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Figs 250 gms
Apricot 250 gms
Black Dates 250 gms
Almonds 100 gms
Pista ( unsalted) 100 gms
Cucumber seeds 100 gms
Sunἀower seeds 100 gms
Pumpkin seeds 100 gms
Melon seeds 100 gms
Walnut 100 gms
Chironji 50 gms
Nutmeg 3 no.(pieces)
Cardamom 25 gms
Saffron 2 pinch

Finely chop figs, black dates and apricot. Grind almond, pista, cucumber, sunflower, pumpkin, melon seeds, walnut, chironji, cardamom and nutmeg bring to a mix and kneed into a dough. Make small lemon size balls. This is best suited for health when consumed every morning with a glass of warm milk, for pregnant and lactating women.

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