Sudarshan Kriya opened boundless joy in me


Sudarshan Kriya experience of Shyama Sondhi, the first Art of Living teacher to venture in Kashmir, a lady and, a painter of repute-

I was comfortable in life – didn’t have anything to worry about. There was no particular prelude to my joining the Art of Living program. It was just an idle incidence, or so I thought…


Midway during the Sudarshan Kriya, I started feeling suffocated, tired and not up to breathing anymore. So I pushed myself up to escape through the door. But as I did so, there was a ruffle of whiteness beside me and I felt the meaningful touch of three fingers on my shoulder, followed by a silent whisper – “Don’t move… keep on breathing. You will be able to do it, I am helping you.” The feel of the touch lingered on. I felt the presence of a saintly figure giving me assurance. Then I was bathed in moonlight which was bright like sunshine. My breathing during the Sudarshan Kriya went on in its different rhythms. I let go of myself (it just happened).


Later on – much later, I heard somebody crying his heart out. There was such acute anguish and unexpressed pain in the crying that tears of compassion sprang to my eyes. The intensity of that outburst, that vulnerability and helplessness, was unbearable. I thought to myself that I would make friends with this person and give help by being around. There was a condensed loneliness in the whole affair of listening quietly to the heartbreaking crying of someone. When we were lying down after the Sudarshan kriya, I experienced an unusual sadness. An overwhelming emptiness engulfed me – how can anybody cry so much – how much hurt must be hidden inside!


When finally I opened my eyes, I found several pairs of eyes looking towards me. I felt awkward by the way other participants were taking care of me. I asked the person sitting next to me why I was being given so much attention. She told me, “You cried so much, why, what is wrong?”


Then the electric realisation dawned on me – “My God! It was me who was crying my heart out!” I was amazed how I felt that I was hearing the cries of someone else. The entire episode was vivid in my memory but as a witness. Then I looked around for the person who had stood next to me during the kriya but I couldn’t see the saintly presence in the room.


That night I slept like a new born child sleeps after its first bath. Sudarshan Kriya had stripped away long years of emotional blocks and tapped into my inner happiness. I was experiencing the boundless joy within. Me – humming, singing, dancing and trying to fly like a bird – the barriers were crossed. A new me had arisen. Physically my immune system improved. The chronic pain in my lower back which doctors could not cure for years, vanished instantly.


When I went to attend the Advanced Meditation Program at Rishikesh, I had the honour of meeting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar personally for the first time (I had not even seen his photograph till then).

I was dazed to see him because he was the one who had stood next to me during the difficult moments of my first kriya, keeping his hand on my shoulder. I was equally amazed at his remark – “So you have come!”

Courtesy – The Art of Healing

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  1. Beautiful experience ….even I cried my heart out during first kriya…amazing how dear guru ji takes away our pains. and give us pure bliss!

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