Sakshi – Part-II


Sakshi – Part-I 

During the morning session, Gurudev had told that everyone should write something. He said, unless you use your creativity, it will not blossom. You should write your experiences, write about knowledge. Guruji said how he had told one of his teachers to write about his experiences regarding ‘Art of Living’. That teacher had no experience of writing but his book turned out to be extremely popular. It got translated into many languages.

By evening many creative writers were born. Gurudev had to patiently bear with the new born creativity of the course participants. Some of the creations were extremely good but some were plain childish but Gurudev listened to everyone with the same attention and love.

Next day Gurudev himself conducted the morning Yoga and Sadhana session. Everyone was pleasantly surprised and happy. He came sharp at 6:00 am. The way he conducted Yoga was hilarious. It was an amazing experience. Short Sudarshan Kriya with Gurudev himself doing the kriya with participants was an experience beyond words.

During evening Satsang, Guruji again led everyone through another round of Sakshi meditation. Someone asked Guruji, “We can have inner peace by directing our awareness inside. How wonderful it would have been, if the outside problems would also disappear just by directing our attention to those problems.” Gurudev said, “Pahle andar to sab thik karlo; bahar ke problems to sirf Gabbarsing hai!” (First set right the things inside, the outside problems are just like an imaginary bogeyman).

On next day, Gurudev shared a beautiful story about the ‘night watchman’. When Gurudev was 23-24 years old, he was given enormous responsibility but there was no authority to get the things done. There were the numerous problems but things were not happening the way Gurudev wanted. When Gurudev used to bless others their problems were getting solved, but his own problems were not getting resolved. One day, due to so many unresolved problems, he was unable to sleep in the night. He decided to take a walk outside. He saw the night shift watchman standing at the entrance of the Ashram gate doing his duty. Gurudev stood behind a nearby tree and kept watching. The watchman was stopping each and every vehicle passing through the gate and patiently noting down the details. Gurudev thought, “Main bhi watchman ban jata hun….” (Let me also become like this watchman). The watchman was doing his job with total responsibility but at the same time he was not attached with any of the vehicles passing through the gate. He was just a witness to the events. Guruji told that, the next step beyond taking responsibility is to be a witness. Take total responsibility, put your 100% in whatever needs to be done but at the same time be a witness to all that is happening.

Taking ‘responsibility’ and being a ‘witness’ appear to be totally opposite things but in fact they complement each other. The burden of ‘doer-ship’ which comes with responsibility gets dissolved by ‘witness consciousness’ and one gets more energy for work. Witness consciousness also gives the sharpened awareness and intellect needed for skilfully executing the jobs.




Some of the precious pearls of wisdom shared by Gurudev during the course are –

  1. Gurudev said, “Save your mind and use your brain ….usually we save our brain and use our mind.”… Mind is full of likes, dislikes, desires and all the garbage. When our life is guided by mind rather than by intellect, we land into problems. When our decisions are based on intellect rather than our likes and dislikes, we become successful in life.
  2. The moments of disrespect are the moments where your true qualities shine forth. When someone insults you, just observe what is happening inside you. How you react at these moments of disrespect shows your true nature.
  3. Become angry only if it is going to give some good result. Use anger as a tool only if it is required. Don’t get consumed by anger.
  4. In meditation only three things bother you ….your ego, intellect and desires. If you are able to freeze these things you can meditate. If you are able to let go of your ego, intellect and desires while meditating, then only you can meditate.
  5. वैराग्य क्या है? जो देखे हुए सुने हुए बात की तरफ तृष्णा न हो तो वो वैराग्य है। (When you don’t have any aversion or craving towards anything seen or heard, then that is dispassion.)
  6. कमलनयन मने क्या? पुरे कमल जैसे आँख हो लेकिन कुछ अंदर ना ले। ( What is the meaning of Kamalnayan? One whose eyes are fully open like a lotus – one who is fully aware – but at the same time he is not attached with anything seen or heard.)

Those seven days with Gurudev were filled with lot of insights, meditations, wisdom, Satsang, fun and happiness. Finally the day to go back arrived. With a heavy heart I bid adieu to the Ashram. The course came to an end but this beautiful journey on the path shown by Gurudev continues.


II Jai Guru Dev II

-Sanjay Sabnis



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Sanjay Sabnis


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