Propagating Spirituality in children and youth through Art of Living programs


Paritranaya sadhunam vinashaya cha dushkrutam

Dharma samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

From time immemorial, whenever adharma has raised its head, enlightened Masters have taken birth in human form to uplift humanity and re-establish dharma. In the past, Lord Sri Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Adi Shankaracharya and such have taken the onus for social transformation through spirituality.

In Kaliyuga, we are fortunate to walk the planet as contemporary of our spiritual Guru and humanitarian Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji (Gurudev). He is uplifting humanity through various programs designed for people from every walk of life, adults and children alike.

‘Catch them young’ is a famous proverb that has profound significance. Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra (SSSK), an initiative of the Art of Living under the aegis of Ved Vignan Mahavidya peetha is envisioned and blessed by Pujya Gurudev for inculcating human values, imbibe our tradition, culture and develop a sense of pride towards our desh, dharm and sanskriti in children between the ages 7 to 11 years.

Gurudev says, “Just as a sapling needs watering to blossom fully, young children need ‘Sanskars’ for nurturing human values”. Spread in 18 states of India and 7 other countries of the continent, there are currently 1,150 Kendras running with around 45,000 children getting established in spirituality and human values. 4,500 SSSK teachers are imparting this precious knowledge to children joyfully with dedication and commitment. Numbers are growing consistently

What do we teach?

“Education is not about feeding our kids with useful information. It is to make them beautiful citizens of our planet”-Sri Sri

Children and youth need value based leadership. While schools impart formal education, children imbibe values from elders in the family and society. The hindrance to nurture values in children can be attributed to disintegration of joint family system, changing priorities and the advent of gadgets. Economic growth must be supported by a strong foundation of values for a nation to develop. In the present scenario of changing ethos, it has necessitated bridging the gap.

Therefore, starting from the age of 7 years, we, in Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra instill values in children through teaching from a manual blessed by Gurudev,

1. Shlokas, Dohas, Mantras

2. Simple and effective Yoga Asanas

3. Inspirational stories

4. Wonderful explanation of science behind simple things, ‘Wonder!’ that brings out a WoW.

5. Grand ma’s home remedies to reduce dependence on doctors and pharmacy.

All in a playful, family like atmosphere complemented by lot of learning through games and activities, singing Bhajans and dancing.

Regional and national festivals are celebrated.

Children and teachers look forward to 2-hour, once a week, interactive joyful session. Parents report remarkable change in the outlook and conduct of their children, so much so, they are requesting for similar sessions for themselves!

Thus laying a strong foundation, we encourage children to attend other programs blessed by Gurudev such as

Prajna Yoga (Intuition Process)

Children who are attending SSSK sessions are reported to exhibit sharper intuition.

Utkarsha Yoga (8 to 13 years) and Medha Yoga (13+ to 18 years)

Human values like compassion, belongingness, caring and sharing are further nurtured along with other spiritual practices and Sudarshan Kriya. Again, it is observed that Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra children absorb the learning better and practice. Established in Sadhana, Seva and Satsang, they become strong pillars of support to the society, nation and world at large.

Some of the long term changes we can foresee

The need for Deaddiction Centres becomes redundant.

There will be a drop in juvenile delinquencies.

Children realize the importance of revering our cows, farmers and natural farming, honouring food, custom and tradition such as rangoli, lighting lamps, pujas and many more.

They stand up for the nation and be the change to rebuild Ramarajya where dharma prevails above all else.

Jai Guru Dev
Leela Ramesh
Teacher-Advanced Meditation program
Teacher-Sahaj Samadhi Dhyan Yoga
Teacher Trainer-Sri Sri Sanskar Kendra
The Art of Living Foundation

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