Past Life Reading : Sharing the Secret


An anonymous journalist reveals his trysts with his past lives.

When I went to attend a spiritual self-development course 10 years ago, I was fascinated by a set of questions the instructor gave as homework on the third day of the workshop. One of the questions “When did you come to this planet?” sounded silly. I guessed that the 30-something instructor was cleverly using it as a ploy to figure out our age!.

Still, when I attended sincerely to the homework later in the day, the question triggered a deep query. The deeper I explored, the more mysterious my existence on this planet became. The instructor’s explanation the next day wasn’t really convincing enough for me to believe that our existence here is eternal. Yet I started asking myself, “Have I been here before?”

The question lingered on for ten years even though I did not pay much attention to it. Even as I got fascinated with the TRUTH called ‘I’, I wasn’t ready to confront the immortal ‘I’ until NDTV Imagine’s Raaz –Pichhle Janam Ka launched me on a manhunt to find that ‘I’ who existed before the Sun, the Moon, the Earth… Wouldn’t it be exciting to meet my past? Is it possible that I have lived before?

The options in the market promising to answer these questions were many. Past life regression has almost become a passé. Yet another ancient technique of recalling one’s past lives through meditation as enunciated by Maharishi Patanjali in the 4th century BC has almost been commoditised into an off-the-self service. Selecting a genuine guy who can help me really cross the frontiers of this lifetime appeared more difficult than finding that good old me! The two main schools of thought use hypnotism and meditation. Finally I opted to give the meditation-based Eternity Process of the Art of Living a try.

While fixing up the appointment for my date with the past, the lady facilitator told me that regular meditation and spiritual practices is a pre-requisite to meet my past. It appears it’s vital to be in terms with your present life to be able to comprehend the images of the past. When I told her that I have been meditating and practicing Sudarshan Kriya (a unique breathing technique taught by the Art of Living) for the last 10 years, she readily accepted me as a worthy sample.

As I settled down in a small, dimly lit room, lying down on a soft mat, I was not only curious but also filled with doubts whether she can really take me beyond this life. But the serenity and calmness the lady expressed through her big, contagious smile was quite reassuring. After a few deep breaths, the journey began, so to say.

With gentle instructions, she took me back to yesterday, two days ago, last week, five years ago, ten years ago and so on. It was more of an act of recalling what I remember as long as I was in this life.

The mystery began when I was instructed to go back times prior to this life. Initially it was all blank.

As I rewound the time clock as per her instructions, gradually images began to unfold. It was like watching a movie. A new place, new environs, new people, the images were very clear and looked real though they had very little to do with events of my present life. From nowhere, I saw myself living a life of a saint in a hermitage in a dense forest. I have never aspired or imagined living such a life. So where did the images come from. Am I really seeing my previous life? My conscious mind was still alive and it started wondering as if I am making up. It was difficult to say that the images I was seeing were the images that belonged to my past life, but they were surely not the images that I wanted to see.

As we move further back, beyond lives, my conscious mind died and I got totally lost in that world. And they were different worlds. From the dense forest to a sprawling campus of a big educational institution, I literally went places as the lady took me from one life to another. Different avatars, different places, different times, yet everything looked real and I lost this world as I travelled back as far as six different lives in a session that lasted almost four hours.
As the lady gradually brought back to this world, I didn’t want to come back! And when I was helped to open my eyes with gentle instructions, I couldn’t believe I have just returned from a travel across six different lives! I felt so peaceful. After my experience, I now believe that unwanted patterns in current life can be cured by wiping off the images of the past.

Skeptics who don’t want to believe in the eternal nature of life,still accept that regression is therapeutic. Whatever be the debate, many things I do in this life appear to be a manifestation of my past. My love of white clothes, just to reveal one, appears to come from what I wore in my previous lives. Could be that what I do in this life will determine what I would be in the next birth! Suddenly, the confounding concept of karma appeared simple and straight!

It will be almost always impossible to logically prove that I am eternal,yet the images I saw during that fascinating journey would be hard to dismiss as a flight of my fantasies. Who cares about logic? I was, I am and I will be!

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  1. I found it very useful to do Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s ‘Eternity Process’ the meditation technique, through which one can remember the memories of one’s past lives stored in the subconscious mind. Many of my friends have done it and they loved it too.

    1. To realize what it means to know one’s past, please do the eternity process of the Art of Living. No amount of details will suffice to feel the experience. Eat it then only taste will be known 🙂

      1. Mr. Rahman! I also wish to go to Art of Living for this past life regression. can you please tell me how did you register for it? I’ll be grateful to you. Thanks!

  2. I have done the Eternity course a year ago in Bangalore Ashram it was awesome felt so relieved after the process. After the eternity course the life becomes very easy for me. Not to take worldly events very serious. Smile & Be Happy. JGD

    1. Can a skeptic participate in this ? If so what are the pre-requisites ? And why those pre-requisites are needed ? Is this process different from the western past life regression techniques ? If I was a animal in my previous birth will that also will be known ? Or only human births ?

      oops.. I have so many questions. Its time that I have a Guru.

  3. Jai Gurudev! Harsha Sheth..
    I wanted to know how regular should we be with the Sudarshan Kriya and Padmasadhana so that we can take the benefit of this process? If we happen to miss the practices in between will we not be able to see the past lives

    1. Jai Gurudev,dear, Akila, the practices are not for seeing the past lives, (as such no need for that too )The practices will surely make our body fit , mind stable,and brings effortlessness in our action,. So that, we can live life lightly,, yet richly,. To what extent u cana do , proceed with the sadhana,at home, followups, and some times guided meditation, in gurujis voice (available in net/ Art of Livingtv).

  4. Presently im doing happiness course.. Till now im repeating it 3rd times nd i hv heard abt eternity process nd m vry intrested to do it coz i hv a problm in mah neck.. Frm childhood till now i cannot wear round T-shirt or anything closed near to mah neck.. If i wear lso i found vry uncomfortable i cannot wear even fo 3 sec.. So i wna know is it mah psychological problm or wot..

  5. I have also done the happiness program and would be interested in the Eternity program, would request any of you to throw some light on how and where I can enroll for this course as in the website of AoL nothing about this course is mentioned. Please help I am genuinely interested.

  6. I want to do the eternity process . Kindly let me know where to contact . I am from kolkata . I have done inner engineering program from isha foundtion .

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