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On Monday the 17th of December 2012, my husband and I hit a jackpot! We had just come out of Rudra Puja and were having breakfast in the Annapoorna Dining Hall at Art of Living International Ashram  when Naga Nandini ji, a senior Art of Living teacher from Mysore, bumped into us and said, “let’s hurry. It seems Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji is calling all the teachers and senior sadhaks present in Bangalore Ashram for a meeting”.

We rushed to Mahaveer Hall on the first floor of Vishalakshi Mantap, and found it already jam packed with Art of Living teachers.

Dr. Divya said, “grab some cushions for lying down”. I looked at her quizzically and said, “lying down?  During a meeting with Gurudev?”

“There will be a new process”, she said quietly.

Instantly it flashed through my mind that a year back Gurudev had said that something new was coming. Would Sri Sri be sharing the “new” gift now? I took my place and waited with excitement.

shakti kirya at Bangalore Ashram

After a few minutes Sri Sri walked in, majestically, brimming with energy. With the irrepressible enthusiasm of a child, He led us through the unimaginably powerful “Shakti Kriya”, in the first ever session. Bhanu Didi resplendent in an orange saree looking like Shakti Herself participated along with all us. Swamijis, senior teachers and the stalwarts — Vinod Menonji, Dr Manikantan and Dr Nisha – everyone was part of the privileged group to experience the first session of Shakti Kriya with Gurudev.

Kashi ji and Brijit ji assisted Gurudev during the process. Feeling totally new and purified after the Shakti Kriya, I looked at the faces of others. Some exuded calmness, some exuberance and some more a mix of both.

art of living blog shakti
Gurudev asked us to share our experiences. Swami Brahmatej said, “I felt like something took over me, I was floating in the air. I feel so light now”. Shreya Art Excel TTC teacher said, ” I feel  some kind of new Shakti  in my body”. Channaveera ji, a full time teacher with a squint in the left eye said ” I felt intense vibration in my left eye and left eye brow. The experience was more powerful than my first Sudarshan Kriya.”

Another teacher said, “I have so much energy that I want to break something very heavy!” Gurudev looked at my husband and he said ” Gurudev, I feel totally empty. My head has no thoughts at the moment.” How lucky to experience a state of thoughtlessness! I look at him with envy.

Shakti Kriya at Bangalore Ashram

Sameer Mehta said that he felt like dancing non stop. Nakul said he felt so light that he was sure that he could fly.

Another teacher shared that in just a few minutes of Shakti Kriya, he experienced the deep rejuvenation and silence of an Art of Living Advanced Meditation Course.

As for me, I felt like this vehicle, my body had gone through a supersonic wash and then fed with fuel of Shakti!  After the Shakti Kriya, my seva has became more powerful, my intuition sharper, love and compassion more tender, my faith stronger, and gratitude deeper. I feel a deeper sense of connectedness with enhanced energy flow, joy, dynamism, commitment and creativity.

Vinod Menonji  in his inimitable playful manner asked,”Gurudev, when do we come for a follow up?” On that note we came out of Vishalakshi Mantap, the beautiful meditation hall at Bangalore Ashram. The Sun was shining brighter, breeze was cooler, flowers more pretty. On the whole the world  seemed  a much more beautiful place after the Shakti Kriya!

If you have not yet had the opportunity to participate in this beautiful process led by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, here are the dates for upcoming Shakti Kriya sessions.


Art of Living International Ashram, Bangalore : 
10-11 Aug, 17-18 Aug, 29-30 Aug 2013

Eligibility – Two part 2 programs

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51 Responses to “Shakti Kriya with Sri Sri”

  1. Sainaa

    Dear Guruji,
    When in Mongolia Shakti kriya? Think very soon 🙂
    Love you.

  2. Ursala

    Dear Gurudev,
    When we can learn this powerful Shakti Kriya in Malaysia? We have been waiting for your grace. Thank you so much. Love you. JGD.

    Best regards,

  3. meenasapra

    Is it possible to do in udaipur (rajasthan).We also want to do,but not possible to come to Banglore.

  4. Clsudia Sánchez

    Dear Guruji. Could we have Shakti Kriya in Argentina soon? It’s my 50th birthday on 28rh March this year and Im wating for a present, your Grace present that is a beautiful course with you and al least a short talk to you somewhere you are in spite I know you are everywhere:-). I’ ll be wating for your Grace. Love you so much.

  5. Shweta

    Dear Guru ji,
    I feel glad after reading the experiences of shakti kriya.i have just started feeling the experiences of sudarshan kriya.its amazing..i wish one day I’ll learn shakti kriya as well.

  6. Sudarsan Sridhar

    It was real beautiful process. Gave me the experience of how powerful I indeed was.

  7. sohini

    Its just wonderful!!!….God is always pampering us so much…thank u Guruji:-)

  8. pratibha

    Love you Guruji.. <3 <3 will do shakti kriya soon 🙂 thanku so very much *G*

  9. Madhavanji

    Dear Gurudev,
    First you chose me for the Part-1, then AMC’s, then DSN then Pre-TTCs and TTC, made me a torch bearer of your Ultimate Knowledge on this planet; And now again you chose me for the Shakti Kriya and in Maha Shivarathri you gave me New Sudarshan Kriya with the chakras of my body activated, so that I can do seva much better, with Shakti & Bhakti, and finally in this path I will reach my Mukti, with your grace dear Guruji;
    Pranaams at your lotus feet,
    Madhavanji @ Pollachi, T.N

    • rinki

      jai Gurudev,
      It is so wonderful to read this .Very soon I m going to participate Art Of Living Part 1. I egar to know ..want to learn bhajan. hopefully my little one will also go later 🙂

  10. Usha jain

    I’m thrilled reading about shakti kriya.
    Waiting for my chance.
    Guruji thank you for every thing you have given me, you are very kind to me. Love you.

