When Sri Sri met Indira Gandhi


Throughout human history, many saints, prophets and visionaries have demonstrated an ability to foresee the future. While their lives attest to the fact that the power to sense and know amplifies substantially with evolution of consciousness, strangely, premonitions mostly make sense only in hindsight.

Most premonitions do not make sense when they are first revealed. This was the case when Sri Sri Ravi Shankar met Indira Gandhi in 1984, an eventful year for India in many ways. The government of India had organized the first Buddhist Conference inviting the prominent political, religious and spiritual luminaries of the day.

sri sri meets indira gandhi

Indira Gandhi, India’s only woman Prime Minister, was a strong willed leader with extraordinary political acumen. Instead of toeing the lines of established power blocks led by Western and Middle Eastern nations, she sought to create a new power bloc in the East – the Buddhist bloc. The World Buddhist Conference was a part of this bold vision.

sri sri ravi shankar.art of living blog

Though invited, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, still in his twenties, was reluctant to go. Indu Jain, the Chairperson of India’s leading media house, persuaded Sri Sri to attend the conference along with her.

As they entered the Conference Hall, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi approached and greeted the young saint. It was the month of September and General Elections were due. The Prime Minister’s face was shadowed with worries. As they were talking, Sri Sri had a very disturbing flash – he would not meet Mrs. Gandhi again. He told her to be careful with people around her.

Indira Gandhi had a deep interest in spirituality. Often, she would take part in Rudrabhishek performed at the house of Kamalapati Tripathi, her trusted lieutenant and a senior Congress leader.

The brief meeting with Mrs Gandhi loomed large on Sri Sri’s mind as a precursor to ominous forebodings. In India, people often approach saints for predictions about the future. With elections round the corner, a few people asked Sri Sri, “Will Indira Gandhi win?” They were surprised at his reply, “I don’t see her anywhere in the elections.”

This was not the first time that the young monk had said things that made them shake their heads in disbelief. In those days, the groups around him were smaller, but young Sri Sri would often say that millions of people were waiting for him around the world and he would meet them soon. It didn’t make any sense and his words were not taken seriously.

Sri Sri foresaw terrible things happening in the country. It was disturbing and he wanted to do something to stop the tragedy about to engulf the PM and thousands of people. But who would believe a young sanyasi without a concrete proof for an intuitive vision? He kept his thoughts to himself.

Upon his return to Bangalore, Sri Sri met an elderly saint and astrologer who confirmed his premonition. Hoping to avoid the calamity by the force of his sadhana, he went into 10 days of silence and meditation. The last time he had done this, the Sudarshan Kriya had been unveiled. However, before he came out of silence this time, Indira Gandhi was assassinated, the anti-Sikh riots had started and thousands of innocent people were being massacred.

sri sri meets indira gandhi

Sri Sri has often said that the lines between premonition, vision and hallucination are blurred. One can easily be mistaken. When the dynamics of consciousness has not been comprehended, one can get trapped into the delusion of having acquired super natural powers.

Recently, a baba promised people that if they buy a black purse and keep it open during his program they would become wealthy with his blessings. Another baba made the archaeological department run helter-skelter after buried gold.

While believing blindly in such claims is certainly foolish, it is regressive to entirely deny the supernatural phenomena. The unknown facets of Consciousness can fascinate, surprise and reveal through the window of the supernatural.

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  1. This is no exaggeration… I have no words to express how nicely this article is written. Thanks for writing it. I’m going to share it far & wide. 🙂

  2. Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, three Great Sons of mother India lost their lives for India, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, for these another three Gandhi’s India is loosing its greatness. And for that only Guru-ji is trying by His Better India Movement.

    1. Jayanta Sen, the congress is the worst thing that could have ever happenned to India. 60 years of absolute misrule, misgovernance and corruption.

  3. Indeed,When Master Has a vision, It cant be nything else but TRUTH. We Are Blessed To have a living Master as SriSri on this planet and blessed to be Born In This Era ! Aho !!

  4. Hello there, can you please re-verify these facts, since it is said Guruji came up with Sudarshan Kriya in 1982 as opposed to 1984 mentioned in this article

    1. JGD.
      The article mentions that in 1984 he went into silence again to help people with all the bad things that were going to happen. But, before he came out of silence, Indira Gandhi had already been shot.

    2. Jgd! Please read the article carefully. It says this was the second time He went into silence. By this time the Sudarshan Kriya was already being taught by Guruji.

  5. Rightly put! I was told about a very interesting incident that happened in the nineties. When Sri Deve Gowda was the Chief Minister of Karnataka he visited the Art of Living Ashram to take blessings from Sri Sri. When Sri Deve Gowda enterted the meeting room, Gurudev looked at his assistants in the room and said, “bring a shawl for the Prime Minister.” At that time these words didn’t make any sense. Enlightened people speak so lightly and so people also take their words lightly. The words of prophecy and wisdom always strike us in the hindsight.

    1. what’s the point in these “self-made saints” having premonitions, predictions etc but not being able to stop tragedies or ill-effects? A bunch of self-proclaimed human gods around us are only adding more confusion to the already lost society. Let the creator of the Universe save us all from these elements.

