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Art of Living founder Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji often talks about how villagers in Karnataka stay healthy and strong by consuming a millet called ragi. In His discourse on Ashtavakra Geetha, episode ‘You are not the Doer‘, he tells us of the strength one gets from eating ragi balls. And some of us know that ragi rotis and ragi dosas are Sri Sri’ s favourite too! Finely ground powder of this millet is very versatile.

A variety of sweet and savoury dishes can be prepared by using ragi flour. I have chosen to present the most basic recipe of ragi, ragi balls ( called ragi mudde in Kannada). This nutritious dish is easy and quick to make although it needs a little practice. Consumed without chewing, it carries us from one meal to another without any pangs of hunger thus avoiding unnecessary nibbles. Do try and feel the difference.

Ragi flour- 1 cup
Water- 2 cups
Oil/ghee- 1 tsp
Salt- a pinch
1 tsp ragi flour mixed well in 4 tbs of water


In a thick bottomed deep pan, boil 2 cups of water. While it is boiling, add 1tsp ghee or oil. Then add ragi and water mixture. Now invert 1 cup of ragi flour into the boiling water and reduce flame. Don’t stir, don’t cover.Let it simmer for 10 to 12 minutes. Now is the skilful part. Take a wooden ladle and stir briskly for about 2 minutes continuously so that no lumps are formed. The pot needs to be held firmly in the left hand while stirring. Put off the fire and immediately transfer one big lump to a greased plate. Grease your palm and smoothen the ball to a beautiful round shape by rotating. Make a dent in the middle of the ball by punching your thumb into it. Fill the dent with cow ghee.

Eating ragi ball is something one needs to learn. It can be eaten with any gravy of your choice.

You need to pinch off a gooseberry size ragi ball, dip it in ghee and gravy and just swallow!

Round off this satisfying meal with a big glass of masala buttermilk .
Ragi is very cooling so helpful to combat the hot summer ahead.



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