  11. subs

    Its a great process, though in the beginning I didn’t feel anything, there was a profound change in all my attitude, energy level and attention towards all activities. I love you sooooo much guruji

    Jai Gurudev

  12. Chhavi Methi

    I want to do shakti kriya …… Wish something happens soon in Delhi .

    All thanks to Guruji for giving us such wonderful experiences ….. :-))

  13. Abhinav Kapri

    Jgdv Guruji.
    There is so much talk of the new technique Shakti Kriya these days, but i feel we have already been given so much already like Sudarshan Kriya, Homa, Sahaj Samadhi meditation, Padma Sadhna, Surya namaskars etc that i feel that we could do so much to improve our daily sadhna…. still u come with a totally new technique and amaze the most advanced of meditators (as mentioned in the article), and am wondering that how can a new process be as gud as the experience of the first Sudarshan Kriya…. yet the product is yours so …..wat can one say….:)
    Just keep us at your Lotus feet my dear Master 🙂

  14. rajesh gandhi

    Jai Gurudev,
    I want to do this Shakti Kriya so when can i do it I have done somany Part one couse DSN Part II course more then 7 time so i am eligable for this shakti kriya Jai Gurudev

  15. Leela

    Thank you all for your response. Let’s keep inspiring one another on this path. Sanghachatvam.

  16. brahadeeshwaran

    when could we learn it in Chennai ? we are waiting hopefully for this!

  17. babita shroff

    i want to learn shakti kriya…… guruji pl.bless me something happens @ home and i get some
    physical supprt…so that i can also do ….guruji this is my prayer to you……

  18. Dr Reeta Biliangady

    Dear gurudev
    i have surrendered to you totally.I have offered every breath of mine to you.I leave it to you to decide on when to call me for Shaktj Kriya.I can never ever express my Gratitude to you adequately in this life.

  19. Achyut Raj Acharya

    Jay Gurudev!

    I am also eager to do Shakti Kriya. Guruji! Kindly bless me!

  20. Kuldeep Mathur

    Reading the comments of blessed first timers,the Shakti Kriya seems to be Gurujee`s brilliant Yogic fitness solution.
    Cherishing for His grace & blessings

  21. Jayesh Sangani

    Jai Gurudev !!!
    Thank you Guruji for your precious gift. It was a superb experience, i was totally thougtless after first Shakti Kriya n could walk freely as my knee pain which was troubling me from last few years was completely vanished ….
    Once again Thank you for giving me a new life…
    Awaiting to welcome you at BASTAR DEAR GURUJI ..

  22. sachin j. patil

    Eagerly waiting for my turn to do shakti kriya. Bless me guruji at the earliest.

  23. sindhu

    After reading all these comments and experiences various other people…I pray Guruji’s grace and blessings for the day I do all these courses and experience it myself…and ofcourse share it with others.waiting for ur blessings Guruji……..

  24. ddamayanti prasaddamayanti prasad

    jgd, main shakti kriya sikhana chahati hui. pls bless me.


    Jai Gurudev

    I urgently need the Shakti Kriya. Let me wait when I will be blessed.


    With the Guruji’s blessing I could attend the Shakti Kriya at Ashram on 13-14th March. It was amazing experience in of a few minutes kriya. Mind become calm & quite.. well controlled.. Endless Energy.. No tiredness after extra hard work. But when will Gurudev bless us to do at home ?

  27. Pralhad L.Kulkarni

    Jai Guru Dev!

    With the Blessings of Guruji completed Shakti Kriya at Montreal Ashram, Canada on April 12 & 13. It was an amazing experience. First day was little hard but second day felt like flying and filled with enormous energy.

    • RRRRRRr

      I was blessed to attend Shakthi Kriya sessions at Boone,North Carolina with Poojya Gurudev (April 5-8th)..Since then I’m noticing,my Blood Pressure Levels went down from 138/81 to 127/78..and I feel very calm and energized..

  28. Rajesh GopinathanRRRRrrr

    I was blessed to attend Shakthi Kriya sessions at Boone,North Carolina with Poojya Gurudev (April 5-8th)..Since then I’m noticing,my Blood Pressure Levels went down from 138/81 to 127/78..and I feel very calm and energized..

  29. jitendra kanungo

    I am lucky. Today going to do Shakti Kriya
    At ashram …… JGD



  31. sandhya rani

    guruji please me to come out of my financial problems and give me good health

  32. dr pramod tyagi

    I did the SHAKTI KRIYA on 31 August 2013 & 01 September.2013. On my very first day I felt as though I have just undergone a part II (advanced meditation) course.

  33. ABHAY

    I did the SHAKTI KRIYA on 1 jun 2013.After SHAKTI KRIYA I felt I was at the place of lord VISHNU ! In the heaven…

  34. Rakesh Fofandi

    Waiting for Guruji the almighty to bless us on 30-31st October at Ahmedabad.JGD.


    feel blessed to be the part of AOL family. Please advise me when Shakti Kriya will be in Delhi

  36. Alka Vaghela

    nice experience!!
    thanks for sharing!!
    i will also do skakti kriya..

  37. Anurag

    Very thankful for gurudev for making me experience the shakti and giving me such a wonderful experience.Feeling I’m cleansed totally.

  38. Shikha shree

    I want to do sakti kriya in Delhi…I m there in Delhi from 6 to 14 August it possible. Please help me .jai Gurudev

  39. Shikha shree

    I m coming to India in month of July, ,New Delhi. I like to attend shakti kriya please suggest date and location in Delhi


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