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Ganesha is the remover of obstacles, the deity whom worshipers first acknowledge when they visit a temple. He is the Lord of new beginnings and the granter of boons. The 11 day long Ganesh utsav is a reminder that Ganesh affirms life by celebrating in it’s pleasures and beauty.

Let us decode the 25th, 26th and the 27th form of Ganesha today.

Rinamochana Ganapati



Rinamochana Ganapati is the 25th form of Ganesha and is known to liberate humanity from the locks of guilt and bondage. He has four arms and holds noose, a goad, his broken tusk and his favourite fruit – the rose apple. He is believed to have alabaster skin and is dressed in red silken robes. He is the ruler of the Purva Ashadha Nakshatra.

The mantra to revere Rinomochana Ganapati is:

पसांगसोउ दांता जम्बू दधाना स्पटिका प्रभा,

रक्ताम्सको गणपतिर मूढस्यध रूना मोचकi.


Pasangusou dantha jambu dadhana spatika prabha,
Rakthamsuko Ganapathir mudhesyadh runa mochaka.




Let the Ganapathi of crystal colour dressed in red holding rope, goad and rose apple.
Happily remove all my bondage and loans.

Dhundi Ganapati:




Dhundi Ganapati is the most sought after Ganesha as he helps his devotees to attain moksha through spiritual studies. He is the 26th form of Ganapati and the ruler of the Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra. He has four arms. His hands hold the single tusk, the rosary of ‘rudraksha beeds’, the axe and the pot of jewels believed to represent the treasure of spiritual awakening.

The shloka associated with Dhundi Ganapati is:


अक्षमालाम कुटाराम रत्ना पथराम स्वादनथकं,

देते करैर विघ्न रजो दंडी नामा मुढ़ेसतून.


Akshmaalaam kutaaram cha rathna pathram swadanthakam,
Dathe karair vighna rajo dundi nama mudhesthuna.



The dispeller of obstacles, who is called Dundi,
Holding a rosary, sword, pot of gems and his own tusk is joyfully sought after.


Dvimukha Ganapati:



The 27th form of Ganesha is the Dvimukha Ganapati and he is the ruler of the Shravana nakshatra. Dvimukha – meaning ‘two faced’ is s unique form of Ganesha having two divergent faces which can sees in all four directions. He has a blue-green hue and is seen dressed in red. Adorned with a bejewelled crown he has four arms and holds a noose, goad, his tusk and a pot of gems in them.


The Dvimukha Ganapati Mantra is:


स्वदंता पसांगूसा रत्ना पथराम, करैर दधानो हरिनीलगरा गथरा,

रक्ताम्सको रत्ना किरीट माली भूत्यै सदा मई द्विमुखो गणेशा.


SWadantha pasangusa rathna pathram , karair dadhano Harineelagra gathra,
Rakthamsuko rathna kireeta mali bhoothyai sadaa may dwimukho Ganesa.




I salute always for my sake the Ganesa who has two faces, who is bluish green and wears red cloth and wearing a garland a red crown, And holds in his hand, His own tusk, rope goad, pot of gems.



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