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What a blessing to be born a woman! Especially when we have a spiritual Master like Sri Sri to  guide  us  in harnessing our innate virtues, the process  of evolution to perfection becomes a cake  walk!  As I keep repeating, a woman’s life is a music of many leaves. Idealists by nature, we women know instinctively how to balance the heart and head. Sharp intellect, timely wisdom, tender loving care, fortitude, courage, patience, perseverance, faith  define a woman.  Such virtues bring harmony in her life as well as in the life of others associated with her. Again, what a blessing to be born a woman!

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 Since childhood the story of ‘ Savitri ‘ has had a deep impact on my psyche.  A young and beautiful princess who stood by her ‘love’ knowing very well that death was imminent to him. That young princess preferred  loyalty to her heart against taking an easy way out. What a character! She embodies the quintessence of womanhood!

For those of you uninitiated to one of the most beautiful legends in the epic Mahabharata, ‘Savitri’, let me give a brief outline of the story.  Savitri was the only daughter of Madra’s wise king. She grew into a marvelous beauty. Her father constantly worried about finding a suitable match for her.

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Toru Dutt, one of the Indo- Anglian poetry writers , describes  how in those ancient days girls had the freedom to choose their life partner. I will quote Toru throughout as she is one of my favourites. She says Savitri lived in “those far off primeval days” of  Indian history when women were not “pent in closed zenanas”. Savitri, wanders  around cornfields for months looking for her choice of a husband  and spots a handsome youth that “the eye was loth to quit”.

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Having made her choice, she goes back to her mother and confides her feelings. She in turn goes to her husband and Narada Muni to check whether Savitri has made the right decision. Narada Muni, a sage who knows the past, present and future  predicts that the youth, Satyavan, chosen by Savitri, would die exactly after a year. Savitri, unheeding the pleas to choose an other one, utters these beautiful words;

Once, and once only,  have  I given
My heart and faith- its past recall


Such fortitude and steadfastness is what makes Savitri  a shining example of womanhood. Regardless of her personal comfort, the princess carries out her household duties to perfection. Lovingly tending to the needs of her blind parents in law who have lost their kingdom, Savitri exemplifies the role of a life partner.

After a year of happy and devoted married life  in the hermitage of Satyavan, the dreadful day of Satyavan’s death dawns. Savitri, hiding her foreboding, engages herself in prayers.


Yama, the God of Death, comes Himself to fetch Satyavan’s life. Because of her purity and chastity, Savitri could actually see Him!  She follows Him to the other side of the world through the most difficult path with effortless ease. Questioned by Yama, why she is bent on following him, she simply says, “It is your duty to  take back life and it is my duty to follow my husband. You do your duty and let me do mine” .

The constancy and devotion of Savitri impels Yama to grant her  three boons of her choice. Here is the crux of the whole thing. Even though the intention of Savitri in following Yama was to get back her husband’s life, she shows the timely wisdom to first ask for restoration of eyes and lost kingdom of her parents in law. Then , asks for sons  to her father so that the generation continues. Thus she upholds family values.


 As a third boon, she asks Yama to grant her one  hundred sons which He does totally enormoured by Savitri’s perseverance!  At this grant of the third boon, she counters Yama with utmost humility and respect.

“How can a chaste woman like me bear one hundred sons without my husband?” Totally baffled, Yama gives back the life of Satyavan brimming with admiration at Savitri ‘s skill and humility. The princess lives happily ever after. To this day Savitri lives in the hearts of the people of India. Toru Dutt writes

As for Savitri, to this day
Her name is named, when couples wed,
And to the bride the parents say,
Be thou like her, in heart and head

Skill is essential to achieve our goals. Firmness coupled with skill and humility can overcome all impediments and let us live in harmony to celebrate life. May we women recognize the same  virtues that Savitri  possessed inside all of us and make our life sublime.

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  1. Wow. “sati savitri” had begun to take on an almost negative connotation thanks to films & media that portrayed such women as regressive and submissive doormats.

    Thank you for revealing the truth, strength, and beauty behind these fabled characters.

    The one question that remains in my mind though is:

    “wanders around cornfields for months looking for her choice of a husband and spots a handsome youth that ‘the eye was loth to quit’.”

    That sentence makes it sound like Savitri’s choice was dictated by looks alone. I can’t help but feel that, if true, that’s a very shallow basis for such a huge decision, especially for a woman as mature as Savitri is portrayed to be. Could you please shed more light on what made Savitri choose Satyavan?

    Sasha M

  2. Dear Sasha, i just saw your comment.
    As a woman, I know we go by ‘Gut feeling’. I presume Savitris heart recognized her soulmate.
    However Toru dutt was a young and ailing girl in early 20s. Lets attribute this emphasis on looks alone to her tender age while composing.

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