Shiv Sutras.

  1. Everyone of us has experienced happiness sometimes in past. The Nature of mind is to hold on to Negative things keeping Positive things aside. And the Art of moving ahead with positive things has been described in “Shiv Sutras”
  2. The first sutra is . That with which every particle of universe is made up of is called “Consciousness”. If we want to have “Self-Realization” then we will have to become aware about “the power of consciousness”.
  3.  A person who is awake also has consciousness and a person who is sleeping also has consciousness but difference between both of them is the consciousness is “awakened in the person who is awake”.
  4. Every particle of this Universe has “Consciousness” in it but it is awakened somewhere whereas somewhere it’s in idle state. Knowing this person can attain Self-realization.
  5. All these gymnastics of Sadhana – Kriya – Yagyas is to awake the consciousness in you.
  6. Next sutra is . We understand or grasp knowledge through “Words”. But sometimes the collective form of knowledge or words itself takes form of Ego and disturbs us so that time what shall we do?
  7. If there is anything that is bothering you then it cannot be a single “Word” it would be a “Sentence”.
  8. Then it is said that from “Sentence” you break up “Words” one by one and focus on them.
  9. That is where power of “Chanting” comes.”
  10. When we move from “Sentence” to “Words” and focus on our energy plexus in body then mind calms down.
  11. Next sutra is . Our mind and body has opposite perspectives. The body becomes sturdy when you do gymnastics or effort whereas mind becomes strong when you relax more and more.
  12. We usually say “Let it happen at God’s Will” but this is not true. We will have to make the EFFORT and then RELAX.
  13. When we give our 100% in to any work we are doing then the (rest) happens automatically which gives you a glimpse of “Samadhi”. Here the effort could be “Worldly” or “Spiritual” anything.
  14. When you are unhappy do some effort, do some Sadhana, Seva and Satsang.
  15. Next Sutra is .
    There are three kinds of state: “Awake state”, “Dreaming state”, “Sleeping state”. The state in which we are neither Awake nor Sleeping or Dreaming is called Turiyavastha or a state of “Highest Samadhi”. That is called “Shiva Consciousness”.
  16. Thus Shiva cannot be found in “Kailash” it is in-between state of all other three states.





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