’s own terms, the ability to kindle true life in others, the strength and courage to overcome those who would control and manipulate us. Sometimes grace in living comes after repeated failures. The rabbit Riya picked herself up when she came to a sense of her true self.

Many walk through your life, but few leave footprints on your heart. Take long spells of rest in nature. Become like Riya the rabbit who found that she had an identity of her own, so precious, that she had to first discover it by herself. And then when you discover your true identity and your own voice, become a power broker in this world, for gentleness and understanding.

Yes this is what His Holiness Pujya Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar and The Art of Living did to me – transform me into Riya, the ever graceful.

About Art of Living, Experiences, Yoga and Meditation.

Someone, in a random conversation about life, recently wrote to me on twitter asking how my activities and sadhana at Art Of Living were going on. I quipped “that’s pArt Of Living. Like BREATHING”.

This write-up is a ‘leap’ from now to then. The many in-betweens, you ask? That’s for later.

Pre-February 2005

Art Of LivingSri Sri Ravishankar – these two names rang a bell. Along with these I used to get flashing images of Richard Gere and Rhea Pillai. Why, you ask?

Because I read about them in association with Sri Sri Ravishankar and Art Of Living. And what a fancy name, I must say! Art. Beautiful. No?

Sometime in February – March

Bipin said he is planning to join Art Of Living. During the 5 days of the course period I saw a good many differences in him and for the good.

Sometime in March – April

I happened to meet Manjax (actually Manjita, I call her so simply because she calls me ‘Appax’), and then I met Geetha. Two different people from two entirely different circle of friends, and they were voicing out the same words, well almost, words of praise and excitement about Art Of Living. Manjax, though not a part of Art Of Living was vouching for it. Both of them, edging me to join Art Of Living, something Bipin was doing for quite sometime by now. So I finally decided to give it a ‘try’. ‘Just for the heck of it’. (mark my attitude). I wasn’t losing much of my money by paying a thousand bucks, money which was assured to be used for social projects.

My first Sudarshan Kriya, the experience and the after effects:

First they made us do ‘Disha Naman’. That is bowing down to the Gods who control the four directions – North, South, East, and West.


Maheshgiri-ji guiding Disha Pranam

And here I was saying to myself, “did they say God? D-uh…!” (mark my attitude). Bipin had said that it’s not any religious course… GOD. THE CONCEPT OF GOD. It had never seemed to take any firm root in my mind. It was beyond comprehension. (Little did I know then that I needed to open my heart as well. You have to understand how confused I was about religion and spirituality.) My concept of God was limited to The Sun God. Well okay, so, I bowed. So what! Every pore full of love for my loved ones. They are all God. No? Clever! Beat that! (mark my attitude). Then we did ‘Pranayama’, something we had learnt the previous day already. Then after, we did The Sudarshan Kriya‘SOHAM’. And oh my ‘God’!, ain’t I glad I did it… till date, that is, and till undated, I am sure. Guruji’s ethereal voice filling my mind. My heart. My soul.

We all never realized we sat through an hour and a half, for the whole process. We were asked to describe our experience doing our first Kriya. Then when it was my turn to talk, I was like, “experience? What experience? I don’t have a single thought in my mind, and the fact is that this is the only thought in my mind!” My answer was “I don’t know. I can’t think.” I was absolutely dazed. Transfixed. Mesmerised. Stupefied. Bedazzled. And, lastly, worried, wondering if ‘these people’ put a spell on me. Trying hard to get my senses back. I was spell-bound. Little did I know, then, that all the elderly course participants were striving for that. Little did I know, then, that the everyone was striving for that, craving for that. And it was so easy for me, …and I was worried about that! Silly me! (mark my attitude)

I do not know what power rode me back to my house. Little did I know, then, that I had found a home. I felt safe.

Post that day:

I never analysed the transformation in me, I don’t know why. Maybe because I never realized it until it dawned on me one fine day. And now, again, I still don’t have any words to explain the beauty of what dawned on me. In the ‘SUN’ I firmly believed, I was sun-bathing.


What? You may ask.

For one, ‘I used to be an ATHEIST’. My words need no reading in between lines for the ones even remotely connected with me. The other transformations, you ask? Later.

Now, I no more have flashing images of R Gere or R Pillai. The place is taken over by R Shankar. Sri Sri Ravishankar, and whenever I am hovered by his flashing image, you will find a thunderous smile flashing across my face.

My Gurudev! Ah! ….and as they say in Art Of LivingJOY GURUDEV!

P.S.: My journey between ‘My Guruji’ & ‘My Gurudev’, that too, later!

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