Patanjali Yoga Sutra – Chapter 3 (Part 1)


3.1 deśa bandhaś cittasya dhāraā

One-pointedness is steadfastness of the mind.

3.2 tatra pratyayai ‘katānatā dhyāna

Unbroken continuation of that mental ability is meditation.

3.3 tad evā ‘rthamātranirbhāsa svarūpa śūnyam iva samādhi

That same meditation when there is only consciousness of the object of meditation and not of the mind is realization.

3.4 trayam ekatra sayama

The three appearing together are self-control.

3.5 taj jayāt prajñā loka

By mastery comes wisdom.

3.6 tasya bhūmiu viniyoga

The application of mastery is by stages.

3.7 traya antaraga pūrvebhya

The three are more efficacious than the restraints.

3.8 tad api bahiraga nirbījasya

Even that is external to the seedless realization.

3.9 vyutthāna nirodha saskārayor abhibhava prādurbhāvau nirodha kaa cittānvayo nirodha pariāma

The significant aspect is the union of the mind with the moment of absorption, when the outgoing thought disappears and the absorptive experience appears.

3.10 tasya praśāntavāhitā saskārāt

From sublimation of this union comes the peaceful flow of unbroken unitive cognition.

3.11 sarvārthatai ‘kāgratayo kayo ‘dayau cittasya samādhi pariāma

The contemplative transformation of this is equalmindedness, witnessing the rise and destruction of distraction as well as one-pointedness itself.

3.12 tata puna śntoditau tulya pratyayau cittasyai ‘kgrat pariṇᾱma

The mind becomes one-pointed when the subsiding and rising thought-waves are exactly similar.

3.13 etena bhūte ‘ndriyeu dharma lakaā ‘vasthā pariāmā vyākhyātā

In this state, it passes beyond the changes of inherent characteristics, properties and the conditional modifications of object or sensory recognition.

3.14 śānto ‘ditā ‘vyapadeśya dharmā ‘nupātī dharmī

The object is that which preserves the latent characteristic, the rising characteristic or the yet-to-be-named characteristic that establishes one entity as specific.

3.15 kramānyatva pariāmānyatve hetu

The succession of these changes in that entity is the cause of its modification.

3.16 pariāma traya sayamād atītā ‘nāgata jñāna

By self-control over these three-fold changes (of property, character and condition), knowledge of the past and the future arises.

3.17 śabdā ‘rtha pratyayānām itare ‘tarā ‘dhyāsāt sakaras tat pravibhāga  sayamāt sarva bhūta ruta jñāna 

The sound of a word, the idea behind the word, and the object the idea signfies are often taken as being one thing and may be mistaken for one another. By self-control over their distinctions, understanding of all languages of all creatures arises.

3.18 saskāra sākātkaraāt pūrva jāti jñāna

By self-control on the perception of mental impressions, knowledge of previous lives arises.

3.19 pratyayasya para citta jñāna

By self-control on any mark of a body, the wisdom of the mind activating that body arises.

3.20 na ca tat sā ‘labana  tasyā ‘viayībhūtatvāt

By self-control on the form of a body, by suspending perceptibility and separating effulgence therefrom, there arises invisibility and inaudibilty.

3.21 kāya rūpa sayamāt tad grāhya śaktti stabhe caku prakāśā ‘saprayoge ntardhāna  

Action is of two kinds, dormant and fruitful. By self-control on such action, one portends the time of death.

3.22 sopakrama nirupakrama ca karma tat sayamād aparānta jñāna ariṣṭebhyo vā 

By performing self-control on friendliness, the strength to grant joy arises.

3.23 maitryādiu balāni

By self-control over any kind of strength, such as that of the elephant, that very strength arises.

3.24 baleu hasti balādīni

By self-control on the primal activator comes knowledge of the hidden, the subtle, and the distant.

3.25 pravtty āloka nyāsāt sūkma vyavahita viprakṛṣṭa jñāna

By self-control on the Sun comes knowledge of spatial specificities.

3.26 bhuvana jñāna sūrye sayamāt

By self-control on the Moon comes knowledge of the heavens.


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  1. The translations are all mixed up from 3.19 onwards. Please check. Translation of 3.19 is incorrect; the one given for 3.20 is actually for 3.21; the one given for 3.21 is actually of 3.23 and so on.. Please take a look.

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