Certain ancient healing remedies advocated in Ayurveda have the communion of beauty and relaxation from deep within the body, and on the face and skin levels. One such technique is the Shirodhara.


Shirodhara is the process of running a fine stream of warm sesame oil on the “third eye” area of the forehead (eyebrow center) for a period of approximately half an hour. Classically, it was used for the relief of pain and stress.


Stimulation of the “ Third eye” area affects deep centers in the brain that release brain chemicals; one of which is serotonin, a chemical that gives us the feeling of pleasure and relaxation. It also sets free the subtle energy channels situated along the spine that calm and clear the mind. This procedure cannot be done on your own. It requires at least one other person to carry out the procedure for the person undergoing the process. The oils used can vary from person to person, based on one’s prakruti. The benefits are best when matched with one’s gunas as per an ayurvedic practitioner’s opinion.

Steps involved in Shirodhara:

  1. Give a facial massage. Apply warm oil on the face in deliberate strokes massaging the face
  2. With a rolled towel placed below the neck; lie down towards the edge of the table. Arrange a bowl on the floor to catch the oil.
  1. Position the funnel or stand so that the tip of the funnel will allow the oil to drip on the “third eye” area in the middle of the forehead. Check and ensure that the oil is not too hot for the person receiving it.
  2. Release the valve on the funnel so that a continuous fine stream of oil drips on the third eye” area, then flows over the forehead through the hair along the midline of the head and then falls into the bowl. There are energy centers on the top of the head that correspond to the seven energy wheels or chakras on the midline of the body. Warm oil flows over these areas of the head, calms and balances the energies in the body thus relieving pain and stress.
  3. Refill the funnel with the rest of the oil when the funnel is half empty. If the procedure is to be done for a longer period, ensure that the oil is warmed again. When the funnel is empty, wipe off the excess oil from forehead and ask the person to move slowly. It is useful to suggest that the person remains calm and stress free as long as possible.


  1. Opens and soothes the face and forehead.
  2. Trapped energy is released throughout the body.
  3. Clears the mind and enables clear decision making with ability to assimilate information available.
  4. It is extensively useful in hair and scalp related problems.
  5. A deep relaxation process that is extremely stress-relieving.




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