Art of Living Wisdom, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

A rich man lost all his wealth in share market. Overcome with grief and fear, he lost his confidence and thought his life was not worth living. He was contemplating on committing suicide, but his good friends took him to a saint. He fell at the Saint’s feet and broke down while telling the guru about his misfortune.



The guru patiently listened  to his story and said, “Son, come out of your grief, remember the happy moments of your life, just like bad moments good moments are also part of your life, life’s happiness and sadness are like two sides of a coin. Now tell me about one happy incident in your life”.


The man stopped crying  and his face instantly showed some pleasure when he started narrating the happiest moment of his life. He said that the happiest moment of his childhood was when he learnt that he had topped the class in 10th standard exams.


Guruji asked him.”Is it so? Did you have all the money you have lost now at that time? “.  The man replied, “not at all”. My father was a school teacher. We led a simple life. We were happy and contented because the whole family stood together. “That was the happiest moment of my life”.


Guruji said, “Son,  the materialistic things that you think you have lost , were not there with you when you were a small boy, still you were happy.  This shows that the materials were not the cause for happiness. It is only the thought that you possess them made you happy. Just as you were happy when you were a school boy,  you could be happy now too. Because you have enough to survive. There are scores of people on this earth who don’t know if they would survive the next day. They are not even sure of one square meal every day, Or shelter.  Sometimes, a person might be having everything, but still unable to enjoy life. A happy and healthy man can lose his life in a mishap, life is unpredictable. So be happy when you have health.


“Life is testing you. You know how?  We plant a sapling, we add manure, we cut the unwanted branches besides the pain of going through this, the plants have to bear the stench of the manure yet the plants never complain and use these setbacks to their advantage by blossoming profusely and yielding fruits.


“A complete man is shown as sitting on lotus. “ You know why? Lotus plant grows in the slush but when it blooms, not even a single drop of slush sticks to the leaves or the beautiful flower.  “Trimming is necessary for the growth of a person remember happiness and sorrow are part of every life. Every drawback in your life is an opportunity for you to emerge stronger and successful.”

As our Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji says “Keep your money in your pocket, not in your mind, because happiness does not depend on the money you have, it is only “the state of your mind”. He says “see life from a bigger perspective, success and failure are temporary. Everything will change. Even a most successful man is going to perish one day. Have faith in the supreme power and take life each moment as it comes..”

Jai Gurudev
Geeta Murthy



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