I watched this movie “Peaceful Warrior” for the second time last night. I have always felt that movies like these give you new revelations every time you watch them. I was on a treasure hunt with numerous gems of insights & hidden messages as I journeyed through the movie yesterday.

“All you have is – RIGHT NOW”, says Soc (Socrates) as christianed by the protagonist, Dan Norman in the film “Peaceful Warrior”.

The time when the ambitious Gymnast, Olympics Gold Medal aspirant Dan meets Socrates, the Gas Station attendant; Dan is full of negative emotions of all kinds that a normal youth undergoes. There is aggression, anger, frustration, fear, peer pressure & to top it all a huge ego! Slowly but surely, after a few stunning encounters with Soc; he discovers that there is something more to life & training than what he has been believing. The old man’s training puts him, his life & his performance to higher dimension.

A shattering incidence & a weak moment sees him trying to commit suicide. That is when he comes face to face with his own “ego”. After the battle between the ego & the self, he emerges as a beautiful human being full of peace, compassion & forgiveness. My Master His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankarji says, “The antidote of ego is being natural. Compassion, peace &  love is your very nature.” When we let go of ego, we blossom into a peaceful, compassionate, focused person.

There are more quotable quotes in this film than that are available on Google. At one point of time, I felt like I only want to share all of them & don’t write anything because all of them are what my life is after I took the Art Of living Course many years ago, but then I do wish to talk about the spectacular scene where Dan truly experiences a shower, paying attention to each & every drop that is falling on his body.  Later, after he has given a considerable time to his “practice” & contemplation when he actually realizes how vast a moment is; he repeats his Mater’s words to the Master himself – “There’s never nothing going on. There are no ordinary moments”.

Socrates urges Dan to learn to throw out the ‘Trash up here’ that is in the head & explains, “`Trash’ is everything that’s keeping you from the only thing that matters – this moment, here, now.” I have been so fortunate to have learnt the Sudarshan Kriya, a simple but profound breathing technique which enables us to throw out all the trash through breath.

Why is this tale called “Peaceful Warrior”? There is a war within all of us. Our positive self fights with our negative emotions all the time. As Sri Sri recently mentioned in one of His discourses on Gita, “Mahabharat is not something that took place thousands of years ago, it’s still prevalent within all of us. We just need to examine which chapter of Gita is going on in our lives at present.” No war can be won with agitation in the mind. The first condition; to be able to fight is to be peaceful.

I refrain from discussing some amazing, special “moments” Peaceful Warrior has, but I shall gift you all with one realization that I had – We never have any idea about the Master plan that God has in store for us. The time when we feel we are sinking into the deep waters of depression & feel this is the end; the Master waits for us with the life boat at the bank of the river. He knows that we can emerge out of any setback for He is the one who takes our hand & uplifts us to win the war of that insurmountable life situation & become the Peaceful Warrior.



22 Responses to “Peaceful Warrior: The hidden messages”

  1. Meenal

    These are really precious lessons. Thanks for sharing them here. I will watch the movie again looking for these gems.

  2. Mamta

    Wonderful review. Enjoyed reading it, especially because i could connect with my own life experience of being with the Master who is helping me become a Peaceful Warrior! It is a great movie to watch..

  3. Nisha

    Very Beautifully Written!!!!! I too watched this movie couple of weeks ago for 1st time… 🙂

  4. Yogendra Bhonsale

    Wow! I recently watched this movie for the 1st time.. and just loved it. Nisha Didz (Gilra) forced me to watch this one. As mentioned in this beautiful article, even I was reminded of my dear Guruji – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, especially the scene where Soc says I didn’t choose you; You chose me! My favourite dialogue is the last scene: ‘Where are you. What’s the time. Who are you’. Haven’t mentioned the answers to these questions coz I want everyone to watch the movie to find the answers 😉

    Thank you Preity Didz for sharing this article. Thank you Nisha didz.. for sharing the movie 😀
    Lots of love.. Jai Gurudev 🙂

  5. Roopa

    This is a first post I’m reading by You Preity Didi.
    You are such a talented writer.
    Love the hidden messages you have shared!

  6. Shiva

    It is indeed marvellous. Knowledge, personal experience, devotion everything together while taking a movie on parallel track, simply awesome. Last lines brought tears. Yes, indeed all those who r spiritual/meditate or practice Kriya, can know that the life is happening “NOW”

    • preitythomas

      Thanks a lot, Shiva! While on the path, it becomes so natural for us to keep anything that we watch or read; on a parallel track, isn’t it? Life is beautiful! 🙂

  7. Namita Bohara

    Wow!!!, the Bhagwad Gita connect is simply so awesome. Am sure everything written relates so beautifully to the reader.

  8. Dhatri Talati

    What a great insight the way it’s written made me totally speechless. Co-relation of movie with profound knowledge given by none other then our beloved Guruji, BIG “Aha” moment for me, have to find and watch this one 🙂 You are A TRUE GEM Didi, please keep sharing 🙂

  9. Avinash Patel

    Have’nt watched the movie yet. But I surely will…. Inspiration – your narration above of the sequences of the movie which sync with the teachings from AOL… Dolly Di, you have narrated it really well which kept me engaged till the last line of it… 🙂

  10. dr neelam raval

    Dearest sis, what an inspiring text, gave me lots & lots of insights. Many must have watched the movie, but rare ones like you only can throw such lights of wisdom esp in relation to our Beloved Gurudev’s precious knowlege…So very proud of you. will have to watch the movie asap. Love.

  11. Dipti

    It is a very nicely written self contexted piece. I have seen the movie and its truly inspiring! It is indeed mind game. We are not able to do many things because we tell our selves so. Removing this trash from head, as you have said, is the biggest challenge. It is very difficult to walk that path on your own. So you need a guru to help you. Your surrender to your guru is admirable. Dipti

  12. Alok Kejriwal

    Awesome. Just write a blog called “Socrates meets Sri Sri Ravi Shankar”!!!


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