“Bhagvad Gita has the depth of the Ocean & the vastness of the Sky. Drops in the ocean and stars in the sky are not enough in comparison to the Knowledge in the Gita. Don’t think the Gita got over long time ago. It’s still going on everyday in each and every person’s life.”  Sri Sri during Day 1 of Gita Gyan on 14th Nov 2012, Baroda

“When you try to subdue sex energy, anger comes. Even if sex is satisfied, anger will still come. Sex brings anger, anger brings attachments (moha). You simply cannot forget the one(s) you are attached to. A person entangled in attachments forgets who he is. His intellect gets destroyed and he becomes closed to everything and becomes  miserable.”  Sri Sri during Day 1 of Gita Gyan Day on 14th Nov 2012, Baroda

Gita Gyan from Sri Sri – Day 2



11 Responses to “Gita Gyan from Sri Sri – Day 1”

  1. pranav desai

    Best part about Guruji’s discourses are that they are so very simple for a layman to understand.

  2. Peak Wan

    What a beautiful backdrop! amazing decor. How do we get to listen or read the whole discourse?

  3. Vidyesh

    One more time, live Geeta Gyan from the lord himself. How blessed are we? – can’t be expressed in words.


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