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A Master is never out of reach for the one who seeks Him out sincerely! I was blessed to experience it first hand.

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It was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar2006. Art of Living Silver jubilee celebrations were around the corner. Bangalore Ashram had set up sort of Call Centre to attend to the enquiries that were pouring in from all parts of the world. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar wanted two Kannada speaking volunteers to handle enquiries from Karnataka. I was one of them. Being on the phone all day gave me a rare opportunity to get a glimpse of the expanse of the phenomenon called the Art of Living. It was simply awe-inspiring to watch Sri Sri  work tirelessly day in and day out attending to finer details of the upcoming jubilation. I was witness to the increasing tempo as the D- Day drew near.

I thought to myself “Sri Sri has no time to spare for anything till Art of Living Silver Jubilee celebrations get over.” The following incident proved how wrong I was!

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We were just 3 days away from the global event. The count down had begun. That morning, at about 11 O’Clock, I answered a call from a simple villager from one of the remote villages in Karnataka. His voice was anxious and frantic.

He said, “Madam, my 8 year old son is very sick and we need to see Gurudev urgently. What should I do?”

‘Oh, you need to wait for a couple of days. You see, Gurudev is very busy now.’ I almost said those words but didn’t! Some Divine intervention propelled me to say instead, “Here is the telephone number of Sri Sri’s secretary. Please call up for an appointment”. I gave him Jaina’s number and promptly forgot all about it.

It was 2 O’clock the following afternoon. Just two days to go… Amidst the frenzy of incessant callers, I answered a call at random and said, ‘Jai Guru Dev’. The caller recognized my voice instantly.

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“Madam, do you remember I had called yesterday? You were kind enough to help me. Gurudev has called us to the ashram at 4 pm today to see my son. Since we are coming to the Art of Living Ashram for the first time from a remote village, we were told that one of the volunteers would be at the Bangalore bus station to pick us up. I just wanted to inform we are here, waiting.”

I was stunned! All the hairs on my arms stood up stiff!. I also felt ashamed of myself. To think how I had almost said, ‘Gurudev has no time to see you now’ and how glad I was, not to have said it! He was seeing the gentleman and his ailing son!

Despite the forthcoming event, with the attendant confusion, chaos and commotion that had reached a crescendo, Sri Sri was seeing them!! At that instant it appeared to me as though Gurudev had all the time in the world, and nothing urgent was beckoning Him, whatsoever. How could I ever have thought of ‘speaking for Him?!’ Oh, the play of my little mind and my limited vision!

Art of Living Blog- Guruji in eye

Looking back, I realize, it was the Will of the Divine for me to pick up both calls from the gentleman. The calls could have been attended by any volunteer in the Cell. Why me?! if not to drive home a message about the Ways of the Saints .. that, the Saints are never too busy for the devotees who need them genuinely.

The innocence, faith, prayer and the urgency has the power to draw the Master to us regardless of the pressing worldly matters. You could be a prince or a peasant, a celebrity or a nobody; it doesn’t make an iota of difference to Sri Sri He is always there, available, like an ocean. We just need to seek Him out, banishing all the doubting games that the little mind plays….What a great, invaluable lesson I learnt working in the Silver Jubilee Team! How grateful I am for the same…

By Leela Ramesh, Faculty-Art of Living



39 Responses to “Want to meet Sri Sri? It is very easy…”

  1. pankajmirgh

    I am glad I read this article, its really inspiring me to share more secrets like this. Wow, till I start please keep sharing and inspiring 😉 😉

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  3. Shiva

    It is absolutely right. Who we are, how we are both inside and outside, doesn’t matter to him. He extends HIS arms open to hug us when we make ourselves available. Jai guru deva

  4. Sowmya

    I pray Guruji to sort my problems…I am sure he will know of it even though I am not mentioning it here… I need his help and grace and wishes ..

    • playjgd

      Grateful for all your comments.It drives me to share more. Each moment is an unfolding of a miracle on art of living path with Sri Sri!

  5. Sarojini

    I am from Philips India Ltd. I will be having around 15 visitors from Haifa, Israel at Philips who want to meet Guruji on April 15 th, 2015, evening. Will I be able to get an appointment please. My contact 9900263958.

  6. narender

    dear sir,
    please forward my request to Sri Sri Ji.

    Guru Ji, please bless me with good job in abroad(in good country with ur blessing)
    as i am unemployee > 1 year and facing problems.

    Guru ji , bless me with wonderful future , bless me with lot of money ,

    please guru ji , don’t ignore me. , try to understand my situation.

    bless me with meditation.

    today i am planning to meditate for long time in night , please bless me to sit meditation for more time.

    Guru ji , bless me in all ways , with inner light and outer side also with good job , , having my own 2 big houses , having my own business , having my own co. with the name – red rose group of companies with 1000-00 crores only.

    my Good friend Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji , please accept my request/prayer. ,
    please guru ji ,

  7. ebrahim matwad

    hello every one this is ebrahim matwad from south africa i watched the respected sri on ndtv interviewed by maya sharma as a muslim i took a great liking to this mans way of talking. many muslims in india revere him. i have only watched him on tv hoping to meet him one day . here is a man that every one can support in india.i call upon all muslim hindus christiians follow this mans character if not his religion.

  8. Mrunalini

    Person having full qualification must not be throne away only because of politics

  9. Soumya

    Just when I was tending to forget that there is a bigger power guiding me every second.. I have come across the blog post.. And then I am just back on track.. Thanks for sharing it!!!

  10. Purushothaman.v

    Guru dev, my children is studying in your school varthur branch. Since I am not able to pay the second term fees due financial crisis school Is not allowing My children to come to the school. Now exams are on. Kindly. Help me. I will pay the fees in phase manner.

  11. Vishakha Babhare

    Jai Gurudev. Gurudev maine apni sari samashaye aap Ki charno me samrpit kar di hai. Mere sath aap Ke alawa Koi nahi Gurudev. Life me aage kaya hoga mujhe kutch pata nahi bas chalte ja rahi hu. Gurudev aap hi sabkuch hai.Gurudev aapka aashirwad bana rahe Ye hi aap Ke charno me prarthana.


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