Celebrating Silence by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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A treasure box of truths so ancient, they’re new…  Recall the last time you hugged someone dear, and felt love which your arms could not encircle. The last time you smelt a flower, and felt soaked with intoxication that your mind could not contain. The last time you heard a soulful strain, and felt a… Read more »

Face2Face with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The look of it

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Face2Face with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar- the online event on Facebook – brought an unprecedented surge of energy to Social media. The spiritual barometer of social media peaked with world’s largest online meditation conducted by Sri Sri on Facebook, on Sunday, June 23rd.   Face2face with Sri Sri, the live online event with Sri Sri… Read more »

Dont say I didn’t tell you to join Face2Face on June 23

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Face2Face with Sri Sri Well-being experts often say that one should have a hobby. It makes us happier and more creative. Today, meditation is one of the most keenly practiced and popular hobby of the youth across many continents. And to be precise, it is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar`s brand of meditation that I am talking of…. Read more »