Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Muzaffarnagar


Muzaffarnagar embraces Sri Sri’s call for patience & faith

Amidst political opportunism and vote-bank calculations, the only thing the victims of the recent communal riot in Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh are longing for is the healing touch and a message of peace. And that was exactly what spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar delivered during his visit to the riot-affected area on October 26, 2013.

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was embraced with equal anticipation by people from either side of the hostile communal conflict

sri sri in muzaffarnagar. art of living blogThe mood of the people was aptly summed up by Mohammed Asgar of Kawal Village. “Until now, nobody has come here to talk peace. Everybody comes here for their own vested interest. Today Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has brought solace and we are finally experiencing peace of mind.”

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The family members of Gaurav and Sachin, whose killing sparked off the riot or those of Shahnawaz, whose death, many believe, actually spiraled into a full-blown communal conflict, shared their pain with him and asked for his blessings to overcome the trauma. He advised them to have patience and not to lose faith in God. “Justice will be done. With God’s grace, things would be back to normal soon,” was his reassurance.

sri sri in of living blog

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar called upon the people of Muzaffarnagar to unitedly stand up against injustice. “Make Muzaffarnagar, Moohabatnagar (city of love).”  He added not only Hindus and Muslims, but also humanness was killed during riot. He emphasized the need for restoring mutual trust among the communities. “Peace and harmony is needed to ensure progress and development,” he said.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was pained by the deep mistrust and scars in both the communities. He regretted that interference of politicians, and failure of administration have caused colossal damage. But more than what he said, it was his presence that touched the people.

Sri Sri in Muzaffarnagar relief camp

“Visit from such personalities can bring back peace to Muzaffarnagar,” said Aftab. Seeing him, I could sense peace will return to Muzaffarnagar now,” added Muhammed Yusuf.  Suddenly, the hearts which have seen nothing but pain ever since the riot broke out last month opened up. In the midst of helplessness, they saw a saviour who would listen to their grief and do something about it.

“My son is gone, but I don’t want any further conflict,” said Salim, father of Shahnawaz. “We have lost two sons. They will never return. All we want is a fair CBI investigation,” shared Ravindra, father of Gaurav. In just a few minutes, the energy shifted from revenge to surrender.


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Given the extent of polarisation in the affected-areas, Sri Sri’s visit was a refreshingly fresh peace mission in itself. That a sane voice like that of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s was heard with anticipation by the people from the both sides of the divide provided hope for a lasting reconciliation between the Hindus and Muslims of Muzaffarnagar.


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  1. Guruji your presence really heals …You only can restore peace,love and harmony there..This county is grateful to have you at this critical time the country is undergoing …Lets all stand united to fight against injustice with your blessing harmony and peace will be restored ..!!!! jai Hind

  2. This is One of the most amazing things of Guruji…..He direclty jumps into the hostile situation and restores it back. Guruji is of very very high intellect & action.

  3. Guruji i see Swami Vivevkanand In you who has changed the americans thought by his words brothers & sisters and i see him in you since you say the world is on family. ( Vasudev Kutumbakam ) Jaigurudev

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