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Science and Spirituality are not two separate entities. They are two sides of the same coin says Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji (Can be followed on

SSIOC – Simple Solutions for Inner and Outer Climate Change is a yeomen project that has been initiated by Sri Sri Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology Trust dedicated to tackle climate change with a spiritual perspective.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Simple Solutions for Inner and Outer Climate Change summit

It is always observed that whenever we are upset, we never keep our surroundings clean. Whereas, when we have a guest who is very close to our hearts at home, we keep our home very clean and tidy. This might be like any usual routine of our life, but it signifies how inner transformation is essential to impact our environment.

Lets take another example, in forests, which is a habitat of the animals which have inner purity, we cant find a single corpse lying around. The nature keeps its surroundings clean and tidy because the habitants of the forest are pure from within.

Off late, we have been spending millions of rupees to tackle the climate change problem by conducting innumerous summits and conferences. But ultimately all of them fail. When we ponder the reasons out, we can arrive at a conclusion that, it is because of the hot headed and narrow minded politicians. Politicians ultimately focus on political borders rather than focussing on the issue as a whole.

As our Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar says, climate has no political borders. A storm that originates in the South india ultimately strikes Orissa which is politically unrelated to the place of origin totally. Similarly the ill effects of the environmental pollution would also affect the places which are not connected to the site of the activity.

Simple Solutions for Inner and Outer Climate Change Summit by The Art of Living

We need to raise the level of sattva in our life and radiate positive energy so that we can keep our surroundings clean. If you visit the tribal villages of Jharkhand and Chhatisgarh you will be surprised to find that they maintain their localitiy so clean. This could be because their inner self is very clean and uncomplicated.

Whereas people who wield power have corrupt minds and an impure self hence create a havoc in both the country as well as in welfare schemes that contribute to the environmental ordinances.Instead, if all the citizens of our country do bring about a purity in personal and community life through sadhana, seva & satsang, we can achieve a cleaner and greener nation.

 With Love and Regards
Aravind Soundararajan



3 Responses to “Spiritual Dimension to Climate Change problem”

  1. jigyasu

    Going back to the basics is the only way ahead – as beautifully pointed out by you.

  2. aparazzi

    One of a favourite sayings by ‘anonymous’:

    “Let each one sweep in front of his own house, the whole world will be clean.”


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