    2. BS, any idea where’s the Malaysian Airlines jetliner that is carrying some 240 people gone missing? It’s suffocating, that at least the crash remains of the airplane are yet to be found.Can’t our god men and god women help? No sarcasm, am serious.

  6. I am blessed to have guru like Sri Sri.. Thank you guruji for being my master ..The entire planet is blessed by your presence.

  7. Really nice article. I will share it…
    Appreciate the respect Indiraji had for saints.
    Views of Gurudev about her is heart touching

  8. Jgd.
    I am a little curious. Guru ji said Indira Gandhi will not even be part of the elections and people were surprised at this. And then it says Guruji tried to stop this from happening. So, is it possible to stop the inevitable?

  9. extremely well written article!
    Often there is a prejudice in the mindset of many regarding the saints!
    This is a balanced expression of one of the most subtle topics!

  10. Sri Sri is the answer to all problems on this planet, he can foresee whatever is going to happen. We are really blessed to have him, Jai Gurudev!!!

  11. Recalling an incident that happpend few years ago:
    It was a beautiful evening with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Thousands of us were mesmerized by the presence of Pujya Gurudev. The stage was shared with a few dignitaries and to name mainly, the then Governor of Rajathan Mrs Pratibha Patil. After a few bhajans we were all waiting to hear Gurudev speak. Soon, he took the microphone and said “HMMMM..” and there was a loud applause from the crowd of thousands. He continued, “the President of India is sitting amongst us…” I was on the side and whispered, “Gurudev she is the Governor and not president…” He looked at me and gave a big smile. And as I was worrying about what will these thousands of people think? May be they will think it was a slip of the tongue… Gurudev again said that he would like the President to share few words. Again I whispered a correction and again there was this piercing smile with twinkling eyes. The month went by and within a month it was news that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the president of the Congress Government, has nominated Mrs Pratibha Patil for the presidential election and finally she was elected as the President. I truly believe in the remarkable foresight of Gurudev. Often His simple remarks come from a knowledge of the past, present and future. I am sure people who come to him and can understand his words will know that he is truly a saviour, and miracle is just another word in his presence. Pranams to my Sadguru.

  12. Gurudev’s every word carries wisdom and benevolence. My family was in shock and grief when the doctor told us that my sick mother will at most live for two more months. Sri Sri happened to be in Delhi at that time. I went with my brother to take his advice. Gurudev listened to us intently and said, “We will not give her any pain. Let her be on natural medicines and whatever will happen will be according to Nature’s course.” To our utter surprise when she went for check up after six months, walking on her own, the doctor admitted it was a miracle. It was a case of retarded growth of malignant tumour. She lived for almost a year after we met Gurudev and followed his advice. She did not go through any of the pain otherwise associated with her kind of illness and left very peacefully. Thank you Gurudev.

  13. Its no doubt that Indira Gandhi had a very impressive personality. I had met Mrs Gandhi in 1978 when she came to our flooded house in New Delhi in a boat. Even at that young age I was touched by the fact that the dirty flood waters did not deter her and she came in a boat to personally meet us all who were stranded and needed help.

  14. Jai Gurudev

    Guruji says there will be mega changes going to happen in 2014. Loksabha Elections ? Pl wait for the results..

  15. I remember the story Rekha Khunteta mentions above about Gurudev alluding to Pratibha Patil as the president before there was any scope of her becoming one, but the Deve Gowda story is not about SriSri but some Sattvic Sanyasi who by mistake refers to him as the PM. And since a man who has always spoken the truth says something, whatever he/she says will also become the Truth! Thats the power of a Soul who walks with ‘Satya’.

    In Indian tradition, the Kings would have Gurus as their advisors. If only the politicians today follow the advise of the wise Saints of our country, we can circumvent so many obstacles and progress faster with more harmony. ‘Heyam Dukham Anaaghatam’, the sorrow that is yet to come can also be averted. So a proper prayer for our times could be, ‘Sabko Sanmati De Bhagawan’ – May God grant everyone the right intelligence (to seek good counsel and follow it).

    1. Crisp and to the point. Very well written. No wonder every 2nd block on the west coast has a yoga centre as the westerners including the germans appreciate the true wealth from Indian seers and Saints

  16. We have also experienced Sri Sri miracle.Myself & my wife were not having reservaion in the train,but it was necessary to travel & journey was of whole night.We entered in the reserved compartment by thinking that we will ask TTE to do reservation for us.We found that two births were vaccant in that compartment & therefor by taking Sri Sri’s attention in mind we occupied these two births & thought that when TTE will come we will ask him to issue reservaion for us.We slept whole night but no TTE came & we peacefully travelled.So whenever you are in trouble,surrender the problem to Sri Sri & do your best what is in your hands.

  17. Yes, Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadipathi also said to Rajiv Gandhi to come and take his blessings before going to Sriperumbudur but that did not happen in the last minute. Great people will try to avoid disasters but what should happen, happens because of Karma.

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