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This Shivratri all eyes are set on the unveiling of the Phase 1 of the breath-takingly beautiful amphi-theatre at Art of Living Bangalore Ashram – THE GURU PADUKAVANAM.

Art of Living Shivratri - GPV Ph 1


Shivratri - Guru Paduka Ph 1



Art of Living blog - GPV Artof Living Blog - Shivratri

The Guru Paduka Vanam is designed in the shape an open amphi theatre in the shape of Gurudev’s Paduka with a capacity to accommodate two lakh people. The architecture is based on Vedic Concepts of beautiful gardens (vanam), which provide shelter and nourishment to a seeker on his spiritual journey.

The Complete Layout of Guru Paduka Vanam amphi-theatre coming up at Art of Living Bangalore Ashram seems to be a  bewitchingly beautiful drawing of the Paradise.


GPV-1 plan layout

Various kinds of trees will be planted in the garden based on their spiritual significance and  connections with subtle energies. Meditating under these trees will be a spiritual treat!

Art of Living Shivratri - GPV Anand Setu


The Guru Sarovara slated to come up during the next phase of Guru Paduka Vanam will probably be the most refreshing spot of the Greek acropolis style rock cut amphi theatre. The steps leading to the pond will be built on the lines of ancient temple architecture of India and and help in cleansing a persons energy.

GPV and Guru saroovara

A view of the Vaikuntha Stage is the prefect appellation for this beautiful stage set amidst the back drop of the heavenly Guru Sarovar. Planning a celebration in Vedic style? Hold on till the making of Vaikuntha for this is the place!

GPV and Vaikuntha stage

Many more surprises are on the cards. But we have revealed too many already! Now it’s time for shshshsh…. some silence.


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Date : 10th March
Time : 8:00 pm (IST) onwards
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