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Do you remember the first time you went to the railway station?

I still remember the day when I went to a small railway station with a friend who said it was fun to just hang around at a station.

Unbelievable now, but then I was crazy enough to nod my agreement, remembering all the goodies I could munch on while we hung around there!

Crowded station? That surely is the understatement of the century. I wondered how such a small Begumpet Station (a small station in Hyderabad) could hold so many people. All that I could see was a sea of people, without an inch of place. As my friend bought the platform tickets for us, I entered the station, feeling excited with the newness of the whole experience.

We sat on a cemented bench, looking at the train that was standing in front of us, both lost in thoughts. I wonder what she was thinking; but for me it was an eye opener and my thoughts went thus…

Some people getting on the train
Some disembarking
Some laughing as their dear one alighted
Some crying seeing their dear one go

One lost in thoughts….
One looking for adventure
One wanting it all to stop….

What an amazing sight …. Different people, different destinations.

Then with a sudden flash an insight was revealed, “LIFE IS LIKE THIS”

Like a train, while Life is moving towards its destination, some people come into it while others move away; situations come up and dissolve on their own. Everything from love to business is there…taking us up and down like a roller coaster ride, and in all this….We FORGET… where we came from or where we are headed to.

We also forget that this journey will come to an end and we have to get off the train at some point. We think we are here to stay. Everything we own is ours forever.  FOREVER?

During this journey of life what is it that we achieved? How many friends did we make on this train called life? How many people did we help? How many smiles did we share? How many tears did we wipe?

Is there anything we did at all? Did we make a difference???

Or did we just take the free ride on the train…….

All these thoughts were spinning in my head and making me dizzy. My first thought was, “How come I am living such a hollow life? Is it worth living like this? Is there anything I can do to enrich my life?”

This was the start of my journey for seeking the truly worthwhile in Life and I found ‘The Art of Living” or rather The Art of Living landed on my lap. Thanks to the Art of Living, I started doing what I wanted to – Making a difference in my life.

And what a difference I made!

What about you? Are you waiting for something to land in your lap? Well, we can’t be lucky all the time. Just go beyond the outer façade and start living life totally and completely.

~~ Author Mallika Krishna co-ordinates the free schools project of the Art of Living



12 Responses to “Learning Art of Living at Railway Station”

  1. Lalita

    The comparison done by the author Mallika Krishna is very good , our life with the train. I think we all should think what is it that we achieved? How many friends have we made on this train called life? How many people did we help? How many smiles did we share? How many tears did we wipe?




  2. mkailkhura

    Very nicely written. Mallika has shared very valuable insights into life. For seekers of Truth, Art of Living has provided the much needed meaning and direction to life. Yes, it is really making a big diffference.

  3. Meenakshi

    Dear Mallika, This article is simple and crisp and very authentic in its communication. In fact it echoes my thoughts.These are profound questions that i have started asking myself and I feel my life has become enriching. I too like you have been lucky enough to do the Art of Living program. My life has changed after that :-)Thank you so much.Simply beautiful.

  4. Anonymous

    Well said Mallika ,,,agree with u …Life-everyone has their story n its true we need to make a difference in people’s life …

  5. montoo bassi

    Someting about the train…. people enter as complete strangers and leave as best freinds…


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